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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORIGINATE

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Bethlehem, 213:which led Him to institute the Last Supper, to originate that communion service, the symbolism ofDiscipleship1, 474:good or evil. For you particularly those seeds originate in the thought life. The group unity andDiscipleship1, 700:which condition him as an individual; these originate within himself and produce changes andExternalisation, 508:in curing those physical plane sicknesses which originate in the etheric body. [509] They will alsoFire, 107:that Europeans, living in India, fall heir to, originate in this way; and by attention, therefore,Fire, 508:life has an adequate point of contact which can originate the necessitated vibration in the matterFire, 595:On the astral plane, the home of the desires, originate those feelings which we call personal love;Fire, 664:of esoteric astronomy and of occult cycles. They originate in the central sun of our particularFire, 665:of fire seek location upon the lower three. They originate by medium of the fifth, yet merge uponFire, 681:the middle principle in man. They themselves originate from the logoic middle principle. (S. D.,Fire, 924:on each plane, whether cosmic or systemic. They originate in the sun, and are closely related toFire, 1114:closely resemble those already dealt with, but originate in differing groups of lives (lunar andHealing, 31:to these forces which come from without, which originate upon the physical plane, and which affectHealing, 221:considered also the various diseases which originate upon the mental Plane; these are more strictlyHealing, 243:be traced to any activity of the centers. They originate from within the planetary life itself andHealing, 269:and the two groups have now the opportunity to originate a newer and happier measure of living andHealing, 311:the result of wrong outer desires. These may originate in this life, as I have said above, or beHercules, 34:a powerful mental sign. All beginnings originate on the mental plane and in the mind of theHercules, 135:of outer shapes, forms, or institutions; it must originate within the human mind, in the silence ofIntellect, 51:of mind and soul," Keyserling says, "must originate from the mind, on the height of supremeIntellect, 103:of the mind, yet, how few people have ideas or originate really intelligent thoughts? Their mindsMagic, 317:A vibration, an impulse, an emotion, a desire originate in a lower aspect of the form side. TheyMagic, 486:inner facts of the occult life, and those that originate on the mental plane are not so difficultMeditation, 156:Many of the diseases of the dense physical body originate in the etheric, and it will be an objectMeditation, 160:body itself as a karmic inheritance, or may originate on the emotional plane and work their wayPatanjali, 410:only those streams of energy and those impulses originate with him which are in line with thePsychology1, 259:process. The urge or push in this case does not originate from the lower two expressions or earlierSoul, 101:pranas, but also eye, ear, speech, and manas originate from the heart. The heart and not the head
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