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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OUTLINES

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Astrology, 255:to grasp - on the evolutionary arc - those broad outlines and those major sweeps of divine energyAstrology, 372:interpret the Plan for humanity, as its broad outlines begin to become apparent to the developingAstrology, 541:Thus the nebulous structure and the dim outlines of the New Age civilization can already be seen.Autobiography, 63:Talks for Teachers, Discourses for Disciples, Outlines for Workers (I possessed books with theseAutobiography, 171:of what he wrote. It is a book that outlines the future and the work of the Hierarchy of theAutobiography, 278:of the Hierarchy, he is familiar with the broad outlines of the divine purpose and can cooperateBethlehem, 8:has come to be regarded as myth, and the clear outlines of the story have dimmed and have comeBethlehem, 176:of the coming of this new era, and the dim outlines of a new and more nearly ideal socialBethlehem, 177:in the details of their services, the general outlines of their creeds and ceremonials were - ifDestiny, 19:in the New Age is rising rapidly but its outlines cannot be seen because men are occupied entirelyDestiny, 120:Helpers have had to wait until at least the dim outlines of the Plan had penetrated through intoDiscipleship1, 65:seek to do is to impress certain minds with the outlines or suggestions as to the Plan; these ideasDiscipleship1, 258:effort and upon your ability to grasp the outlines of your task. You have, therefore, to transmuteDiscipleship1, 274:me phrase them for you without comment: See your outlines clear and let no haze of any kind veilDiscipleship1, 377:of the men of goodwill. As its faint outlines are found in the minds of the average intelligentDiscipleship1, 468:which hurt your group. You see with clarity the outlines of the task ahead to which the group isDiscipleship2, 25:possible. In this statement, you have the rude outlines of a Science of Approach which has beenDiscipleship2, 196:register. I shall give you no more meditation outlines. The careful following of those given willDiscipleship2, 222:you care to use them - two meditation forms or outlines for reflection. Shall I call them twoDiscipleship2, 351:it is increasingly taking on new forms and fresh outlines for the Masters who have attained - aDiscipleship2, 727:that time the work that I wanted done and the outlines of the work as indicated by me, and to whichEducation, 101:of a general planetary picture. The changing outlines of this picture are today producing mentalEducation, 108:the youth of the future for the coming age - outlines of which can only now dimly be seen. I wouldEducation, 108:dealing only with the broad and general outlines and omitting any study of detail or of specificEducation, 118:emerging of a new racial type. The subjective outlines of this type can already clearly be seen. SoExternalisation, 58:knowledge to do more than grasp the broader outlines of the intended work, and then only primarilyExternalisation, 199:diversity of governmental methods certain clear outlines are emerging which indicate wider fusionsExternalisation, 199:whilst preserving the large national and racial outlines, will produce an underlying and subjectiveExternalisation, 213:take shape, assume defined and pronounced outlines and become conditioning potencies. This shapingExternalisation, 314:and undeviatingly, with no lost motion, once its outlines are determined, and it should be carriedExternalisation, 419:you that I can indicate only the broad general outlines of the new world religion. The expansion ofExternalisation, 432:are complete realists and see life in its bare outlines and baldly. The highly developed are notExternalisation, 452:be bewildered and will fail to see the clear outlines of the factual situation or distinguishExternalisation, 472:never left us for a distant heaven of nebulous outlines, but that He is ever within our reach. TheyExternalisation, 502:In all the progressing developments, the old outlines can be seen - enlarged, purified and moreExternalisation, 510:appear the Church Universal, and its definite outlines will appear towards the close of thisFire, 100:to be handled in a superficial manner, and only outlines and scattered hints can be given.Fire, 475:it is only possible to indicate in broad general outlines how it may be approached. The mind of theFire, 628:give at this time are certain facts, names and outlines which can only be demonstrated through theGlamour, 20:instruction I only seek to get certain broad outlines into your minds so that the theme may fallGlamour, 72:and more clearly defined and more definite outlines. The forms of glamor on the astral plane areHealing, 167:for instance, in its broad and salient outlines and to do this simultaneously and in a flash ofHealing, 206:have you grasp the general picture and get the outlines of process clear; I would have you studyHealing, 303:never getting it. Surely and with certainty the outlines of the forms so loved were lost, grew dimIntellect, 11:It is encouraging to note how in 1850 the dim outlines of that portal into the New Age were vaguelyIntellect, 229:is employed. There are many other meditation outlines which can bring about the same results, andIntellect, 229:are for advanced workers. There are meditation outlines which are drawn up to produce certainIntellect, 237:the condition of active attention. Many such outlines are available, and can be drawn up, by thoseIntellect, 237:needs of differing types of people. A few such outlines will be found at the close of the book, butIntellect, 245:comes to the student, as he meditates, and outlines to him some great work that he has been chosenMagic, 616:in watery mist, free of the running stream. Some outlines dim appear. He sees a little distance onMeditation, 14:I will now enumerate. I seek not to give you outlines and methods to be followed. I but indicateMeditation, 107:manner, for oft in the just apprehension of big outlines comes comprehension of the small. When ourMeditation, 132:not realizing that he is but seeing the gigantic outlines of his own momentary and passingMeditation, 153:by mind, will be of a geometrical type. The outlines will be clear, and will be apt to be rigid.Meditation, 156:the race you have some of the lesser foundation outlines designed for working on the lower mind.Meditation, 202:the ground. I have but indicated the broad outlines of what will some day be facts in physicalPatanjali, 18:that the orb is not yet risen. The clear cut outlines cannot be perceived, and wraiths and shadows,Patanjali, 112:in mind that we are beginning the book which outlines the practical part of the work, which givesProblems, 135:in the world of tomorrow, a world whose faint outlines are only dimly to be seen. Some are inkingPsychology1, xxiii:proposition has been presented to them, and its outlines have been clearly sensed and its detailPsychology1, 43:As we read, ponder and study, the dim outlines of the Plan appear, but until the consciousness hasPsychology1, 223:and only in retrospect would the broad general outlines of the evolutionary process emerge from thePsychology1, 356:God and to cooperate; they see the broad general outlines of the divine purpose, and comprehend asPsychology2, 26:indicate that we have only dealt with the broad outlines, and [27] have ignored the infinite detailPsychology2, 118:of at-one-ment. We shall now consider the broad outlines of this science, for it is the majorPsychology2, 267:necessarily ensure correctness, and the clear outlines of a truth are oft lost in a maze of words.Psychology2, 337:this summary, we have sketched the broad general outlines of the process. It will be obvious thatPsychology2, 640:are beginning to deal with it and to see its outlines clearly. This reason is the conflict betweenRays, 114:these factors would also assume for them the outlines of a dim and distant goal. [115] Rays, 147:unawakened? And I mean, totally. But the dim outlines of the general picture must be grasped, andRays, 487:in the words so often used in the meditation outlines: "raise the consciousness to the headRays, 580:will assume clearer and more desirable [580] outlines when the second initiation is undergone byReappearance, 105:history is relatively dim and faint in its outlines, the intelligence of men had been rapidlyReappearance, 153:is only possible to indicate the broad general outlines of the new world religion. The expansion ofSoul, 105:with each other." - Iyengar, P. T. Srinivasa, Outlines of Indian Philosophy, pp. 58. 59. ArthurSoul, 159:G. Rele Nature's Finer Forces, Rama Prasad Outlines of Indian Philosophy, P. T. Srinivasa Iyengar
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