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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORIGINALLY

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Astrology, 69:with the twelve signs. These thought-forms were originally constructed or anchored upon the mentalAstrology, 105:Minds, human beings, the solar Angels, came originally from Venus, but they in turn give place toAstrology, 159:for responses were not adequately developed. Originally, there were eight signs; then there wereAstrology, 254:these two after they have been brought together originally in Aries and have produced a recognizedAtom, 39:"But where does this intelligence come from originally?" asked the interviewer. "From some powerAutobiography, 172:the principles and truths for which Theosophy originally stood. Autobiography, 301:some of the useful factors in the project as she originally conceived it. One other consideration,Bethlehem, 199:the people was not the original and basic idea. Originally, infant humanity offered sacrifices toDestiny, 82:the Leo force in Great Britain which attracted originally the Leo force in France and led to theDiscipleship1, 303:for that latent capacity in you that you were originally asked to be a member of the initial groupDiscipleship1, 319:your own group and to the one to which you were originally assigned, and for that I am glad thoughDiscipleship1, 379:This was the factor which brought you originally into the business field and has, therefore,Discipleship2, 357:throw light upon the interpretation which I originally gave to you. One of the most difficult tasksDiscipleship2, 359:you, or rather, transfer into words what were originally word symbols or ideographs: "When theDiscipleship2, 386:ever made to the "sons of mind" when they originally started their redemptive work, and is "aExternalisation, 60:ourselves. The processes of the pranic life were originally carried out in the realm of barter andExternalisation, 267:the ideal of human liberty which she originally brought (on a large scale) to the attention ofExternalisation, 542:ruthlessly perverted the intention for which He originally manifested that a consideration of thatExternalisation, 634:has been more slowly formulated than had been originally expected, but this has been through noFire, 122:the Adepts of men and of Angels. This office was originally held by the Buddha, but His place wasFire, 202:unerringly to the familiar spot from whence they originally came. It is the apprehension of theFire, 984:It is thought by good scholars that maha was originally spelled magha. To be sure, there is in theFire, 984:a later borrowing from the Zend which had originally derived its root from its neighbor theFire, 1093:and everywhere the sparks. 14 Color. - Originally meant a "covering." From root "celare" to coverHealing, 467:the center of life and light from whence they originally came. I have here given you [468] (couldHealing, 616:(a somewhat inaccurate translation of the word originally used); Christ employed it when healingHercules, 17:forth upon his labors. The name Hercules was originally Herakles, which signifies "the glory ofHercules, 89:the group, the universal soul. Cancer was originally called the birth month of Jesus. Capricorn is,Hercules, 104:and the conquering of individual self-assertion. Originally the zodiac consisted only of tenHercules, 221:era by thousands of years. The cross is originally formed by the interplay between the twelve signsInitiation, 55:is of Kashmiri origin, though the family originally came from India. He is also an initiate of highInitiation, 55:had a wide experience and education, having been originally educated at one of the BritishInitiation, 136:and to return to the source from which it originally emanated. The life then, which manifested as aMeditation, 306:And, curiously enough, only those nations which originally had a training school for the mysteriesProblemson the basic problems of humanity. These had originally been issued in pamphlet form betweenProblemsas dynamic and as necessary as it was when originally written, we have decided to do the latter.Problems, 26:other countries because its citizens have [26] originally come out of those countries. They have noProblems, 126:thousands of years of translation - is as it originally was, if it ever existed as an originalProblems, 130:on the question of doctrine and all of them were originally sincere and clean and relatively purePsychology1, 77:to His close connection with man (since man was originally created), that it has not been easy toPsychology1, 91:the dissociated cells and atoms of which it was originally composed. When the principle ofPsychology2, 224:the success of the Plan itself. This Plan sought originally to awaken in man the followingPsychology2, 494:derivations. [494] The first is that dreams were originally regarded as undesirable, probablyPsychology2, 690:the basis for future living and world expansion. Originally, this group was composed of a handfulRays, 58:and hears the extension of the Word, spoken originally by his soul: Accepted as a group. Later,Rays, 103:in himself, the Father or Monad (which moved originally to create that form), the Life, the Breath,Rays, 316:en rapport with the monadic source from which he originally came. He can now obey the command toRays, 330:of resurrection. These ancient Mysteries were originally given to humanity by the Hierarchy, andRays, 415:between that time and now. The Buddha was originally to have chosen the fourth Path but other plansRays, 418:planet, the Earth, in your minds. Masonry, as originally instituted far back in the very night ofRays, 430:door [430] to the Forces of Evil, which worked originally through Hitler and his evil gang. TheRays, 476:of matter" to that high place from whence it originally came, plus the gain of experience and ofRays, 558:even if - in time and space - their souls may originally be upon one of the four Rays of Attribute.Rays, 635:(if The Old Testament is to be believed) they originally took the land of Palestine away from itsRays, 705:senior disciples, but it will not be, as originally intended, the Christ. Symbolically, the JewsReappearance, 122:resurrection. [122] These ancient Mysteries were originally given to humanity by the Hierarchy andSoul, 129:of those particular glands and nerve centers originally created by the particular man in question.Telepathy, 131:of the human kingdom. [131] This energy emanated originally (as far as our solar system and our
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