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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OUTER

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Bethlehem, 268:who struggles to control and work through the outer personality. It is that soul or self whichBethlehem, 268:in the silence" - when a man has quieted all the outer voices. The attainment of the faculty ofBethlehem, 284:to inner character, its aspiration to outer personality, perpetually transmuting this self intoDestiny, 6:and of recognized divine expression; through the outer form, the "light of livingness" (as it isDestiny, 12:study of the [12] forces which are producing the outer turmoil may serve to clarify your vision andDestiny, 31:are always dependent upon three factors: Those outer physical events which are definitely "acts ofDestiny, 40:bigotry, its pomp and luxurious appeal to the outer ear and eye, and its separateness from allDestiny, 42:The ego and the personality. The soul and its outer expression. The higher worlds of atma - buddhiDestiny, 42:subjective levels of existence and the outer tangible worlds. Such is the task of the whiteDestiny, 42:bodies live and move and work and the worlds of outer form is the work of the white magician. OfDestiny, 59:exists between the two countries in spite of outer appearance) are the original railroad makers.Destiny, 73:by Leo; this can be done without any great outer dissolution of the form of the nation through theDestiny, 80:the people, and that Taurus governs the material outer form of the nation; it is this factor thatDestiny, 94:innate recognition by humanity that behind the outer form is ever to be found the intangible, theDestiny, 107:I would ask you to remember that behind all the outer events are these two directing agencies. YouDestiny, 119:and I did not say "symbol." A symbol is an outer and visible sign of an inner and spiritualDestiny, 127:so bring it into right relation with the dense outer form that has made the last two thousand yearsDestiny, 127:substance, working on and producing the outer tangible forms. When a form and an activity is whatDestiny, 131:of certain forms of expression upon the outer plane. After all, scientific formulas have reducedDestiny, 138:- Hercules. The sustaining Life, the third or outer Sun - the physical sun. These are a few of theDestiny, 146:this cycle of transition, with all its resultant outer chaos and upheaval, is given the task ofDiscipleship1, 16:which will bring potent results and successful outer work. From these activities will emerge aDiscipleship1, 17:There are those doing the difficult work in the outer world. They materialize the forms throughDiscipleship1, 31:gathered together a band of disciples upon the outer plane. As the group thought-form integratedDiscipleship1, 32:the inner subjective Hierarchy of souls and the outer world of humanity. This will constitute anDiscipleship1, 33:the work of integrating the inner and the outer groups and fostering the growth of the Kingdom ofDiscipleship1, 33:Mysteries of Initiation. The production of the outer form on earth, through the medium of books, ofDiscipleship1, 34:broad and general outline of the plan for the outer work of these groups of disciples which shouldDiscipleship1, 39:which construct the forms and fabricate the outer garment of Deity and the human spirits. You willDiscipleship1, 39:That problem deals with the taking of an outer garment or form under the Law of Rebirth. 8. TheDiscipleship1, 41:inner group which is the subjective cause of the outer groups. The expression of the particularDiscipleship1, 42:This inner counterpart is a completed whole. The outer results are still only partial. These tenDiscipleship1, 42:The Aquarian Age will see consummation. The outer groups are a tentative and experimental effort toDiscipleship1, 45:leader to be found at the group center upon the outer plane. All in the group are to be gatheredDiscipleship1, 50:right creative weaving into service upon the outer plane. A true comprehension of the time element,Discipleship1, 56:he will remain essentially unaffected by any outer conditions. The disciple learns to live with hisDiscipleship1, 59:simultaneously, of all that is known on both the outer and the inner planes. This has not hithertoDiscipleship1, 60:of development. All groups, working in the outer world in relation to the Ashrams of the Masters,Discipleship1, 63:Of this condition, the radio is the outer physical symbol. Certain questions now arise and it mightDiscipleship1, 84:inspiration to the disciple as he works on the outer plane of expression. Most disciples areDiscipleship1, 99:it would mean the conditioning of all active, outer living so that the whole of life becomes oneDiscipleship1, 108:I could not earlier call you this as the outer recognition of the inner status (as well as of innerDiscipleship1, 110:of them imply a detachment from the world of outer sensuous attachment or they may imply (as inDiscipleship1, 111:based on an inner [111] attitude and not on any outer condition or state of affairs. This is takingDiscipleship1, 111:for psychic work. My reason is that under your outer reserve and your strong mental polarizationDiscipleship1, 122:of all, the shift of your life emphasis from the outer objective work to the inner subjectiveDiscipleship1, 122:so that there might be no dominant obstructing outer attractions; you were, therefore, free toDiscipleship1, 130:service and reorganize both your inner and your outer life. You have to work conscientiously withDiscipleship1, 132:no useful end. If the groups of disciples on the outer plane which the Masters are now formingDiscipleship1, 135:so that you can occultly "bring through" into outer expression, via the physical brain, the richesDiscipleship1, 135:at times in so doing. You should aim at the outer expression of the inner nature with greaterDiscipleship1, 135:seek to make the conscious link between the outer and the inner more dynamic and real. Ponder onDiscipleship1, 136:at one with the main purpose and ideals but the outer expression, the physical man, remainsDiscipleship1, 143:is that of a gradual readjustment accompanied by outer explanation, until in time the sameDiscipleship1, 147:of a seclusion, produced by withdrawing from outer activity. Your best work must be done in spiteDiscipleship1, 152:physical plane and have brought about definite outer changes in your life and circumstance. TheDiscipleship1, 153:of a renewed and more forceful personality in outer manifestation. Upon this thought I would askDiscipleship1, 153:which makes possible the relinquishing of outer shackles and chains, thus gaining a liberty whichDiscipleship1, 160:the dual life of the disciple - a life of outer activity and of inner sensitivity. You have butDiscipleship1, 162:and subject, therefore, to criticism and outer help. Then the task of preserving the originalDiscipleship1, 163:- much to do with the right organization of the outer expression of the New Group of World Servers.Discipleship1, 164:forward through right organization of the outer factors of time and physical strength is essential.Discipleship1, 166:for this task. The last is in many ways the outer expression of the first, for just as money hasDiscipleship1, 171:the reactions of the physical mechanism to the outer tangible environment. This is not yetDiscipleship1, 175:to disciples who are truly on the Path. The outer plane life is followed almost automatically, andDiscipleship1, 175:which would give the sense of reality to the outer work. But this trained responsiveness toDiscipleship1, 189:by those of us who are seeking helpers in the outer world. Your objective is and has been service.Discipleship1, 201:complexes but also singularly responsive to outer circumstance. Ponder on this, because it willDiscipleship1, 201:response your entire personality makes to your outer environing conditions. That response producesDiscipleship1, 201:environing conditions. That response produces an outer swirl of forces in your aura wherein comesDiscipleship1, 201:living produces beauty and harmony in the outer life, so that others can see the achievement. HowDiscipleship1, 201:the emergence of the inner pattern into the outer theme of your daily living. I would point out toDiscipleship1, 202:your brain consciousness (and consequently your outer activities) into line with soul wisdom andDiscipleship1, 206:Decisions must not be made as the result of any outer influence. You might ask me at this pointDiscipleship1, 207:and the other affects all that you do on the outer plane of appearances and of daily living. In theDiscipleship1, 210:I seek to make. From a work and life of much outer usefulness, you pass now for the remainder ofDiscipleship1, 216:- to the world. This will in no way change your outer activities but will surely produce a deepenedDiscipleship1, 222:to do so, you have in many cases inhibited its outer expression, sometimes with disastrous resultsDiscipleship1, 222:this life if you hold on to love and avoid the outer forms and techniques of authority and control,Discipleship1, 225:I refer to the inner group of disciples and the outer group of servers with whom he can and mustDiscipleship1, 228:is potency and dynamic impulse, e'en when the outer life seems molded to a pattern. It is a neededDiscipleship1, 229:living than heretofore. The attainment of the outer attitude in your chosen work has been good. TheDiscipleship1, 230:for complete silence, of both the inner and the outer man. The breathing, if correctly followed,Discipleship1, 234:upon all your daily living, both inner and outer, may not within itself constitute a hinderingDiscipleship1, 237:occult reticence which produces inner power and outer silence. Speak less and love more... Discipleship1, 261:done to such an extent that he forgets that the outer life of service will become arid and full ofDiscipleship1, 263:of the vibration which leads to power. Your outer demonstration gives not full expression to theDiscipleship1, 263:rapid coordination between the inner and the outer is needed and this at no cost to your achievedDiscipleship1, 267:my brother, that the wise disciple regards all outer expression on the physical plane of experienceDiscipleship1, 283:was the main objective of the experience. Outer personality contacts have a definite place and areDiscipleship1, 287:and fusing of the subjective beauty and the outer beautiful reality is your daily task. Those who,Discipleship1, 288:means of relating the idea, the ideal and its outer expression. Give as much time to this as youDiscipleship1, 289:out of this group of brothers, as far as the outer plane linking is concerned, but you have alreadyDiscipleship1, 295:the inner subjective life and also aware of the outer objective world; this must be undertaken andDiscipleship1, 298:the calling in of the power which flows from the outer petals of the egoic lotus (speakingDiscipleship1, 307:to the fact that I do not here refer to outer relationships and contacts. They exist and have theirDiscipleship1, 307:attitudes, but it also embraces the life of outer service and of those relationships which you haveDiscipleship1, 307:physical plane dharma. Clear vision as to these outer relations in the world of professionalDiscipleship1, 310:in your life. As you have fulfiled your outer obligations in the various fields of life expression,Discipleship1, 310:that is that a life of fuller expression in outer service on the physical plane is required and
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