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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OUTER

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Invocation:give the name of God; the truth that behind all outer seeming, the motivating power of the universeAstrology, 7:if I can, the subjective realities of which the outer illusion is but the phenomenal appearance,Astrology, 10:is the counterpart and the true form of the outer and tangible phenomenal aspect. It is likewiseAstrology, 10:the environment in which man (both inner and outer man) finds himself. Two other points should hereAstrology, 11:man upon the physical plane, and condition his outer expression, activities, and qualities, so doAstrology, 11:we call space and condition and determine the outer expression, the activities and qualities ofAstrology, 11:the man; they produce definite effects upon his outer physical manifestation. Through theirAstrology, 16:planetary influences indicate the trend of the outer life circumstances. When correctly interpretedAstrology, 51:which, in its turn, causes changes in the outer expression, through the fusion of the energy of theAstrology, 60:will be noted and studied, and in the other the outer life and its conformity or nonconformity toAstrology, 64:initiated upon the physical plane and producing outer physical events took approximately 5,000Astrology, 107:the inner subjective man comes into outer manifested expression and the personality recedes intoAstrology, 112:great cycle and not to Taurus. It emerges into outer manifestation in Cancer, the sign of mass orAstrology, 123:connected with the latent Christ and the outer expressive personality can be seen if a study isAstrology, 135:and not so much with the symbols and the outer happenings such as events and mundane activities.Astrology, 140:which produce movement and subjective and outer activity; we are concerned with the impact of manyAstrology, 146:study along these esoteric lines is that all the outer indications do not indicate truth but onlyAstrology, 146:the way to the subjective realities of which the outer facts are but the illusory symbols. PonderAstrology, 172:brotherly love. On the ordinary wheel, in all outer affairs, Saturn controls, and we consequentlyAstrology, 176:living today is not based upon the objective outer facts of life upon the physical plane but uponAstrology, 230:in reality, the subjective correspondence to the outer externalization upon the Path of OutgoingAstrology, 244:creator aspect and the energy which produces the outer tangible plane of manifestation - the formAstrology, 250:stupidity - Enthusiastic wisdom. Untrue, showy outer form life - True correct expression. IntrigueAstrology, 277:symbol of the response of the dead lives to the outer spiritual impact. The central idea ofAstrology, 291:level of awareness. If the inner meanings of the outer symbolic forms of existence were registeredAstrology, 295:have this innate spiritual sensitivity and this outer material sensitivity most carefully in mindAstrology, 312:of the zodiac because through it souls pass into outer manifestation and to the appropriation ofAstrology, 313:moved in substance and produced by moving the outer tangible forms. But does that truly convey toAstrology, 314:and these three, blended together, came into outer manifestation in Cancer, thus completing anAstrology, 325:objectives and its mode of functioning upon the outer plane of life, we shall see a complete changeAstrology, 378:of desire must be carried out upon the outer plane of living. This will or desire must expressAstrology, 378:or desire must express itself in the plane of outer living and in the environment whether it is theAstrology, 378:the individual physical life is symbolic of the outer body of humanity, viewing all human beings asAstrology, 381:cyclic ebb and flow of the inner life and the outer periphery of expression, and to that attractionAstrology, 389:so completely identified with form life upon the outer planes that the impulses and incentivesAstrology, 401:of the hidden soul to dominate and control the outer form, the struggle to transmute desire intoAstrology, 410:are followed inevitably by upheaval in the outer forms. This is true in the life of the solarAstrology, 412:brought about by the same energies upon the outer forms upon the physical plane. You may hereAstrology, 418:do in connection with tangible happenings on the outer plane of existence; we, however, will see toAstrology, 426:material evidences of life are the symbols or outer and visible signs of inner and spiritualAstrology, 436:and relates the inner spiritual man to the outer human being in such a way that their future unityAstrology, 446:and to blend more adequately the inner and the outer man. This is one of the reasons why the MoonAstrology, 462:energies meet is the source of crisis in the outer life. These crises are crises of initiation andAstrology, 468:with the expression of consciousness on the outer external planes of expression or with the fusionAstrology, 507:lower man. You have there, first the physical outer shell, the etheric or vital body, astral bodyAstrology, 514:initiate; when superimposed upon each other, the outer life of the initiate in the three worlds andAstrology, 540:directed activity the world of forces upon the outer sphere of manifestation, and produces theAstrology, 601:expression of the will which drives through into outer manifestation; it is that which embodiesAstrology, 633:Light. Love. Initiation. Ray III The Outer Court. Humanity. Christ in us, the hope of glory. Form.Astrology, 649:planets are called in occult parlance "the outer round" or outer circle of initiates. Of these ourAstrology, 649:called in occult parlance "the outer round" or outer circle of initiates. Of these our Earth is oneAtom, 32:Intelligence which is evolving by means of that outer form. You will find, I think, that that isAtom, 47:everything from his own standpoint, and the outer happenings, are mostly interesting just in so farAtom, 104:and are not capable of responding to much outer stimuli; they are not mentally alive. One noticesAutobiography, X:has always been subjective. We have seen the outer [XI] effects, watched the outer comings andAutobiography, XI:We have seen the outer [XI] effects, watched the outer comings and goings, helped her and lovedAutobiography, 158:and pledge their loyalty to what is called the "Outer Head" of the E.S. when the only loyaltiesAutobiography, 159:they agreed with all the pronouncements of the Outer Head and if they gave their loyalty to theAutobiography, 170:based upon what were claimed to be orders to the Outer Head by one of the Masters, that everyAutobiography, 266:they indicate that which lies behind the outer seeming and point to the causes which produceAutobiography, 266:subtler world of energies and forces which all outer forms veil and hide. They deal with that whichAutobiography, 267:school is an extension into the physical outer world of the inner group or Ashram of a Master. JustAutobiography, 268:four levels of conscious activity. That of the outer world. The disciple is taught to liveAutobiography, 269:the ordinary virtues, or upon the purity in the outer life, or on kindness, good temper and freedomAutobiography, 290:of light and love. Let the soul control the outer form And life and all events, And bring to lightAutobiography, 290:stand revealed. Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone. Let love prevail. Let allAutobiography, 303:almost completely destroyed. At least until the outer physical plane fighting was stopped, theBethlehem, 6:We have been occupied with the details of the outer form of the faith, and have sadly forgotten theBethlehem, 8:has been engrossed by the symbol and by the outer form, whilst the meaning has remained obscuredBethlehem, 8:to shift our attention away from the world of outer forms to that of inner realities. KeyserlingBethlehem, 10:some deeper world of values. What happens on the outer plane of experience is indicative of aBethlehem, 30:dwell in the inner world of reality, and the outer appearance of physical living will be known toBethlehem, 30:unknown poet: "When thou canst see Beneath the outer seeming The causes which to all effects giveBethlehem, 44:physical processes in their connection with his outer life as a human being. These two go onBethlehem, 79:indwelling Christ to demonstrate (through the outer form of our personalities) the life of love.Bethlehem, 87:oneness, unity, union between the inner wish and outer reality. As man moves toward acceptance ofBethlehem, 87:been born in Bethlehem. The soul has come into outer expression, and now this soul - Christ (as theBethlehem, 88:are in reality his mechanism of contact with the outer world, the equipment whereby hisBethlehem, 107:that kingdom. Of this kingdom the church is the outer and visible symbol, and though faulty andBethlehem, 117:the symbol and the significance behind the outer appearance of theology. Truth, for the perfectedBethlehem, 118:have our being." (Acts, XVII, 28.) Such is the outer form of Deity, and we are part of it. Maya isBethlehem, 138:emerging through a study of the reaction of the outer active self to the activities of that innerBethlehem, 138:world. The primitive and the transcendental; the outer conscious man and the inner subjectiveBethlehem, 147:This produces a transformation of the outer man of great significance. The caterpillar becomesBethlehem, 149:only that the divine stands revealed, while the outer form which has veiled and hidden itBethlehem, 153:in this name we have symbolized the tangible outer form of man, actuated by desire for materialBethlehem, 153:the whole duty and purpose of the physical outer man is summed up. Shadrach's name has a definitelyBethlehem, 154:is the foundation, the most concrete aspect, the outer physical form, which, at theBethlehem, 154:is transformed by the glory of God, so that the outer image disappears, and God Himself shinesBethlehem, 168:and quality of all events, no matter what the outer appearance may be. Christ illumines life. ThisBethlehem, 200:spiritual man, the Christ within; and no outer earthly happenings, and no national situations, noBethlehem, 202:man of the heart" (I St. Peter, III, 4.) and the outer, tangible man. Each has its own life and itsBethlehem, 220:alone, assured of divinity, and yet with no outer recognition of that divinity, can the very centerBethlehem, 221:because Christ entered thus into the place of outer darkness, and felt entirely deserted of allBethlehem, 221:and has shown us that only through this place of outer darkness, which the mystics have justifiablyBethlehem, 226:blood sacrifice of Christ. This latter is the outer and more obvious teaching - but it is the innerBethlehem, 226:to face with that which dwells within. As the outer forms lose their power it frequently happensBethlehem, 237:Egyptian, Chaldean, and others - there was an outer symbolism which expressed the stages throughBethlehem, 263:deeper elements of the world of reality with the outer life. The best minds of the age are nowBethlehem, 268:man, who stands behind the screen of the outer man, and who struggles to control and work through
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