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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OUTER

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Discipleship1, 731:Plan) will be the success of the effort in the outer world. Thus again the concept of theDiscipleship1, 732:and unerringly? What hope is there for the outer world if the inner circle of workers (pledgedDiscipleship1, 732:and other Ashrams. Between these Ashrams and the outer world. The Master of an Ashram and theDiscipleship1, 734:between aspects of the Ashram, inner and outer, and between the few Ashram members whom they mayDiscipleship1, 737:it requires also a "divine indifference" to outer events in the life of the little self and a senseDiscipleship1, 746:is only attained after a long cycle of the outer relation of the accepted disciple upon theDiscipleship1, 747:disciples go out to work in the world. The outer group, working in the world, or the exotericDiscipleship1, 747:the members of the Ashram who are found on its outer periphery relate themselves to the innerDiscipleship1, 751:The Master is aware of his presence upon the outer fringe of his consciousness; his fellowDiscipleship1, 751:He has reached a point where, upon the outer plane, he is gathering around him a sphere ofDiscipleship1, 751:on the thread until he has many people in the outer world who (on a lower turn of the spiral) areDiscipleship1, 760:in his Own household than from those in the outer world; his work is more impeded by the advancedDiscipleship1, 760:mind at this time. It was not the cruelty of the outer world of men which [761] caused the depthsDiscipleship1, 761:centers have no control whatsoever over the outer mechanism of response; from [762] the standpointDiscipleship1, 762:opposing factor to true soul expression upon the outer periphery of life. Then the battle of theDiscipleship1, 765:preoccupation with the form nature on the outer plane over a long period of years. It is possibleDiscipleship1, 771:issues involved, being unduly engrossed with the outer signs of the struggle and so losing the longDiscipleship1, 790:of light and love. Let the soul control the outer form, And life, and all events, And bring toDiscipleship1, 790:stand revealed. Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone. Let love prevail. Let allDiscipleship2, 4:I do not say that it is as yet in full right outer expression. It can and does produce at times aDiscipleship2, 9:them. Let me endeavor to explain. All detailed, outer forms are expressions of some subjectiveDiscipleship2, 10:mind of the esotericist far more than does the outer form of words convey meaning to the trainedDiscipleship2, 10:not that the world of meaning and the world of outer forms express in essentiality the world inDiscipleship2, 13:an interior process of upheaval and probably outer behavior which may have caused concern to theDiscipleship2, 17:as well as group expansion. I will outline the outer processes in the order of their presentDiscipleship2, 23:- either constructively or adversely. There are outer processes at work which are effects of innerDiscipleship2, 23:task is to aid you in fusing the inner and the outer events so as to bring about a true expressionDiscipleship2, 26:be carried forward, no matter what may be the outer activity or interests, and it involves no outerDiscipleship2, 26:outer activity or interests, and it involves no outer silence, or cessation of normal behavior. ItDiscipleship2, 32:stronger upon the subjective side than upon the outer. Three of your comrades in the earlier groupsDiscipleship2, 34:A Master's Ashram has people working both on the outer and on the inner planes and in this work,Discipleship2, 34:of the inner disciple and the work of the outer man. A perfect balance is the goal and this is notDiscipleship2, 35:life of the Kingdom of God; there is the busy outer man, preoccupied with various activities,Discipleship2, 36:duties, obligations and responsibilities in the outer world; it is aided also by the steadyDiscipleship2, 39:are not carried through into action upon the outer plane, simply present a way of escape fromDiscipleship2, 45:in the midway place, between the world of outer affairs and the inner world of meaning. His firstDiscipleship2, 56:of a dual kind: The group member fused his outer activity and [57] his inner orientation into oneDiscipleship2, 59:Since I last communicated with you the outer aspects of the world war, the carnage and theDiscipleship2, 60:chosen to work - consciously and openly - in the outer world of men, thus duplicating in theirDiscipleship2, 65:the proposed changes and with the results of the outer ashramic work they must fall in line andDiscipleship2, 67:and has led him to relinquish his position in my outer work and to retire into a phase of livingDiscipleship2, 76:The ashramic link remains unbroken, but the outer relation is ended for this incarnation. You canDiscipleship2, 77:last you will receive from me this life on the outer plane. I would ask you to read with extremeDiscipleship2, 77:because of the effect it may have on your outer life of service. I use not words lightly. A.A.B.Discipleship2, 78:recovered from the shock of the cessation of our outer communication. As you may well realize (orDiscipleship2, 85:with me if you follow the rules and live the outer life of a disciple. It is the books which bringDiscipleship2, 93:movement which remains intact even though the outer form does not hold together, owing to theDiscipleship2, 94:and the pressure of daily life upon [94] the outer group. All of you - from the first admitted toDiscipleship2, 94:the reasons for the experiment with these outer groups which is now being tried by the Hierarchy,Discipleship2, 97:unique work which every Ashram carries on in the outer world through its initiates and disciplesDiscipleship2, 99:your ability to live as a soul in your little outer world and have reference primarily to yourDiscipleship2, 99:to take? This question concerns both your outer and your inner work of a practical nature. [100]Discipleship2, 106:to be critical and no interest whatsoever in the outer, personal lives of the members, should theyDiscipleship2, 115:abstraction of the consciousness from the outer circle and its centering again at the very heart ofDiscipleship2, 117:of light and love. Let the soul control the outer form and life and all events, And bring to lightDiscipleship2, 117:stand revealed. Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone. Let love prevail. Let allDiscipleship2, 119:"it is the inner life of reflection and the outer life of expressed love which will determine theDiscipleship2, 131:and activity consciously flows whilst the outer pattern of his life proceeds with increasingDiscipleship2, 136:it can break through or break up all limiting outer organizations and, by the very force of itsDiscipleship2, 146:of light and love. Let the soul control the outer form, and life and all events And bring to lightDiscipleship2, 147:stand revealed. Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone. Let love prevail. Let allDiscipleship2, 167:give the name of God; the truth that, behind all outer seeming, the motivating power of theDiscipleship2, 167:inner world of causes being responsible for the outer world of effects, will deny its truth [168]Discipleship2, 172:publicly recognized and thus do his work on the outer levels of living as well as upon the inner.Discipleship2, Here t:disciples; it can now be used by them upon the outer plane and incorporated daily in theirDiscipleship2, 261:of God, follows God's eye from central point to outer goal and sees himself as all that is and yetDiscipleship2, 261:the Plan and in bringing through into outer manifestation and expression as much of that Plan as heDiscipleship2, 264:is not living subjectively; it is living as an outer observer who looks within. To liveDiscipleship2, 275:converge. They stretch from point to point. The outer square, the circle of the One and the pointDiscipleship2, 279:about an effective working relation between this outer tier of petals, the concrete mind and theDiscipleship2, 321:which the intuition will reveal and that the outer words hide. THE SUN - BLACK - ANTAHKARANA TheseDiscipleship2, 321:inner causes which are responsible for the outer stages of Penetration, Polarization andDiscipleship2, 322:triple relation between an inner reality and the outer man, the disciple on his own plane; you haveDiscipleship2, 322:Law of Karma makes its presence felt upon the outer physical plane, you have the evidence beforeDiscipleship2, 322:an indication of the close interrelation of the outer and the inner, producing a condition whereinDiscipleship2, 322:points of revelation and apply to them the three outer and the three inner stages through which allDiscipleship2, 343:the workers with the Plan upon the inner and the outer sides of life. The synthesis of the teachingDiscipleship2, 347:potency. The stage of spiritual impact. The Outer Objective Technique: Penetration. Polarization.Discipleship2, 384:subconsciously he eliminates all awareness of outer contacts and stands alone, and yet in groupDiscipleship2, 405:physical plane down to the lowest level of outer, dense physical manifestation. The agent of thisDiscipleship2, 405:energies are "let loose upon the world of outer forms." This process has been greatly facilitatedDiscipleship2, 407:of God is becoming a corporate part of the outer world expression, and this for the first time inDiscipleship2, 408:earth as part of the manifested phenomena of the outer plane. This I have been dealing with inDiscipleship2, 434:precipitation of the planetary Purpose into the outer field of manifestation. You may say thatDiscipleship2, 444:however, the aggregate of inner energy comes to outer expression upon the physical plane, thereDiscipleship2, 453:arranged duties of the day, and to the active outer task of breathing forth into the world of menDiscipleship2, 453:withdrawing. I refer not to the withdrawing from outer service but to an inner, constant, cyclicDiscipleship2, 455:Whether you ever work for and with him on the outer plane is of no great matter. The need is forDiscipleship2, 455:and trust; the love of your brothers in the outer group of the Ashram surrounds you at all times.Discipleship2, 483:inner development is greater by far than your outer expression; you need not, consequently, workDiscipleship2, 484:unfoldment; [484] you need to strain after outer ability to contact, to influence and to evokeDiscipleship2, 484:of sensitive response to inner contacts and outer relations. It is the key to the development of aDiscipleship2, 486:a relatively short time all of you will drop the outer handicap of the physical body and be readyDiscipleship2, 486:it does not make adequate impress on the outer conditions of living. This you know. You have, IDiscipleship2, 488:comments the student said: "I can still the outer shells or bodies, but have not dared to let goDiscipleship2, 492:know your inner radiance. Permit the world of outer things to know it too. The wishes, coming fromDiscipleship2, 500:as an accepted disciple. Until such time as your outer course of action appears clearer to you, andDiscipleship2, 501:and thus the work makes its impact upon the outer world. I explain this to you as you are preparingDiscipleship2, 504:of an Ashram works. It is not so much the active outer service of a group of disciples which is ofDiscipleship2, 506:development and will also inevitably make your outer work more dynamic. One reason why I have
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