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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ORTHODOX

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Healing, 617:This is a factor naturally overlooked by the orthodox scientist in this field, and until heHealing, 630:the center involved. Simultaneously, all outer orthodox methods are employed. It is on thisHealing, 632:employed in every case [632] of healing. Orthodox medicine also works with the same energies,Healing, 632:works with the same energies, supplementing its orthodox methods with the patient's faith in theHealing, 632:- if not more so at present. Though much of the orthodox methods remain experimental, they are lessHealing, 632:help and can hasten the healing process, but the orthodox physician can also hasten the work of theHealing, 632:will please neither the spiritual healer nor the orthodox medical man. It is time, however, thatHealing, 632:the work and the knowledge of the member of the orthodox profession. The debt of the world to itsHealing, 633:constant [633] criticism of the physician and of orthodox medicine. Surety of knowledge andHealing, 633:experience prevents a similar attitude in the orthodox group, plus the realization that even theHealing, 707:for amelioration - steps as ordained by the orthodox medical profession, which will offset theHercules, 122:the human embryo. Again "as above so below". The orthodox ruler of the sign is Mercury, "theMagic, 28:to sum up the unintelligent attitude. The orthodox scientist is largely occupied with structuresMagic, 268:of the idea. They spend much time following the orthodox methods of work and in physical planeMagic, 450:to sum up the unintelligent attitude. The Orthodox scientist is largely occupied with structures,Meditation, 117:may be either a band of church workers among the orthodox (beginners are tried out here); it may bePatanjali, 24:of a satisfactory dinner, and the memory of the orthodox saint, based upon his picture making of aPatanjali, 79:entire region of the nose and the palate. The orthodox oriental teaching gives the followingPatanjali, 206:for us in the use of the word "conversion" in orthodox Christian circles; it involves "a turningPatanjali, 297:used only two sets of terms, one conveying the orthodox oriental terminology as found in the bestPatanjali, 329:or lotuses. The nerve ganglia known [329] to orthodox medicine, are the reflections or shadows ofPatanjali, 414:All this has risen from the refusal of orthodox thinkers along philosophical and [415] mental linesProblemsdevelopments within the many branches of orthodox religion are presenting new problems within theProblems, 7:years and in the theological impasse of the orthodox churches) has been to take and not give, toProblems, 98:the past centuries and the emphasis laid by the orthodox Jew in the past upon racial purity. TheProblems, 100:business methods, the fact that the Jew, if orthodox, regards Gentile food as impure for him andProblems, 128:and that of a living truth is with us. This the orthodox churches refuse to recognize. Truth isProblems, 129:thinking at this time; this is regarded by orthodox churchmen as indicative of dangerous tendenciesProblems, 130:it was the Mother Church, the Byzantine or Greek Orthodox Church and the Protestant Churches. AllProblems, 131:V - The Problem of the Churches 2. The Greek Orthodox Church reached such a high stage ofProblems, 145:of thousands today, though still denied by the orthodox. So many know this truth and so many peopleProblems, 155:one church but it is not necessarily only the orthodox Christian institution; God works in manyProblems, 155:reply can be regarded by the skeptical and the orthodox as purely speculative. The present attitudeProblems, 156:recognition of the necessity for a revisal of orthodox religion and a revival of its spiritualPsychology1, 211:would rely on extreme exactness in carrying out orthodox treatment of disease. On him the practicesPsychology1, 276:the religiously minded people and seek out the orthodox churchman. They may be told to be good; thePsychology2, 205:be regimented and standardized with facility by orthodox religion and [206] government, and are thePsychology2, 330:the conscious thinking Being is touched by the orthodox, exoteric psychologist. The four stages ofPsychology2, 541:as that much misused word is understood by the orthodox religious man. But it is far more thanPsychology2, 573:in the subject which are regarded by the orthodox investigator as pathological in nature or asRays, 199:as the Participator, have been forgotten by the orthodox, though preserved by the esotericist. ToRays, 253:the esoteric planets as given by me, and not the orthodox planets as usually used. The accuracy ofRays, 301:them into itself not [301] because they are orthodox or religious in the generally accepted senseRays, 342:the erroneous teaching of those trained under orthodox (so called) schools of occultism. The MasterRays, 347:word by the ordinary esoteric student and the orthodox Theosophist is that of a point of entry, andRays, 356:This event does not portray the triumph of orthodox Christianity (as the theologians believe andRays, 364:by a disciple in an Ashram. The assumption by orthodox church people that the word "spiritual"Rays, 364:connotes profound and effective interest in orthodox religion is not borne out by the facts of theRays, 391:usually called that of the Resurrection by the orthodox Christian, but this is not its real name;Rays, 522:very late, in the human consciousness. Orthodox religion has been preoccupied with an emotional andRays, 666:experience is not basically religious, as the orthodox churchman understands the word. The way ofRays, 743:women, even if it is not expressed by them in orthodox (so-called) terms or in recognized orRays, 748:focusing which will be divorced from the present orthodox religions, but which will be in tune withReappearance, 17:wholesome swing away from Churchianity and from orthodox religion during the past century, and thisReappearance, 24:A close study of the Gospel story, unimpeded by orthodox interpretations, reveals certain things.Reappearance, 29:real relation to the Crucifixion episode, as the orthodox commentators emphasize. The final wordsReappearance, 43:come." (Matt., XXIV, 44.) A truth hard for the orthodox thinker of any faith to accept is the factReappearance, 52:of in terms of religion, of church-going and of orthodox belief is one of the incredible triumphsReappearance, 52:must necessarily be a member of some one of the orthodox churches. The divine Christ in the humanReappearance, 63:He has meant [63] as much as He has meant to the orthodox Christian. They may not call Him Christ,Reappearance, 63:any time and in any country, are regarded by the orthodox Christian as wrong approaches, as beingReappearance, 63:Every possible effort has been made to force orthodox Christianity on those who accept theReappearance, 64:future. What is the hope held out today by the orthodox and unimaginative theologians? That at someReappearance, 95:of East and West This is a hard saying for the orthodox and narrow Christian churchman to accept;Reappearance, 106:upon the teaching which now controls so many orthodox Christians. Buddha answered the questionsReappearance, 116:doctrine or theory of reincarnation strikes the orthodox Christian with horror; yet if one asks himReappearance, 126:here with us in physical Presence. Little as the orthodox Christian may care to admit it, theReappearance, 137:humanity is not excessively interested in the orthodox presentation of truth, and that our churchesReappearance, 137:countries are spiritually alive - not along orthodox lines but in a true search and a vital demandReappearance, 137:Reality than has ever before been the case. The orthodox world religions are rapidly falling intoReappearance, 138:of relatively little use. Priests and churchmen, orthodox instructors and fundamentalistsReappearance, 138:perception is the cause of the revolt from orthodox religion, and from that over-shadowing sourceReappearance, 139:cults arise and sidetrack the people away from orthodox organizations of a religious nature? WhyReappearance, 141:is laid in the Roman Catholic, the Greek Orthodox and the Protestant Churches upon pomp andReappearance, 149:and a new earth are on their way. What does the orthodox theologian and churchman mean when he usesReappearance, 159:one Church, but it is not necessarily only the orthodox Christian institution. God works in manyReappearance, 163:be a thing of dreams and of wishful thinking and orthodox hope. Telepathy, 45:years, and in the theological impasse of the orthodox churches) has been to take and not to give,Telepathy, 66:you, and apparently some contradictions where orthodox occultism is concerned, but that is ever theTelepathy, 190:regarded as spiritual and religious by the orthodox and therefore imprisoned thinker. It must,
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