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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OUTLINED

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Astrology, 30:to the vast field of energies which I have outlined for your consideration and shall consider onlyAstrology, 224:general purpose of the experience in Scorpio, as outlined above. Uranus is exalted in Scorpio; theAstrology, 570:the present dire crisis. The two stages above outlined are present today in a general and potentAstrology, 594:holiest three." As we consider the seven rays as outlined in Tabulation X, I would have you bear inAutobiography, 89:and that the life work which He had earlier outlined to me would start, but in a way which I wouldAutobiography, 191:students all over the country who received the outlined lessons that I was giving to the class onAutobiography, 235:and goodwill. The Tibetan in these pamphlets outlined a definite procedure for us to follow. HeAutobiography, 235:as many countries in the world as possible. He outlined for us the nature of the teaching whichAutobiography, 237:All of the great expansions of consciousness as outlined in the Hindu philosophy and the expressionAutobiography, 238:their relationship to the five initiations as outlined for the Eastern disciple. Both these booksAutobiography, 266:Nothing can arrest the hierarchical plans as outlined above. Those who cannot face themselves andBethlehem, 81:p. 47. For there is difficulty and danger in the outlined way to the center. Much is to be overcomeBethlehem, 258:a concise statement of the human situation. He outlined to them the Noble Eightfold Path governingDiscipleship1, 32:prepare the way for the greater foundations, outlined in my book, Letters on Occult Meditation. TheDiscipleship1, 68:to ponder deeply upon the various aspects of the outlined plan or system of group work which I haveDiscipleship1, 114:for the next six months, my fellow-disciple. I outlined to you in June 1935 a full quota ofDiscipleship1, 162:as last year I wrote to you in detail and outlined to you the work of the coming years. I changeDiscipleship1, 171:to meet the demands of the work which I have outlined, draws forth my approval and - if persistedDiscipleship1, 220:fellowmen. Hence the meditation which I have outlined for you and which I would ask you to follow.Discipleship1, 239:is on the astral plane. Resume then the work I outlined for you earlier which you have latelyDiscipleship1, 243:active study work and your meditation work as outlined by me below... When you are meditating seeDiscipleship1, 267:work at this time. Continue with it as outlined to you in my last communication. Seek for theDiscipleship1, 270:Go forward, therefore, with the same work as outlined in the previous instructions; during the nextDiscipleship1, 282:as I would ask you to continue with the work as outlined by me in my last communication. I thinkDiscipleship1, 298:and time for both this and the group work outlined by me earlier, then choose the elucidation ofDiscipleship1, 302:First of all, do the breathing exercise, outlined above. Then, focusing the consciousness as highDiscipleship1, 304:Continue with the breathing exercise as outlined in my last instruction. I seek to make no changeDiscipleship1, 322:with the ordinary routine work as I have [322] outlined it for these members of my Ashram, and letDiscipleship1, 346:in order to help you, I suggest the meditation outlined below. Alignment. Achieved consciously andDiscipleship1, 408:it be wise) to change the work earlier [408] outlined for you. Not yet have you established theDiscipleship1, 412:the seed thoughts, taking one each month, as outlined in the preceding communication. This time,Discipleship1, 423:time to recuperate. In the last meditation outlined by me, I gave you two exercises to do withDiscipleship1, 424:higher rhythms. Follow, therefore, the procedure outlined until I again tell you to make a change.Discipleship1, 432:with indicated service, which is suggested and outlined by you; it is to meet the needs, one byDiscipleship1, 434:refer. Secondly: Follow each day the meditation outlined below, keeping careful record of all thatDiscipleship1, 449:The service which your group can render, as outlined by me in this instruction, must engross yourDiscipleship1, 464:not at this time change your meditation work. As outlined, it should serve gradually to stabilizeDiscipleship1, 498:will also ask you to follow the meditation here outlined... Meditate on the following themes: 1stDiscipleship1, 574:I give you no exercises to follow other than the outlined breathing exercise nor shall I dealDiscipleship1, 575:on their implications. When the task is clearly outlined and the problem squarely faced, it isDiscipleship1, 603:night - four times a day - follow the procedure outlined below: Sound the Sacred Word three times,Discipleship1, 605:in meditation, I would suggest the procedure outlined below: Achieve alignment and then raise theDiscipleship1, 655:and then resume your meditation as last outlined by me for the remaining three months. Can youDiscipleship1, 665:to accept the suggestion and to conform to the outlined ideas as may seem best to you. I seek toDiscipleship1, 681:is not an easy thing to do. The Plan, as I have outlined it to you in the past, was but a skeletonDiscipleship2, 26:that hour is not possible, follow the procedure outlined below: Center the consciousness in theDiscipleship2, 31:various phases of our study which I have earlier outlined, my use of this theme will emerge clearlyDiscipleship2, 37:with me at the time of the full moon, exactly as outlined in your group instructions, but to thatDiscipleship2, 37:The open gate. The work to be done is now outlined and you enter upon a fresh period of study, ofDiscipleship2, 45:the work of interpreting the Formula, as outlined earlier and not specifically discontinued by me,Discipleship2, 49:The first time, my brothers, that I outlined for you the work I sought to have you do at the timeDiscipleship2, 50:to be done during the full moon periods as outlined to you by me. Each year saw an addition to orDiscipleship2, 53:value. All this was the objective of the work I outlined. Much remained to be done, and each year IDiscipleship2, 53:Instruction II. In the second stage of the work outlined by me when you had worked for a year atDiscipleship2, 55:- Group Instruction III. The third stage, outlined by me during the past year's work, brought in aDiscipleship2, 75:see you all throw yourselves was the work I have outlined, the distribution of the Problems ofDiscipleship2, 76:to do for me in finishing the Instructions as outlined. Her own Master (and mine) also requestsDiscipleship2, 76:the requirements and seek to serve the Plan outlined to you by me. With this general letter I amDiscipleship2, 84:with the School lies in the fact [84] that I outlined for her the degrees of the School, and onceDiscipleship2, 100:[100] Have you any definite schedule of work outlined in your mind as your contribution to theDiscipleship2, 115:definite and detailed group work - later to be outlined. Under cyclic law there are periods ofDiscipleship2, 119:Look not for results. Yours is to do the outlined work and this, when rightly done, makes the dueDiscipleship2, 125:as much attention and thought to the processes outlined in the two parts of the one [126]Discipleship2, 126:afresh, and together, at the daily process outlined by me. This meditation is one of the mostDiscipleship2, 126:may be possible if you persevere in the work outlined. I would remind you that this is my lastDiscipleship2, 137:the disciple, having considered the Ashram as outlined above, and having thereby imaginativelyDiscipleship2, 138:phase of the work in my Ashram which I have outlined in my pamphlets (and which has been summarizedDiscipleship2, 144:VI You will notice how the meditation now to be outlined is a natural sequence to the one whichDiscipleship2, 147:the importance of the meditation which I have outlined; it is to prepare you for closer work -Discipleship2, 151:in comparison with the earlier meditations outlined. I have already given you five meditationsDiscipleship2, Here t:like you to follow a meditation procedure as outlined below, the intention of which is toDiscipleship2, 177:and last meditation, and with these seven outlined meditations you will have plenty of work to doDiscipleship2, 233:adapting its various concepts and the outlined purpose to a most carefully formulated Plan,Discipleship2, 300:twenty-five years. Here I have very briefly outlined for you the new developments which areDiscipleship2, 390:to study again the stages of discipleship as outlined in Volume I of Discipleship in the New Age.Discipleship2, 465:you... Are you big enough for this inadequately outlined task, my brother? Is your stamina, yourDiscipleship2, 466:concentration upon the work which I have outlined to you, and which your Master wants to see youDiscipleship2, 473:regarded as one who can teach himself. The work outlined for you will require only one disciplineDiscipleship2, 501:Ashram is one of great activity. The plans are outlined and the work assigned is clearly proposed.Discipleship2, 592:unmindful of it... [592] The work, planned and outlined by me during past years, has been largelyDiscipleship2, 613:is more likely to be successful than a rigidly outlined and forcefully demanded procedure and lifeDiscipleship2, 630:do the following things and follow the procedure outlined below: Summarize in your ownDiscipleship2, 631:and the four stages of reflection which I have outlined for you will suffice for your spiritualDiscipleship2, 695:of divine identification. Please use the process outlined for disciples in The Yoga Sutras ofDiscipleship2, 763:would have you adhere to the Full Moon procedure outlined earlier by me, and I would ask you toEducation, 68:attempt the practical approach which I have here outlined. I would ask them to live redemptiveEducation, 75:What, apart from the more technical approaches outlined by me in earlier parts of this instruction,Externalisation, 36:of the group. It might be of service to you if I outlined a little more clearly what is the purposeExternalisation, 94:nine major fields of human expression. These I outlined when indicating the work of the nine groupsExternalisation, 99:employed, which lay behind the three methods outlined in The Secret Doctrine and referred to above,Externalisation, 140:objectives and of methods. Nothing that I have outlined is now abrogated; only fulfilment isExternalisation, 143:can be increasingly used if the method outlined by me is studied and rightly organized by each ofExternalisation, 244:- long desired, much discussed and clearly outlined. The hindrances appear to be many, but they canExternalisation, 318:ask you also to study carefully the Eight Points outlined on the high seas, and the Four FreedomsExternalisation, 325:of the necessities of life. In the past I have outlined for you the general program and theExternalisation, 353:of opportunity, service and discipleship. I have outlined to you the mechanism of service whichExternalisation, 379:A little planned direction and a wisely outlined program with this in view can and will bring aboutExternalisation, 413:I have here very briefly and inadequately outlined the nature of two great Approaches and twoExternalisation, 442:all aspirants and disciples follow. The plans outlined by me during the past ten years areExternalisation, 484:the men and women of goodwill. I have therefore outlined a planned distribution of the three great
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