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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OUTER

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Meditation, 258:us off from Those in Whom the God transcends all outer forms. The great Initiate, Who voiced theMeditation, 273:service; the inner life of concentration and the outer life of practice; the inner ability toMeditation, 273:the inner ability to contact the higher, and the outer ability to express that faculty in terms ofMeditation, 273:the inner irradiation from the Spirit, and the outer shining before men. Meditation, 273:process and carries a man from an occasional outer contact with [274] a Master and His group to aMeditation, 282:realizations. These realizations will be the outer recognition of inner results, and will be theMeditation, 282:in one way and some in another; some carry the outer appearance of intellectuality and others ofMeditation, 314:The Preparatory Occult School This - to the outer world - may appear not so different from anMeditation, 327:made, the inner powers of assimilation and the outer life of service. It depends therefore upon thePatanjaliachieved when, through one pointed thought, the outer activity is quieted. In this stage, thePatanjali, 35:achieved when through one-pointed thought, the outer activity is quieted. In this stage the chittaPatanjali, 65:answer, they must first free themselves from all outer imposed authority and from all tradition andPatanjali, 174:activity in his search. His response to outer contacts is ever more rapid and his capacity forPatanjali, 188:and the rules must first be kept, and when his outer conduct to his fellowmen and his innerPatanjali, 219:the purificatory process, the discipline of the outer and inner life and one-pointedness of thePatanjali, 229:can be properly undertaken, not only must the outer conduct be corrected, not only must innerPatanjali, 244:periphery of the body, so that the avenues of outer perception and contact (the five senses) arePatanjali, 332:of the Holy Spirit," the human frame. [332] The outer court corresponds to those energies and theirPatanjali, 400:of the form to inner influence, and to outer environment. The other concerns tendencies, impulsesProblems, 14:this they must carry forward along with their outer efforts to bring about a better and moreProblems, 53:the meaning which lies behind the outer imparted facts. It is the power to apply knowledge in suchProblems, 53:world of meaning which underlies the world of outer phenomena and who will begin to view humanProblems, 65:to relate the world of meaning to the world of outer efforts - for the benefit of the masses. WorldProblems, 99:complex which distinguishes him (under an outer inferiority) in his religious faith. This faith isProblems, 102:leaders of humanity (both those working on the outer plane and those guiding from the inner side ofProblems, 131:under the cloak of paternalism and a colorful outer appearance which hides a crystallization and anProblems, 133:affairs and feel no inner allegiance to any outer ecclesiastical hierarchy. The guidance of theProblems, 138:because God is ever accessible and requires no outer intermediaries today; a new mode ofProblems, 139:of ecclesiastical authority, is responsive to outer forms and rituals and - in spite of a wide andProblems, 155:any uniformity of approach. Necessarily, the outer structure of the New World Religion will be longProblems, 156:drawn. The inner attitude of humanity and a few outer happenings indicate a true inner recognitionProblems, 165:give the name of God; the truth that behind all outer seeming, the motivating power of the universePsychology1, 18:expression; it is that illusory tangible outer appearance which is animated by life. This is thePsychology1, 38:as the material form, and as identified with the outer appearance, to a realization of himself asPsychology1, 52:factor unifying the inner quality and the outer tangible form or appearance. This work goes onPsychology1, 53:is the principle of sentiency, underlying all outer manifestation, pervading all forms, andPsychology1, 58:consciousness to the form nature of Deity. The outer garment of the soul (physical, vital andPsychology1, 58:(physical, vital and psychic) is part of the outer garment of God. Man's self-conscious soul is enPsychology1, 83:of so many so-called "miracles" that even the outer appearance of the world will be profoundlyPsychology1, 113:subjective group of world workers and - on the outer plane of objectivity - the lovers of humanityPsychology1, 114:circle in which he finds himself. These small outer attempts at a tentative duplication are in anPsychology1, 114:effort, and may fail. The members of these tiny outer groups (whose membership and grouping arePsychology1, 120:Modern exoteric science knows much about the outer form, or matter aspect, and its electricalPsychology1, 121:scientists, much light will be thrown upon the outer form, qualified by a particular force andPsychology1, 132:energy, found underlying or "substanding" the outer physical form. Man's etheric body is aPsychology1, 152:and that these energies emanate from the outer cosmos or universe itself, from the solar system ofPsychology1, 154:each subjective form, in its turn, produces the outer appearance. It is not possible for us toPsychology1, 156:time, responsive to energy emanating from the outer cosmic Center. This last stage of expansion isPsychology1, 158:The interplay of these three rays determines the outer phenomenal appearance, attracts the unity ofPsychology1, 160:himself in such a way that the path to the outer world is left open, and that to the inner world isPsychology1, 161:consequence. The "pull" of the soul offsets the outer "pull," and the man becomes a visionaryPsychology1, 161:offset, sometimes for several lives. Where this outer condition and "pull" is over-strong, and whenPsychology1, 175:Brotherhood which is guiding humanity towards an outer Brotherhood, these great principles arePsychology1, 177:of the Fellowship of Religions (of which the outer organizations are an externalization) willPsychology1, 177:defined in the minds of many thousands that its outer structure will inevitably make its appearancePsychology1, 177:eventually be equally well organized, with its outer form taking rapid shape by 2025. Do not inferPsychology1, 180:to the great thought patterns which underlie the outer structure of our world. The attentive mindsPsychology1, 187:thinkers to bring it to materialization on the outer side. I charge them to work in the cause ofPsychology1, 196:which are seeking [196] expression in the outer world through the medium of his outer mechanism. AsPsychology1, 196:in the outer world through the medium of his outer mechanism. As he learns to do this, the naturePsychology1, 196:As he learns to do this, the nature of that outer world of mechanisms alters, and he increasinglyPsychology1, 196:qualities struggling for expression behind the outer forms. Thus the range of his consciousPsychology1, 237:ray influences, which bring about the desired outer results. It is the goal of the evolvingPsychology1, 249:a greater sensitivity and responsiveness to outer and inner environing conditions, than does thePsychology1, 276:too far away to offset the temptations of the outer environing world and the insistent urgesPsychology1, 322:side of consciousness, just as we have the outer creative side in the creation of forms. Psychology1, 326:capacity, and also the blood stream. Thus the outer form or mechanism is ever an indication of thePsychology1, 328:we have the esoteric parallels of which the outer caste system is the prostituted symbol. Ponder onPsychology1, 330:the lower kingdoms) are already functioning, the outer agency whereby he grows is the world ofPsychology1, 331:his use, and works in, and with, and through the outer world of daily living. Subjective Agency:Psychology1, 332:integrated personality, and not just from the outer and objective physical condition. ThePsychology1, 345:on their armor and hide themselves behind the outer form. They leave the fourth great sphere ofPsychology1, 353:the recognition of the fact that matter is the outer garment of God. This will characterize thePsychology1, 354:offered. Such books, therefore, as The Outer Court and The Path of Discipleship by Annie BesantPsychology1, 368:fell also into the snare of materialism, and the outer form has for centuries been of morePsychology1, 417:Work, The One that Is!' " FOURTH RAY "Let the outer glory pass away and the beauty of the innerPsychology2, 4:and to express innate quality through the outer form. The monadic consciousness is that of thePsychology2, 5:at a knowledge of matter, of substance and of outer creative activity. Then he passes on to aPsychology2, 5:with manifestation. It deals therefore with the outer personality expression of that greatPsychology2, 15:bodily health, and great charm and personal outer gifts. Psychology2, 23:from those soul rays which stream forth from the outer tier of petals in the egoic lotus. (See APsychology2, 24:of the senses, and the recurring [24] drama of outer phenomenal existence; but throughout all thesePsychology2, 38:among the many threads that weave the [38] outer garment of the Lord, and found the many ways therePsychology2, 44:reflective quiet which in no way negates intense outer activity but which does release them fromPsychology2, 46:three Ways are one. The Plan proceeds upon the outer Way; it shews itself. The Whole will standPsychology2, 47:into the boundaries of the Plan has reached the outer limits of the sphere of God's activity. ThatPsychology2, 48:symbol, symbolizes complete unity between the outer and the inner, the objective and thePsychology2, 56:way conforms to the pattern, and, therefore, the outer form is also inadequate. But crisis afterPsychology2, 56:responds more definitely and precisely to the outer impact of the soul impetus [57] (note thisPsychology2, 63:nervous system. Their responsiveness to impacts, outer and inner, is unbelievably great. ThePsychology2, 84:the Work, the One that Is.'" Ray Four - "Let the outer glory pass away and the beauty of the innerPsychology2, 106:hold upon them or upon their activities upon the outer plane. This is a subtle error, for it masksPsychology2, 106:of separation and aloneness? It does, as far as outer activities are concerned. Only as serversPsychology2, 106:the Law of Sacrifice, and that only a relative outer unity can be at this time achieved. Not as yetPsychology2, 106:all disciples must struggle and strive. On the outer plane, owing to the separative mind duringPsychology2, 107:be established and developed, in spite of the outer divergences of opinion. When the inner link isPsychology2, 108:it is not. But to the inner Teachers, the outer differences are abhorrent. They leave each otherPsychology2, 125:that the soul is beginning to express itself in outer manifestation. Neither theory nor aspirationPsychology2, 129:can easily mistake theory for reality, and the outer gestures of a life of service for the natural,Psychology2, 130:Service is a method of producing phenomenal outer and tangible results upon the physical plane; I
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