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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OUTLOOK

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Atom, 16:aspects. Others are prone to think that their outlook and interpretation is the only one. [17] IAtom, 68:with sufficient reverence and sensitiveness of outlook, bearing carefully in mind always that onlyAutobiography, 274:consciousness of men everywhere, widening the outlook of the general public and presenting humanityBethlehem, 196:and as we approach nearer to reality, our entire outlook upon life, ourselves and our fellow men isDiscipleship1, 4:who work with a fuller vision and a less impeded outlook than is as yet possible to you. I am,Discipleship1, 330:different effects which the same general outlook has upon two different ray types andDiscipleship1, 356:late. Your horizon is, therefore, wider and your outlook much more impersonal. Keep steadily on theDiscipleship1, 545:find changes taking place in your interests and outlook, and will arrive at fresh ways of dealingDiscipleship1, 563:lesson. You have equipment; you have adequate outlook; you have a mind which can be illumined; youDiscipleship1, 592:twofold. You need a simplicity of speech and of outlook - free from the tendency to criticize andDiscipleship1, 592:to be of value, and leaving them with a wider outlook and a more sure horizon. Then pass on.Discipleship1, 592:the new groups which have the new psychological outlook and a right technique of meditation. It isDiscipleship2, 518:are related; simplicity is one-pointedness of outlook, free from glamor and the intricacies of theEducation, One of:of a new race, a new culture and a new world outlook. The work is necessarily slow and those of youEducation, 89:of values [89] and a sound and constructive outlook on world affairs. It will take a long time toEducation, 111:achieve a vertical position, with a horizontal outlook. Ponder too on this phrase. Externalisation, 70:of a new race, a new culture and a new world outlook. The work is necessarily slow and those of youExternalisation, 372:pride and from a nationalistic, separative outlook. Selfish interests have controlled the reasonsExternalisation, 499:powerful men who are today encouraging a gloomy outlook in London and in Washington and elsewhere;Externalisation, 586:The disciple is strictly humanitarian in his outlook. He works for the One Humanity and thoughFire, 537:atom. This, if realized, [537] gives a new outlook upon the subject of plane vibration. The closeFire, 1186:is the case and the premise admitted, the entire outlook on life, on nature, medicine and scienceGlamour, 59:light, to perceive correctly, to achieve a right outlook, and to attain a right mental attitude. ItHealing, 387:the patient to achieve a happy, sane, expectant outlook upon his future - no matter what thatHealing, 395:obvious to you that when humanity attains this outlook upon the fact of death or the art of dying,Healing, 567:evolution; it is all dependent however, upon the outlook on life of the one who is desiring and theHealing, 673:and primarily refers to the universal outlook of the Monad, and therefore to an initiate of theHercules, 183:force, it is another to have an intelligent outlook upon what is happening and to understand andInitiation, 123:the vision brings to him a still more extended outlook and a third planetary scheme is seen,Magic, 33:seven subsidiary groups again produce a varying outlook, mentality, and approach, all equallyMagic, 202:animal nature, or is strictly material in his outlook on life, whilst another is visionary and freeMagic, 309:have a definite effect upon the psychological outlook. You will find, if you study, that allMagic, 400:but because they are so inclusive in their outlook and so wide in their interpretation of truthPatanjali, 104:is used in its occult sense and deals with the outlook of the Perceiver upon all phenomena. TheProblems, 27:think that they have a higher idealism, a saner outlook and a greater love of freedom than otherProblems, 48:by older people; this will have perverted their outlook, given them wrong standards and underminedProblems, 62:sense of values and a sound and constructive outlook on world affairs. It will take a long time toPsychology1, 179:will alter his conditions of living, change his outlook upon world affairs, and inaugurate a newPsychology1, 295:in a vital organism, and their activities and outlook will be colored by this realization. It willPsychology2, 403:scholastic training, often frustrates the outlook so that the weakness in the psychologist's ownPsychology2, 462:be obvious to you, therefore, how promising the outlook can be if educators and psychologistsPsychology2, 631:grasped. Those with no vision and a myopic outlook upon environing events regard what is happeningRays, 111:to have an effect; men become larger in their outlook and their vision. The outlook of theRays, 111:larger in their outlook and their vision. The outlook of the separated self vanishes, and groupReappearance, 138:must be found, but fail to realize that a new outlook upon the truth (as it is in Christ) must beSoul, 18:of their fundamental unity, and that a new outlook on man and his environment may emerge out of theSoul, 36:the bodily build is indisputable; and the mental outlook - the 'behavior complexes' - of theSoul, 156:39-41. From Humanism and America: Essays on the Outlook of Modern Civilization, edited by NormanTelepathy, 39:to effect changes in the point of view, an outlook on life, or a technique of living must be
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