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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OUTLINED

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Externalisation, 507:Rakoczi takes of the general plan as it is outlined in the inner Council Chamber and approximatesExternalisation, 547:these things in view) have followed the sequence outlined below: 1. I attempted to reach certainExternalisation, 582:effort; the Schools of the Mysteries (as outlined by me in Letters on Occult Meditation) will comeExternalisation, 631:years of carefully planned and meticulously outlined work; this work I undertook under cyclic lawExternalisation, 669:Ashram; you know it well, for I have frequently outlined it, and my books present the goalFire, 223:of the fire of mind under the schedule already outlined, it might be of profit if certain facts areFire, 484:a secondary division along these lines might be outlined: The seventh and fifth Rays are occupiedFire, 549:be a thing of gradual evolution, but I have here outlined the trend of the future study, as in theFire, 632:concerned, or with the three groups I have outlined - the Agnichaitans, the Agnisuryans, and theFire, 786:they pursue analogous stages to those just outlined. At this time, man sets up these mantricFire, 854:are far too many to enumerate in detail. We have outlined and named five of the larger groups asFire, 940:no need for us further to enlarge. H. P. B. has outlined these stages in the Secret Doctrine, (S.Glamour, 43:I have organized somewhat our ideas and outlined the plan under which we would approach this theme.Glamour, 55:stepping down of the idea take place might be outlined for you as follows. Glamour, 59:with which the Buddha was dealing when He outlined the Noble Eightfold Path. It involves theGlamour, 65:World Problem - The Nature of Glamor I have here outlined for you the causes and the various typesGlamour, 66:God, and naught else; that the theory of unity outlined by Him in the Gospel of St. John, chapterGlamour, 67:the connection between the meditation process as outlined and taught in the Arcane School, and theGlamour, 68:or would it only satisfy your curiosity, if I outlined for you the peculiar processes, employed byGlamour, 72:are dynamic, penetrating, clear cut and outlined. Glamors are smothering, vague, and enveloping. InGlamour, 215:all relationships. The three stages of focusing outlined (pp. 208-210) must be undertaken. TheGlamour, 264:worlds, the directing energy produces results as outlined in this book and brings about: TheHealing, 11:is it not, that the objective of evolution (as outlined and emphasized by man) may (in the lastHealing, 331:would find it of value to study the matter there outlined. The general situation in this connectionHealing, 331:general situation in this connection might be outlined very briefly as follows: A human being is aHealing, 333:brain. Into this general plan, very sketchily outlined above, all ancient medicine (particularlyHealing, 374:chela and in conformity with the teaching outlined in this Treatise - seek to cure and aid. TheHealing, 481:- The Process of Restitution The picture I have outlined of the psychological background of allHealing, 497:stages - intermediate between the three already outlined - that it would be impossible to beHealing, 651:and uses no healing mantram. The process outlined here is that of the effect of energy or soulHercules, 23:right to join the great group of Immortals, were outlined to him and he entered upon the Way. WeHercules, 157:what we are, when we have done the work that is outlined for us in this labor of Sagittarius. WeHercules, 225:where he becomes an inspired Initiate, can be outlined for us briefly in the following statement:Intellect, 65:Assuming the correctness of the theories outlined in the preceding chapters, it might be of valueIntellect, 124:- Chapter Six - Stages in Meditation We have outlined a method, old and tried, whereby it isIntellect, 148:progressed through the stages we have earlier outlined, and form the theme of this chapter.Intellect, 177:Way his Soul should go." John Oxenham We have outlined the method through which the mystic canIntellect, 183:or woman can be found willing to submit to the outlined technique, we shall have many coming forthIntellect, 238:attitude, therefore is assumed and the processes outlined in Chapter Five are followed, the thinkerMagicINTRODUCTORY REMARKS In the study of the ideas outlined in this book and their carefulMagic, 100:their lighted streets and homes; our airways, outlined with their searchlights and fields ofMagic, 108:Let us list, for the sake of clarity, the steps outlined: The Solar Angel begins the work ofMagic, 299:our planetary Logos? What have you gained if I outlined to you the problem of the great Life inMagic, 377:in three main divisions, and in seven groups as outlined in many Theosophical books and summarizedMagic, 457:of the embodiment of the formula in a simple outlined structure, so will be the finally furnishedMeditation, 92:will eventually be transcended. I have therefore outlined for you this morning the material I shallMeditation, 151:the method whereby the mystic attains union, and outlined very briefly the path whereby he attemptsMeditation, 155:say the imparted words, or work through the outlined formulas, and the results attained may doMeditation, 309:This makes the seventh in the group of schools outlined. It is not purposed as yet to have branchesPatanjali, 43:and emancipation. There is the way of Yoga as outlined by Patanjali whereby, through the use of thePatanjali, 59:have to recognize the technique of the processes outlined. In the case of the sounding forth of thePatanjali, 63:threefold lower nature has been worked at (as outlined in the rules), and only as a balanced andPatanjali, 81:should here note that each of the methods outlined above concerns certain centers. There are sevenPatanjali, 232:it useful to note the graded and accurate method outlined in this marvellous treatise. It isPatanjali, 383:rapid process, wherein through such a system as outlined by Patanjali and as taught by all thePsychology1, 44:or scope of activity of a solar system and "outlined" the limits of the form of the incarnatedPsychology1, 56:three expressions of the soul as we have just outlined them: The soul of all the atoms, composingPsychology1, 151:planetary Logoi. All this has been hinted at and outlined in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, and I doPsychology1, 155:types, and the twelve creative Hierarchies, as outlined for us in The Secret Doctrine. The 7 + 12 =Psychology1, 170:application. In A Treatise on White Magic I outlined one of the first steps taken by the HierarchyPsychology2Soul Influence Before taking up our subject as outlined at the close of the previous volume, IPsychology2, 146:have a part. The Law of Service has been thus outlined in an endeavor to make one of the mostPsychology2, 214:the personality. These have oft been adequately outlined by disciples down the ages, and reduced toPsychology2, 254:naturally the factors inducing soul control, as outlined up to this point, have brought us to thePsychology2, 313:about. The last part of the tabulation was outlined in such a manner the many of the problemsPsychology2, 331:and, in consciousness, passes through the stages outlined above. But gradually a higher sense ofPsychology2, 384:with care, we shall see that the process outlined brings the higher aspect of the personal self,Psychology2, 597:the right or ordered sequence of development, as outlined above; that they are following practicesPsychology2, 637:the trained minds to be found in the third group outlined above, and given the needed financialPsychology2, 638:[638] Their program and their technique is outlined a little later in this discussion. Behind thisPsychology2, 638:and women of good will belong to all the groups outlined above, and that herein lies their strengthPsychology2, 648:and hasty procedure. If the work which is outlined here proceeds along the desired lines; if,Psychology2, 649:thus the program for this immediate period outlined before us, what are we going to do about it?Psychology2, 660:New Group of World Servers must have the above outlined ideals and objectives held constantlyPsychology2, 667:and will go steadily forward. The ideas briefly outlined above should be worked out in detail.Psychology2, 700:they any personal knowledge of the situation as outlined. Some do not even know that there is aPsychology2, 732:employed which concern us not. If they were outlined in detail to us, they would only serve toPsychology2, 736:Do you, in truth, accept the situation as I have outlined it? Where, at this time, do you placeRays, 18:first thesis which I presented to the public I outlined the Rules for Applicants, (Initiation,Rays, 123:and understand. A study of what I have here outlined as basic requirements will show that theRays, 255:pages I gave you certain broad principles and outlined a new aspect of the work which I hadRays, 336:and various initiations which I have already outlined. In this section also I do not intend to dealRays, 485:entirely upon the proved technique of the work outlined, and to proceed by faith. The only evidenceRays, 498:the antahkarana, using the six modes or means outlined by me previously, and thus evoke response toRays, 510:know, nor do any of the separative actions as outlined by the occult sciences exist. Yet the truthRays, 514:509). When he has faithfully followed this outlined routine, personality and soul fusion has to beRays, 518:stages of the building process as dealt with and outlined earlier. These three stages were mostRays, 566:we shall take each initiation and consider it as outlined on page 340. This you will probably findSoul, 25:- Introduction A broad and general division is outlined for us by Dr. Prince as follows:Soul, 78:the forces of nature; we recognize the animism outlined by Stahl in the later cycles of our ownSoul, 134:reveals is only possible to the man who has this outlined equipment. A sense of God, anSoul, 135:The Light of the Soul, p. 184. Purity of life as outlined in the Five Rules: Internal and externalSoul, 141:of the Soul. When through conformity to the outlined technique, the soul assumes control, energizesTelepathy, 22:415, 427-428, 477-478.) This much that I have outlined here is practically all that concerns man inTelepathy, 64:would like to refer you back to page 52 where I outlined this extraordinary science which is -Telepathy, 124:the three points or the three basic concepts outlined in the preceding section. All such terms asTelepathy, 151:much. The twenty-one minor centers, which I outlined for you earlier. (A Treatise on the Seven
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