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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OUTER

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Discipleship1, 310:however, known to me and this extension of your outer influence (radiating from an inner controlledDiscipleship1, 311:of your meditation life, and not through an outer search for such contacts; it will come throughDiscipleship1, 312:hurts no one in the process of withdrawal. The outer personality claims of attachment are oft soDiscipleship1, 312:begin to train others through a more definite outer service. You have always been able to workDiscipleship1, 314:all the familiar scenes behind and negating his outer usefulness. He remains where he is,Discipleship1, 314:He remains where he is, continuing with the outer and physical fulfilment of duty, but within aDiscipleship1, 317:the fogs." "They come and rest. They cease their outer labors, pausing to do a different work.Discipleship1, 319:the true freedom comes, to again recognize the outer as well as the inner relationship. You haveDiscipleship1, 325:mark the superficial (occultly understood) outer expression of the soul and for a first ray personDiscipleship1, 325:ray disciple can be marred by a haste and an outer quickness of speech and attitude. So sure is aDiscipleship1, 325:and the inner love matter more to him than the outer expression. But lesser people and those uponDiscipleship1, 325:great that if you add to that potency a gracious outer attitude of loving-kindness, you can be muchDiscipleship1, 326:instruction was to ask you to inculcate in your outer expression upon the physical plane thatDiscipleship1, 326:for there will be nothing, eventually, in your outer impact upon people to throw them away fromDiscipleship1, 342:your constant reaction against receiving any outer help may at times militate against yourDiscipleship1, 343:their three functioning aspects. That of the outer active organization is only too familiar. It isDiscipleship1, 344:bringing together the subjective reality and the outer form. Your feeling that there is in youDiscipleship1, 360:that your inner knowledge far outstrips your outer usefulness. It grows out of your intelligentDiscipleship1, 361:power to resist and the capacity to shut off the outer from the inner worlds of expression. BesidesDiscipleship1, 361:is found in the fact that you are not making outer constructive use of the knowledge which youDiscipleship1, 364:efficient, regular service. Your progress in the outer expression of your inner knowledge has beenDiscipleship1, 369:building, he slept and ate and played upon the outer plain. And yet at every hour, his thought wasDiscipleship1, 376:loving Will direct my brain and service on the outer plane of Life. With my Will, I will to serve.Discipleship1, 390:and the extent of your conscious awareness. The outer universe of the planet, the solar system andDiscipleship1, 394:past six months have seen you subjected to much outer change; you have passed through difficultiesDiscipleship1, 396:right inner attitude and not by the changing of outer circumstances. When an individual is occupiedDiscipleship1, 421:c.To your group of students. d.To the outer world. e.To me, your Tibetan Brother. f. To the NewDiscipleship1, 422:learn to retreat there and, in forgetfulness of outer happenings, live the life of spiritualDiscipleship1, 434:they are not dimmed by the fog and smoke of the outer world battle. Such is your service, and forDiscipleship1, 436:active external work. It is not capable of much outer physical contact or of rapid and frequentDiscipleship1, 436:physical body (your instrument of service on the outer plane of life), there can emanate suchDiscipleship1, 436:You can serve them from there without the rough outer contacts that more physically robust workersDiscipleship1, 440:from the constant urging desire to be of greater outer usefulness? The Law of Acceptance is aDiscipleship1, 441:W. died later in the year, and "ceased from the outer activity," referred to by the Tibetan. Discipleship1, 458:on the inner planes, you walk together; your outer circumstances may differ but the training andDiscipleship1, 463:Yet it you could but realize it, the severing of outer physical plane links is the least severe andDiscipleship1, 475:function as a group - both on the inner and the outer planes. Have this in mind in all you do. IDiscipleship1, 477:null and void by your inner antagonisms and your outer separate attitude to those whom you do notDiscipleship1, 481:about? What can you do which will intensify your outer expression and thus break the personalityDiscipleship1, 483:Ponder upon the words: Beauty, color, service, outer relationships, inner linings. No more I giveDiscipleship1, 483:of liberation for you, however, lies not through outer activities and so-called readjustments orDiscipleship1, 484:served. This subjective process must precede all outer work; upon the strength and the persistenceDiscipleship1, 486:to the call of your soul that your "normal outer-world hearing" (as it is esoterically called) hasDiscipleship1, 498:quick response to criticism and its dislike of outer control or interference which must beDiscipleship1, 501:physical body. This may surprise you because the outer, physical indications are those of the firstDiscipleship1, 507:exoterically alone and fight the battle on the outer plane to its conclusion by yourself. But onDiscipleship1, 522:the inner planes you have achieved; upon the outer plane today see that that achievement is alsoDiscipleship1, 524:subjectively and protectingly, and yet - on the outer plane - can set people free. Let me repeatDiscipleship1, 525:soul. We shall speak when the silence of the outer life and of the personality has been achieved.Discipleship1, 531:unusual, but which as yet is hindered from all outer expression by your inhibiting personality.Discipleship1, 538:you prepared? Secondly: it will not produce any outer change in your environing relationships. YourDiscipleship1, 538:change in your environing relationships. Your outer obligations and interests must continue to beDiscipleship1, 539:and its relation to the personality, and the outer ones as they concern you and your environment. IDiscipleship1, 541:for more magnetic service and for a life of outer spiritual accomplishment. For this you are wellDiscipleship1, 542:such a way that the inner life is served and the outer form becomes the magnetic expression of theDiscipleship1, 542:Third month... A chrysalis appears. Upon its outer shell, upon the inner side, appears the patternDiscipleship1, 543:of inner reality through the medium of some outer form. What will you, therefore, do if these wordsDiscipleship1, 545:assured soul experiencing. This will involve outer detachments, inner readjustments and the steadyDiscipleship1, 549:your brothers to work with greater power in the outer world. You must work from a quiet innerDiscipleship1, 549:fact, they would not struggle so against the outer physical conditions in which they findDiscipleship1, 552:past three months; many adjustments, inner and outer, have been required. Detachment has been theDiscipleship1, 555:What will be the practical outcome in my daily, outer life of the materializing of this vision?Discipleship1, 563:your great limitations is over-sensitivity. Your outer shell needs hardening; you must learn toDiscipleship1, 570:planes and levels of awareness, but on the outer plane of tangible, material, physical living. IDiscipleship1, 572:to view things externally, from the angle of the outer detail and from the standpoint of theDiscipleship1, 574:of your inner psychological hurry and your outer tension. Study well the keynotes of your life;Discipleship1, 575:care; where there is a weak and delicate outer shell, the inner subtler bodies can become tooDiscipleship1, 577:and of attitude; it is not a question of outer exoteric activity. That may remain the same or evenDiscipleship1, 587:to cast your lot and let the other be in the outer world where some humanitarian effort claims yourDiscipleship1, 587:the remaining forty per cent of your time to the outer activity in the world. Your first rayDiscipleship1, 594:Whilst this type of experience is going on, the outer group of a Master's disciples proves ofDiscipleship1, 594:in my inner group is assured. Your work in the outer group is opening up and what I have here toldDiscipleship1, 594:lie ahead of you: Learning to work upon the outer plane in group with your co-disciplesDiscipleship1, 594:inner rhythm of the soul as it conditions the outer life into a calm and increasing service andDiscipleship1, 594:become an extension of his Ashram upon the outer plane. Another thing which it is important youDiscipleship1, 617:of yourself, an uneasy conscience and much outer plane work tended to safeguard you. See to it mostDiscipleship1, 646:personality tendencies and the desire for outer contact which several of the group members have soDiscipleship1, 663:may realize that you have only to establish the outer links. The inner are already forged. The lifeDiscipleship1, 668:vision which sees the inner side and not the outer happening. Go in peace, my brother, and learnDiscipleship1, 677:which is required to nourish and keep strong the outer, lacks. But lacking also will and plannedDiscipleship1, 679:small voice of all the hidden souls within the outer forms, for they are as myself; with them I amDiscipleship1, 685:Hierarchy and restoring the Mysteries upon the outer plane, is slowly proceeding. The Hierarchy isDiscipleship1, 689:his own sphere of environal conditions and the outer world of needy souls. The problem with whichDiscipleship1, 696:of which the personnel is provided from the outer group of aspirants? It must surely be apparent toDiscipleship1, 699:the foundation of a physical vehicle as the outer garment of the soul. At this stage, intellect isDiscipleship1, 702:a Master's particular group, and the many outer groups which, though working under his inspirationDiscipleship1, 703:to you that the so-called inner Ashram is to the outer group what the soul and its vision is to theDiscipleship1, 705:world affairs and world happenings. The outer happenings are, to a certain point, predictable; theyDiscipleship1, 705:the focal points of spiritual energy upon the outer plane immediately involves certain factors: ADiscipleship1, 706:to the leaders of the Forces of Light upon the outer physical plane. But disciples and aspirantsDiscipleship1, 707:an externalization of the inner Ashram upon the outer plane. Disciples, initiates and worldDiscipleship1, 707:is a focus of souls, free and unlimited; the outer Ashram - under the future Aquarian experiment -Discipleship1, 707:down of both action and perception in the outer space-time world. The true Ashram (of which theDiscipleship1, 707:world. The true Ashram (of which the coming outer Ashrams will be but reflections) is not for lowerDiscipleship1, 710:they do not know it, being so preoccupied with outer matters, with form life and objective things.Discipleship1, 724:the hierarchical effort of which all outer Ashrams (which are now slowly forming) are a part. ByDiscipleship1, 727:which bring about the interrelation between the outer and the inner Ashrams, between the objectiveDiscipleship1, 727:Ashrams, between the objective group upon the outer plane and the very much larger inner group.Discipleship1, 727:arise in the minds of those working in the outer group and loosely related to the inner group: IsDiscipleship1, 727:group: Is the level of the consciousness of the outer Ashram determined by the personnel of that
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