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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORTHODOX

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Discipleship1, 171:This is not yet sufficiently noted by orthodox psychology. The reactions of the personality to theDiscipleship1, 353:part of esotericists and a renewed interest in orthodox circles of the ray-gland-center teaching. IDiscipleship1, 353:of the healing art - exoteric and esoteric, orthodox and experimental. He is not confined to oneDiscipleship1, 644:do. The only teaching which you need from the orthodox, academic psychologist is an understandingDiscipleship1, 780:founded on the soul and not on the personality. Orthodox astrology sets up a chart which gives theDiscipleship1, 782:in any of the occult, esoteric, metaphysical or orthodox groups and churches and still be membersDiscipleship1, 783:with vision and love; others belong to the orthodox religions and some recognize no spiritualDiscipleship2, 157:at the same time, one easily recognized by the orthodox but offers no limitation to theDiscipleship2, 171:and is only sensed and dimly hoped for by the orthodox religionist of all the world faiths. As IDiscipleship2, 519:help among those you seek to aid and among the orthodox and theological esotericist. Some keyEducation, 56:the implications given to these Scriptures by an orthodox priestly caste, nor can the trends ofEducation, 104:to be naughty, or (if the setting is narrowly orthodox) that I am a miserable sinner and unfit forExternalisation, 29:and a lessened reaction to the methods of orthodox religion. This is due to the fact that the trendExternalisation, 59:of this group of disciples will be of the more orthodox persuasion; they will be theosophists byExternalisation, 110:which are of so ancient an origin that modern, orthodox historians have no record of them. Only twoExternalisation, 114:dogmas and the grip of theology and the orthodox churches have no longer sufficed to hold theExternalisation, 155:Jupiter also, exoterically and from the angle of orthodox [156] astrology, rules Sagittarius, theExternalisation, 186:nothing to do with the use of this word as the orthodox religions use it, except in so far as theExternalisation, 201:youth of all countries are rapidly repudiating orthodox theology, state ecclesiasticism and theExternalisation, 222:coming," is anxiously anticipated by many orthodox Christians, who regard this world war asExternalisation, 355:has, as a whole, gone astray. I refer to orthodox religion. It has been preoccupied with theExternalisation, 400:the divine, to a belief in the divinity of man. Orthodox religion emphasizes the divinity of theExternalisation, 413:of a new heaven and a new earth. I would ask the orthodox theologian how he interprets the words "aExternalisation, 417:of thousands today, though still denied by the orthodox; the general public are familiar with theExternalisation, 417:of the concrete minded are of no avail. What the orthodox theologian and the narrow doctrinaireExternalisation, 454:who - in a protesting revolt - have denied orthodox churchianity and theology. They are notExternalisation, 465:expression in the Lord of the World (Whom the orthodox call God) and in His reflections, the BuddhaExternalisation, 530:His sufferings for poor miserable humanity (as orthodox theology so selfishly interprets it) but toExternalisation, 543:must return to their early simplicity, and orthodox Judaism, with its deep seated hate, must slowlyExternalisation, 544:- again if in any way possible - of the orthodox Jewish faith, with its obsolete teaching, itsExternalisation, 544:world who acknowledge the evils and who are not orthodox in their thinking; they belong to theExternalisation, 545:values, is likewise of major importance; that orthodox Judaism, along with all the other faiths,Externalisation, 551:and ecclesiasticism. The Gradual Dissolution of Orthodox Judaism. Reasons Because of itsExternalisation, 576:from even the most distant spot on earth. To the orthodox Christian, the above will sound like theExternalisation, 589:hope for the future. It can be expected that the orthodox Christian will at first reject theExternalisation, 589:occultism presents; at the same time, this same orthodox Christian [590] will find it increasinglyExternalisation, 597:I tell you, first of all, a truth hard for the orthodox thinker of any faith to accept: He cannotExternalisation, 605:of in terms of religion, of church-going and of orthodox belief is one of the incredible triumphsExternalisation, 605:must necessarily be a member of some one of the orthodox churches. The divine Christ in the humanExternalisation, 666:within this Ashram. Many of them are what the orthodox religious man or the hide-bound occultFire, 677:the third order - form the Heaven of the average orthodox Christian or believer of any faith.Glamour, 46:himself somewhat from the imposed control of an orthodox teaching and from the rule of a teacher.Glamour, 162:has, as a whole, gone astray. I refer to orthodox religion. It has been preoccupied with theGlamour, 186:cathedrals and the pompous ceremonies of the orthodox are far removed from the humble way of theGlamour, 186:and to achieve temporary good health; the Greek Orthodox Church was corrupt throughout, and onlyHealing, 44:occult and accurate than is that of [44] the orthodox esotericist and theosophist. It may be ofHealing, 68:so new and revolutionary (from the standpoint of orthodox medicine) that it will take time for evenHealing, 86:less intricate than the vast system built up by orthodox medicine and surgery. It is because of theHealing, 135:will be open to question from the viewpoint of orthodox medicine, yet, at the same time, orthodoxHealing, 135:of orthodox medicine, yet, at the same time, orthodox medicine has been steadily drifting towardsHealing, 142:This will be an idea of some novelty to the orthodox. The relationship of the circulatory system ofHealing, 204:grasped, but they have (as is suspected by the orthodox medical science) a most potent effect uponHealing, 220:and this will be far more difficult for the orthodox thinker to accept. [221] Healing, 254:by the four groups: Physicians and surgeons - orthodox and academic. Psychologists, neurologistsHealing, 255:found fostered by the newer schools of thought. Orthodox medicine is slow, and rightly slow, inHealing, 256:recognized increasingly and are known to play an orthodox and recognized part in the newerHealing, 256:they make and to their unceasing attacks upon orthodox medicine and other channels of provenHealing, 256:successes are in no way so numerous as those of orthodox medicine and of the beneficent work doneHealing, 257:so-called cures (and this is the case also with orthodox medicine) are cures because the hour ofHealing, 257:perforce avail himself of the methods of the orthodox physician; he will apply a tourniquet, forHealing, 257:for instance, and take the measures which orthodox medicine enjoins, rather than stand by and seeHealing, 257:to prove that the many schools of thought - orthodox, academic, ancient, material or spiritual,Healing, 257:and spiritual - of which humanity is capable. Orthodox medicine is more open to cooperation withHealing, 267:concession and compromise on the part of the orthodox Jews - not the concession of expediency butHealing, 270:the facts that have been so ably ascertained by orthodox medical science. We have been for someHealing, 271:in the realm of vitality (as it may be called by orthodox investigators), and which we would regardHealing, 274:as an existent fact, from the angle of orthodox medicine, though there is a modern drift towardsHealing, 279:world today is full of groups in revolt against orthodox medicine - wrongly in revolt, because inHealing, 280:of the past, and so unwilling to cooperate with orthodox medicine that, in many cases, theyHealing, 280:brought them under the attack of the rigidly orthodox medical practitioners and of theHealing, 281:and ill health which are not recognized by orthodox medicine, which deals with the effects of theseHealing, 284:is essential that sound medical practices of an orthodox kind accompany the subtler modes of help.Healing, 284:approaches, and in the cooperative work of the orthodox physician and of the occult healer orHealing, 286:groups will therefore be supplementary to the orthodox care; results will have to be carefullyHealing, 286:the group, and should be determined by careful, orthodox medical diagnosis. The age of the patient,Healing, 297:karma - disease. Wise action along the lines of orthodox medical procedure. The assistance of aHealing, 314:[314] treatment of fevers, much is known by the orthodox medical profession, and this knowledgeHealing, 316:(I might say, usually) regarded by the orthodox psychiatrist and medical man as forms of insanity;Healing, 318:aid of the psychologist in collaboration with orthodox medicine (which undoubtedly has its place,Healing, 381:and the blending which will inevitably come of orthodox medicine, psychology and spiritual methodsHealing, 401:The Christian interpretation as given by the orthodox and the fundamentalist schools provesHealing, 463:with dying that still remain to be discovered by orthodox medicine, and which will be revealed asHealing, 474:and its effect will be questioned as yet by orthodox medicine, but its presence will later beHealing, 480:and its factual nature is admitted by the orthodox physician, the surgeon, the psychologist and theHealing, 482:and investigated, and finally be included in the orthodox ranks. The new schools, such as thoseHealing, 482:experimental), and by their constant attack upon orthodox medicine. The latter, in its turn, hasHealing, 482:their lack of scientific methods. The desire of orthodox medicine is to protect the general public.Healing, 483:true death is scientifically established (by the orthodox doctor in charge of the case), and it hasHealing, 496:which has been called devachan by the orthodox theosophist. There has been a great deal ofHealing, 526:for broken bones or for those difficulties which orthodox medicine has already mastered. However,Healing, 530:and perfect themselves in the techniques of orthodox medicine and in an exoteric knowledge ofHealing, 530:anatomy and of pathological symptoms, plus the orthodox remedies and modes of handling disease. ToHealing, 530:adjust all this. Both metaphysical healers and orthodox medical men at this time are apt toHealing, 530:with much violence. Taking it as a whole, the orthodox physician is less rabid and exclusive thanHealing, 549:in manifestation upon the physical plane. [549] Orthodox medicine has been to date necessarilyHealing, 557:work. Many healers in the New Age will combine orthodox study and knowledge with the art ofHealing, 557:knowledge or in full collaboration with the orthodox physician or surgeon, then tremendous changesHealing, 568:are many speculations and conclusions among the orthodox. It affects primarily the bony structureHealing, 602:than is now [602] the case. Then the healer's orthodox and occult knowledge, his visualizingHealing, 607:the patient can far more easily be helped by orthodox medicine and surgery than by any processes of
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