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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORIGINAL

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Patanjali, 105:to its name, or to the word which set up the original impulse and so brought a life into being.Patanjali, 320:Again we have quite a loose paraphrase of the original text, but one which nevertheless conveys thePatanjali, 333:by the breath of the Father which started the original motion or vibration. First, therefore, thePatanjali, xiv:literal, and is not an exact definition of each original Sanskrit term. It is an attempt to putProblemsconsider whether it would be better to cut the original text to the bone and graft onto theProblems, 15:new territory, involving the subjugation of the original inhabitants, sometimes greatly to theirProblems, 126:as it originally was, if it ever existed as an original manuscript and was not in reality somePsychology1, 23:of all the ancient scriptures. They are the original psychic Entities, imbued with the capacity toPsychology1, 199:originated in events which occurred during the original "war in heaven," when Michael and hisPsychology1, 229:plan - has to be again transmuted into its original condition, plus the gain of ordered rhythm andPsychology1, 398:and was a direct descendant of the eldest of the original three disciples who revolted from thePsychology1, 399:segregation, he has preserved intact more of the original characteristics. It is the realization ofPsychology1, 400:it is related for us in the Old Testament. The original three disciples and their family groupsPsychology2, 226:humanity constitutes one of the fundamental "original centers of force" which can and will form anPsychology2, 234:God Himself, it will be obvious that, given the original premise that there is a God, transcendentPsychology2, 420:weakness in the etheric connection of the original dweller; or again it may be due to thatPsychology2, 458:wherein the life thread is attached to the original owner of the body but the consciousness threadPsychology2, 461:These all vary in expression, because of the original equipment with which the man began his lifePsychology2, 469:remain tentative on the mental plane, in their original vague state. The effort to see more andPsychology2, 571:with the reality, the reproduction with the original, and the humanly constructed with the divinelyRays, 56:forth from a point of tension - is a part of the original Sound as it takes form as a Word. When aRays, 76:or a universal epidemic, and such had been the original intention. Humanity was, however, swept byRays, 212:by Their disciples, though They initiated the original impulse and have given both guidance andRays, 250:a comparison of the dates of publishing with the original dates of issuing the instructions (in theRays, 293:of his quality (to revert to the use of our original words - life, quality and appearance) isRays, 401:of energy. It must be pointed out that, in its original state, this pure astral energy, directedRays, 418:getting further and further removed from its original beauty and intent. The time has now come,Rays, 433:"the soul." Duality then takes the place of the original triplicity. It has been necessary to makeRays, 526:the reactions of millions of people. Vyasa - the original Vyasa, Who was the Great IndividualityRays, 634:few lands today are in the possession of their original inhabitants, and if restoration is made toRays, 634:inhabitants, and if restoration is made to all original inhabitants (which is not possible) anRays, 635:took the land of Palestine away from its original owners nearly three thousand years ago, at theRays, 636:has already made a major mistake by their original admittance of Russia - a totalitarian power, asRays, 658:is purely symbolic. Each phase brings the original divine purpose or spiritual project nearer toRays, 680:brotherhood in action and it does not - in its original platform - run counter to the spirit ofRays, 680:Christ in a fashion which has no relation to His original intention. The rulers of Russia are notRays, 681:endorsement of the United Nations, turning the original "recommendation" of the United Nations intoRays, 705:physical substance. This body will appear in the original form in which They took initiation. ThisRays, 730:shows that the prefix means "back to an original state" by rising. This return to an original stateRays, 730:an original state" by rising. This return to an original state is pictured for us in The NewRays, 730:of Resurrection and returned back to His original state of Being - to remain there throughout allReappearance, 35:the future and that the day will come when God's original idea and His initial intention will noReappearance, 71:the individual man becomes that of negating his original self-will, and seeking then to merge hisSoul, 37:if the dosage is stopped he returns to his original condition. If the dosage is increased,Soul, 94:"Recent scientific research has shown that this original substance cannot be scientific 'matter' -Soul, 97:mental or physical when resolved back to its original state, is called Prana... - Vivekananda,Soul, 98:as the body disintegrates and is resolved to its original elements, each atom takes with itSoul, 126:merely reinforce the sound waves which in their original subtle form, are pouring in upon us. WhatTelepathy, 153:kingdom is sustained from plane 4. That was the original condition; but as evolution proceeded andTelepathy, 177:by many scientific schools; nevertheless the original teaching has been amended in order to bring
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