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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORIGINATOR

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Astrology, 213:work which they undertake to carry on after the originator of some work for the Hierarchy passesExternalisation, 383:the world pattern and structure stands its Originator, its Planner, its motivating Energy, itsFire, 97:the preserver, and the constructor; fire, the originator, the process and the goal; fire theFire, 355:to effect certain ends, and thus each is the originator of manas to His scheme; each is theFire, 972:which will lead to its dissociation from its originator, and the sending out to assume A denseHealing, 81:It is essentially a transmitter and not an originator and it is only the limitations of theInitiation, 198:An adept is a creator in mental matter, an originator of impulses on the mental plane, therebyInitiation, 198:and effective, and hence the necessity for their originator to be pure in thought, accurate inIntellect, 219:the form side of meditation and not with the Originator of the form; we are occupied with theIntellect, 238:of the individual soul with the world originator of all ideas. Through mind control, we becomeMagic, 487:the thought-form and sends it back to the originator, borne on the wings of a surge of astral planePsychology2, 120:is the Law of Polar Union and its symbol is the originator of the zodiacal sign for thePsychology2, 277:whatever word anyone may employ to express the Originator of all that exists, constantly re-enacts
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