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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORIGINATING

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Astrology, 9:in and through which the energies from the many originating Sources play. We are, therefore,Astrology, 85:be based. Seven stars of the Great Bear are the originating Sources of the seven rays of our solarAstrology, 117:in Pisces which "absorbs them back into their originating Motive," as the Old Commentary expressesAstrology, 196:This eventually brings a man back to his originating source. It might, therefore, be correctlyAstrology, 373:and by the consequent removal of their originating sources and also by the definite effectsAstrology, 422:NOTE: The seven stars of the Great Bear are the originating sources of the seven rays of our solarAstrology, 482:to incarnate or the impulse to return to the originating source) is closely in touch with one ofAstrology, 589:The seven stars of the Great Bear are the originating sources of the seven rays of our solarAstrology, 654:- Appendix - Suggestions for Students Energies originating within the Solar System The Solar SystemAstrology, 680:the chain - the remainder have returned to Their originating source. This in many ways sums up theAutobiography, 281:then the Arcane School will no longer serve its originating purpose. Methods and techniques mayBethlehem, 141:control of his life and becomes not only an originating center of activity but an impressiveDestiny, 12:us, therefore, consider these forces and their originating centers, and thus acquire perhaps a newDestiny, 128:the past by arresting the true expression of the originating impulse. It is arrested upon theDiscipleship1, 111:of my diagnosis. Psychic unfoldment, when not originating in the solar plexus must be brought aboutDiscipleship2, 36:as an Ashram works, using the power of thought, originating pressures, directing thought currentsDiscipleship2, 133:That is the energy of the Forces of Light, originating in the Ashram and emanating thence; youDiscipleship2, 140:with the Plan. Dedication to the work originating in the Ashram with which you know yourself to beDiscipleship2, 194:energy relating forms and their forces to their originating sources and that across the mentalDiscipleship2, 197:level of consciousness or other, and also of originating modes of contact. The entire Science ofDiscipleship2, 361:period. These phases are: The phase of Purpose, originating in Shamballa and registered by theDiscipleship2, 387:is projected, directed and held true to the originating impulse of the planetary Logos is to beExternalisation, 26:a dominant outer expression and control, and originating as the result of desire. [27] Their focusExternalisation, 487:others and as the working out of a divine Plan, originating in the Hierarchy of spiritual Lives.Externalisation, 670:it presupposes Those Who are responsible for the originating of the Plan and for its successfulExternalisation, 677:to do this work; some have managed to keep the originating idea and impulse clear and untainted byFire, 76:under its sphere of influence, yet not itself originating on the physical plane. [77] 30 "BuddhasFire, 81:and a solar Logos - are the product of desire originating on the planes of abstract mind, whetherFire, 98:radiant etheric triangle, which triangle is the originating impulse for the later pranicFire, 106:of wrong living, and to basic mistakes (originating in Lemurian days) man's three pranic centersFire, 159:is loosed from prison; he can withdraw to his originating source, and is liberated from the sheathFire, 195:blind self To another vibration. To something originating outside of itself. To the concept ofFire, 202:a swift return by means of that instinct to the originating source. The consideration of thisFire, 235:embodied by the Heavenly Man, Who is his originating source. Thus we have: THE LOGOS Father-SpiritFire, 271:carefully studied. Just as a human being has an originating source, the Monad, and a semi-permanentFire, 271:physical is not one) so a Heavenly Man has an originating source, His Monad, a semi-permanent bodyFire, 332:plane, the fifth plane; it was therefore impulse originating from the causal levels of the cosmicFire, 355:the fulfilment of that set purpose. Man is the originating source of mind as regards the matter ofFire, 379:of our scheme. As the result of a stimulation, originating in the Venus scheme. Because logoicFire, 386:the chain - the remainder have returned to Their originating source. This in many ways sums up theFire, 393:in summing up it might be expressed thus: The originating source of manasic activity in a solarFire, 393:are, in Their totality, His seven centers. The originating source of manasic activity in theFire, 393:definite purpose through His seven centers. The originating source of the manasic principle in aFire, 401:paths. It is consequently karmic impulse, originating cause, and operating will. It is likewise theFire, 421:through impulse based on intelligent purpose originating in his case on the mental plane - theFire, 437:or vibration passes in ordered cycles from its originating source, the One Ray, or systemic Logos,Fire, 470:and not so much the working out of effects originating in previous solar systems. The Karma of theFire, 561:is the gradual evolution of a definite plan originating in the Mind of the Logos, and slowly, andFire, 578:worlds and the attainment of the goal) to their originating second subplane, that being also theFire, 621:becomes an entity, separated [621] from its originating source, yet energized by the vitalityFire, 622:under the direct influence of cosmic forces, originating on the six other cosmic planes. Of theseFire, 630:we have: The seven Spirits who find Their originating incentive on: The cosmic lower mental levels.Fire, 644:of an impulse emanating from the lower, or originating in the active desire of the lower to embraceFire, 656:understood. The subplanes of which they are the originating source bear the same relationship toFire, 766:and microcosmically. In all manifestation, the originating impulse comes from the first aspectFire, 767:path of cosmic initiation. Therefore, though the originating impulse comes from the central point,Fire, 803:the idea of duality. An emanation must have its originating source, and heat is but the result ofFire, 803:He is, in all things, governed by causes originating in the aggregate of lives which form his egoicFire, 916:on etheric levels, and the energy and activity originating therefrom, are the factors thatFire, 958:instance from the Ego on abstract levels. That originating in a secondary sense from the man on theFire, 1022:opposite of our planet. That which can be felt originating from that planet which forms, with ourFire, 1028:himself with effects, but only with their originating cause. The modern scientist, therefore, isFire, 1071:center involved is likewise responsive to force originating in the center in the body of theFire, 1090:exist in this solar system effects of causes originating in earlier kalpas or - to word itFire, 1115:via the buddhic permanent atom. The energy thus originating is of a peculiarly interesting kindFire, 1159:of a peculiar interest, owing to its being the originating center for three long streams of energyFire, 1165:by the appearance of a form of energy which, originating from the center, pulsates so powerfullyFire, 1186:another, in its various parts, force or energy originating in the three forces of manifestation,Fire, 1213:not aware of this purpose may be true, but the originating exponents of the Hatha-Yoga mysteriesHealingand to indicate the causes of those diseases - originating in the three inner bodies - which todayHealing, 64:and complaints could be classified under their originating impulses. So few of them have a mentalHealing, 262:convictions and tendencies can all be traced to originating causes - some of them most ancient.Healing, 307:center, then the energy is thrown back upon its originating source - either the astral or mentalHealing, 321:be given by the medical [ 321] profession. The originating cause is the same, and the effects inHealing, 434:of its elements, atoms and cells, to their originating source. Elimination, involving the sameHealing, 434:whereby the human soul is integrated into its originating source, the over-shadowing, universalHealing, 511:is what draws the little fragment back to its originating source. The Son of Mind, the soul, theInitiation, 143:which corresponds numerically to the particular originating planetary scheme. [144] From there itInitiation, 148:corresponding to the type of energy and its originating planetary scheme, and it is the work of theInitiation, 199:searched, and a strict check will be kept upon originating impulses. Hence during the first year inInitiation, 199:will be studied, and be traced back to those originating impulses which, in every case, initiateMagic, 146:and by tracing back that vibration to its originating source becomes aware of the Self, and laterMagic, 316:there is nevertheless a registering of the originating cause which sought to bring about an effectMagic, 319:to reverse themselves and to return to their originating center. But with this method we haveMeditation, 211:and moving through the planes back to their originating source... These seven bands of colorMeditation, 242:aim of the healing group will be to discover the originating cause of the trouble and havingMeditation, Since:(A. A. B.)] just as the Heavenly Men have Their originating source and the cause of Their life onPatanjali, 105:the relation of every form to [105] its name or originating word must be appreciated as it is. AtPatanjali, 112:produce pleasure or pain according as their originating cause was good or evil. 15. To thePatanjali, 146:produce pleasure or pain according as their originating cause was good or evil. It might be notedPatanjali, 161:them progressively onward or back to their originating source, he comes into touch with the greatPatanjali, 333:The oriental believer holds that sound was the originating factor in the creative process and bothPatanjali, 397:that the life stream passes downward from the originating cause and finds its object or finalPatanjali, 399:made known. The sowing of fresh seeds, and the originating of activities which must bear fruit at aPsychology1, 18:produces all that is, and is the sustaining, originating Cause and Source of all manifestation. IPsychology1, 24:the form of the ideal - that which is the originating idea. This fourth Lord of creative expressionPsychology1, 301:have eliminated much disease (for the diseases originating in the misuse of the sex functionPsychology1, 401:work lies with effects of that past and not with originating causes. Psychology2, 54:- symbolically speaking, - by the power of the originating will, the so-called age of the soul, thePsychology2, 185:or streams of force, emanating from some originating source or other. The etheric body is in
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