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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OUTSIDE

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Astrology, 9:of expression and whose infinite purposes lie outside the comprehension of the most advanced andAstrology, 23:of the zodiacal influences which emanate from outside of the solar system altogether. These can beAstrology, 310:be distinguished by his personal freedom from outside control. He knows innately that he is king ofAstrology, 313:'linking' or essential unity (lying as it does outside of consciousness and known reality) takesAstrology, 482:transmitter of energy, with certain stars, lying outside our zodiac altogether, thus connecting ourAtom, 14:members of the human family, and to a power outside himself which he must perforce explain. This itAtom, 14:and Jewish point of view, which posits a God outside the solar system, Who created it, but wasAtom, 22:does not look upon it as the result of an outside Deity pouring His energy and wisdom upon aAtom, 32:and guides the objective universe and yet is outside of it. These two lines of thought can be seenAtom, 38:believe that matter is inert, acted upon by an outside force. To me it seems that every atom isAtom, 116:stage when definite help is brought to us from outside sources is not achieved because there areAtom, 123:begins to expand, his interests begin to lie outside his own particular sphere, and the periodAtom, 146:time the atom begins to react to a greater life outside itself, and in this you have the periodAtom, 151:or goal? Are there greater spheres of solar life outside our system, that have a definite effectAutobiography, 7:staggers me. I want to shake them and say, "Come outside and find your soul in other people and soAutobiography, 24:the sundial in the middle of the formal garden, outside the library windows. In its way Moor ParkAutobiography, 38:time of this dual occurrence this knowledge lay outside my field of ordinary recognition. HereinAutobiography, 41:brought up to believe in a God Transcendent, outside His created world, inscrutable, unpredictable,Autobiography, 94:that that funny French porter stood impatiently outside the door to hand me the hymn sheets." IAutobiography, 97:had followed me home and was even then standing outside the house. I can see her now going over toAutobiography, 149:being, after that, my bearer, old Bugaloo, slept outside on the verandah and I could easily callAutobiography, 220:They had never been anywhere in their lives outside of the United States, with the exception of myAutobiography, 246:were entirely mediocre people with no influence outside the Theosophical Society itself. CompleteAutobiography, 249:speak of Him as He is to them but not to the outside world. The books have, therefore, been goingAutobiography, 286:loyalty. This complete freedom to work and serve outside the Arcane School is the reason why weAutobiography, 293:If the physical plane and its affairs lie outside the sphere of influence of spiritual livingness,Autobiography, 298:rigid and dogmatic. Her knowledge of the world outside her small circle of experience wasBethlehem, 94:is something still greater and of deeper value outside himself. He is sensitized to a subtler rangeBethlehem, 209:whilst the rest of God's children are left outside. The Cross was intended to indicate the line ofBethlehem, 209:and the future, rearing the Cross on the hill outside Jerusalem (the name of which signifies theBethlehem, 226:from the soul which has once known Him. That is outside the range of possibility. But it is quiteDiscipleship1, 21:that the etheric body and the physical brain lie outside these basic relations where the Ashram isDiscipleship1, 95:of interior orientation and not a matter of outside information. One point anent the taking of theDiscipleship1, 145:with the Plan. Look also for your co-workers outside the ranks of the psychologically distressedDiscipleship1, 192:active person, with the mental nature remaining outside the lower alignment. I told you earlierDiscipleship1, 264:back of the physical organ up the spine and yet outside the physical body altogether. This factDiscipleship1, 311:Its potency and its vibration must be felt outside the home circle and contacts or yourDiscipleship1, 386:minutes each morning, center your consciousness outside your personality life. The effect upon yourDiscipleship1, 390:in the knowledge that the entire planet lies outside of the room in which you are pondering myDiscipleship1, 487:no capacity is left except (with the aid of some outside help) to hold the ground gained and toDiscipleship1, 522:rhythms and thought habits often draw you back outside your garden of peace, you find your wayDiscipleship1, 528:than square. When one approaches the gate from outside, one sees written over it the words Peace,Discipleship1, 528:and occult manuscripts for reference. Just outside are four beautiful spruce trees, two [529] onDiscipleship1, 598:in which you lived. Your knowledge of what lay outside was theoretical but not of a practicalDiscipleship1, 598:room, thereby associating yourself with the life outside the window. I believe you can do it if youDiscipleship1, 618:which has been undertaken. Avoid that which lies outside the periphery of the work, regardingDiscipleship1, 641:learn also to look for your failures where the outside world may see only success or some kind ofDiscipleship1, 741:put no aspect of the divine manifestation outside their range of experience. They know thatDiscipleship1, 754:of the Master and to keep (as far as may be) outside his own consciousness any thoughts or desiresDiscipleship1, 772:slowed down, for they will have put themselves outside the great tide of spiritual force nowDiscipleship1, 778:were entirely mediocre with no influence outside the Theosophical Society itself; complete devotionDiscipleship1, 781:speak of him as he is to them but not to the outside world. The papers lately printed in The BeaconDiscipleship2, 84:behind the work of the School? There are many outside the New Seed Group who have done a moreDiscipleship2, 102:in no case more than twenty-five years at the outside (and believe me, my brother, I forgetDiscipleship2, 104:you that the personality vehicles are ever left outside the Ashram - speaking symbolically. ThisDiscipleship2, 104:same rules as the physical body - they are left outside. Remember also that [105] the Ashrams existDiscipleship2, 105:the impartation of these reflections to the outside world. The ashramic reflective meditation is anDiscipleship2, 132:in whom we live and move and have our being, and outside whose range of influence naught can be.Discipleship2, 256:told you, "of interior orientation and not of outside information." Recognition and orientation areDiscipleship2, 312:in process of receiving revelation - is working outside of time and space, as you understand it.Discipleship2, 353:without interference or obstruction from any outside force. This is the relatively new spiritualDiscipleship2, 421:- those fields of divine activity which lie outside our planetary ring-pass-not. For their [422]Discipleship2, 634:to the Ashram for strength to continue his work outside. What lies outside the door of the Ashram,Discipleship2, 634:strength to continue his work outside. What lies outside the door of the Ashram, symbolicallyDiscipleship2, 634:he can do to ameliorate the pain and distress outside the door. Discipleship2, 634:the disciple but have no effect on anyone outside the Ashram. These you must discover for yourself.Education, x:"It has been proposed that a new department, outside the present three distribution fields of theEducation, 64:throughout nature and on those levels which lie outside the territory usually called nature.Education, 110:I can see it both from the inside and the outside, and also from the blueprints in the custody ofEducation, 117:by him and are not imposed upon him by an [117] outside force or by the coercion of humanity in anyExternalisation, 166:Great Forgiveness. The [166] stupendous Lives - outside manifested existence - entered intoExternalisation, 207:if excessive punishment is inflicted from outside. Three recognitions will save the world when theExternalisation, 227:world crisis can prove adequate to bring in that outside assistance which could end the conflictExternalisation, 240:the dictators as they seek to dominate the lands outside their own? How shall we free humanity toExternalisation, 252:People are apt to think that these must lie outside of human control and constitute part of theExternalisation, 291:and energy of the solar system, or of sources outside the solar system and therefore cosmic. ButExternalisation, 299:They transmitted and brought something from outside the planetary life - from the very Heart of GodExternalisation, 319:which threaten, or may threaten, aggression outside of their frontiers, they believe, pending theExternalisation, 476:and nations, the Hierarchy would have remained outside the conflict and left mankind to fight aExternalisation, 596:(within or without the world faiths, and largely outside of them) is general and complete, and aFire, 71:The forces which flow in them, again, come from "outside," from a fourth-dimensional space. Each ofFire, 77:be that the plane of the nirvanees, is outside the karmic wheel and when it is said in the SanskritFire, 77:The entities that have now succeeded in going outside the karmic wheel, have done so, only if thatFire, 97:of the three Aspects (of the Logos) are placed outside of time and space, and only the streams ofFire, 105:on a higher plane) They have freedom of movement outside the bounds of the planetary web within theFire, 108:the fire latent in matter, to the fire emanating outside of matter, and playing upon it. In theFire, 148:on in a divine cooperation that has its base outside the system. Hence too the fact that the firstFire, 195:To another vibration. To something originating outside of itself. To the concept of externality.Fire, 210:seventh) transmits force, via the Logos, from outside the system altogether. We need to rememberFire, 254:life. This radiation emanates from sources outside the system altogether. We might note theFire, 271:and the physical. A Heavenly Man has His source outside the solar system (as man outside the threeFire, 271:has His source outside the solar system (as man outside the three worlds of his endeavor), has HisFire, 279:of operation, or it repulses and drives them outside its range of activity, causing separation. OneFire, 285:is achieved, whole ranges of facts will remain outside the scope of the consciousness of theFire, 347:the evolutionary process through influences from outside; these tend to awaken consciousness, andFire, 363:to the cosmic correspondence, found outside the solar sphere. 34 Compare also the followingFire, 393:vibration to our Earth scheme. The fact that outside aid was called in during the third root-raceFire, 404:or can a Heavenly Man come into existence. Outside a solar ring-pass-not, for instance, and as farFire, 405:of another factor, that of pure Spirit.) Outside the ring-pass-not, we have that abstraction whichFire, 407:who handle affairs in connection with our system outside the ring-pass-not will become more
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