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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OUTSIDE

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Fire, 450:and intonation. They cannot bring about results outside the periphery of the group whoseFire, 451:stands ready then to guide the life to regions outside the solar sphere of influence. But on theFire, 469:Cosmic Karma - Imposed upon the solar Logos from outside of the system. Systemic Karma - TheFire, 478:when effective, is superficially the result of outside factors. Basically it is the result of theFire, 494:own selfish ends and along lines of endeavors outside their legitimate province. This knowledge ofFire, 553:all the matter of that plane which exists [553] outside the logoic ring-pass-not. It concerns theFire, 554:and felt, but so remotely as to be almost outside the range of His consciousness. In carrying outFire, 589:of the three Aspects (of the Logos) are placed outside of time and space, and only the streams ofFire, 593:of cosmic love, and embraces much that is outside the solar system altogether. [594] This term "TheFire, 608:Chohan cannot penetrate the secrets of the Logos outside His system. 89 They [610] can cognize muchFire, 665:flow of force from a particular constellation, outside our system altogether, through a particularFire, 704:or recipient of buddhi, cannot be mentioned outside initiated circles. It holds hid the possibilityFire, 796:types of force as yet unrevealed, and thus outside our consideration, are concerned with itsFire, 803:human atom is under the dominance of forces outside his own consciousness, which sweep him andFire, 804:animal. Here we have a setting of circumstances outside human and even group control, whichFire, 804:Though he may be the meeting place of forces outside his control, yet he can utilize force,Fire, 911:a Chohan of a Ray; He presides over everything outside the human kingdom upon the physical plane,Fire, 985:Darkness occupies himself with that which lies outside the plans of the Hierarchy and with thatFire, 1039:so strong that it begins to affect other atoms outside its individual ring-pass-not, anotherFire, 1052:cosmic ideation. These are necessarily entirely outside the ken of average man and are only touchedFire, 1124:or knowledge of that which is to be found outside the separated consciousness, for separativeFire, 1244:are primarily concerned with that which lies outside the manifested forms, with the trueGlamour, 229:of the group meeting because the group members - outside the meetings and for a month prior toHealing, 16:these methods, the patient is in the hands of an outside party, and should be passive, quiescentHealing, 18:other causes. Infections coming to a man from outside and not as the result of his own peculiarHealing, 132:that which is neither Time nor Space; it lies outside the manifested All, the Source of all that isHealing, 327:resign himself to a state of affairs which lies outside his individual control. A normal, sane,Healing, 370:the magnetic currents radiating from a source outside the physical body is not yet realized, but itHealing, 377:who can see phenomena and hear sounds which lie outside the range of the tangible. You say that theHealing, 461:physical spine. The three head centers are also outside the dense physical body. The recollectionHealing, 590:for aeons of time something inconceivable and outside the modes of expression and of thinking ofHealing, 596:fight is too much for him; he can bring in no outside energy to combat the warring forces, and heHealing, 654:nothing to respond to the evocative power of an outside person, interested or loving. As an adeptHealing, 689:the soul body and the mental permanent atom outside the form limits and what they call the threeHercules, 129:and we are reminded that the personality remains outside the ashram (our teachers see only whateverHercules, 161:we are imprisoned to the planet not by some outside force that holds us there, but by what weHercules, 189:from suffering but to lose yourself in something outside yourself. The Aquarian law is based onHercules, 229:but this source must not be something wholly outside us, in the sense that it has no understandingHercules, 229:two. The source-power must be within us and yet outside. If not within us, it could not understandHercules, 229:within us, it could not understand us; if not outside, it would be subject to the same conditions.Hercules, 229:to be and not to be, to be within and yet to be outside, to be finite and yet ready to serve theInitiation, 6:as well..." and continued: "Truth inside, and outside, truth also; and between each, falsehood thatInitiation, 108:so express it, extra-planetary, and who function outside the dense physical and the etheric globeInitiation, 113:and the recognition of that which lies outside of the separated human [114] unit on the physicalInitiation, 128:and seventh, transmits force via the Logos from outside the system altogether. This major Rod isInitiation, 146:any occult secret, or to express in words outside the Initiation Hall that which has been committedInitiation, 163:(for the higher two, not being compulsory, are outside our present consideration) affects one ofInitiation, 180:such as a cosmic initiation produces. These outside effects naturally [181] produce results in theInitiation, 193:enter not the door but remain knocking outside. Those who are keen to serve, those who are weighedIntellect, 29:of life" which Dr. Wiggam tells us, lies outside the realm of scientific [30] training altogether.Intellect, 32:lies in the direction from within to the outside. Therefore, knowledge (in the sense ofIntellect, 92:ever eludes us; we strive for a goal which seems outside ourselves and which evades our mostIntellect, 103:in the case of the average man is from the outside world inwards, through the senses, to the brain.Intellect, 148:correct thoughts, the Light is not scattered by outside things, but circulates according to its ownIntellect, 171:A diffused light is first seen, sometimes outside the head and, later, within the brain, when inIntellect, 194:whence flowed the soul. Intellect itself is left outside with all named things. So the soul isIntellect, 252:teach brotherhood to a few and leave the rest outside. They will recognize all men as sons of GodIntellect, 252:not act as they feel they should, placing them outside the pale; they will not [253] regard oneIntellect, 253:all barriers, and leaves none of the sons of God outside its field of knowledge. It is possible toMagic, 26:directional indicating sound which emanates from outside our solar system altogether. The only wayMagic, 126:plane of mind, and do not function, therefore, outside their field of endeavor, as does the soul.Magic, 248:in the spiritual body. From that point of power, outside of form, from the central sphere ofMagic, 294:forces, emanating from vast centers of energy outside our solar system altogether. If this is borneMagic, 432:terminological clarity) has an origin which lies outside the solar system altogether; his life isMeditation, 177:it so, and place the elementals and devas again outside the magnetic radius of the caller. TheseMeditation, 223:whole range of colors of wondrous beauty will be outside and beyond his comprehension. The reasonMeditation, 257:the murky gloom that envelopes. But we know that outside and further on is something to be desired;Meditation, 323:triangle the group will sit, the three spaces outside the triangle having tables whereon will beMeditation, 324:entrance through this wall on the north side. Outside will be small buildings to house not morePatanjali, 129:of life remains in ignorance of that which lies outside of itself and progressively has to fightPatanjali, 130:is aware of and it remains in ignorance of all outside of itself. The contacts, brought about byPatanjali, 181:of the disciple (or chela) to others and to the outside world. Means II The Rules. Nijama. RightPatanjali, 204:become evil and must be relegated to a position outside the life of the ego. That the liberated manPatanjali, 340:on the real modifications of the mind, which are outside, called great disembodiedness, comesPatanjali, 369:and has no contact with that which is outside our solar system. The planetary Logoi (the sevenPatanjali, 389:form conditions and focused in his consciousness outside the bounds of the three worlds of humanProblems, 141:Western faiths have presented God transcendent, outside His universe, an Onlooker. God transcendentProblems, 157:of these groups - within the churches or outside them - is to be found the nucleus of the New WorldProblems, 158:midst of disaster and is addressed to that power outside themselves which they feel can and shouldPsychology1, 21:- the fact of a Central Life (extraneous and outside our solar system yet within it during thePsychology1, 22:therefore, we predicate that which stands outside of the appearance and which is conscious of thatPsychology1, 43:all form expression. The will-to-be emerges from outside the solar system altogether. It is thePsychology1, 43:of itself the solar system, and yet remains outside. Plan and purpose concern the emanatingPsychology1, 117:and Communicators (the third group lies outside our present discussion), and the question wasPsychology1, 152:stream of life forces coming from: Solar systems outside our own. Our own solar system. Its ownPsychology1, 183:that the majority of true esotericists are found outside, and not within, the bulk of the schoolsPsychology1, 209:but he will not lift a finger to help those outside of his immediate sympathies. As a soldier, hePsychology1, 275:ill-health, the seeking of illicit relations outside the home, neglected and unwanted children, thePsychology1, 396:of peace. "Some of the sons of God, waiting outside those gates, ready to enter when the Word wentPsychology1, 396:They passed within the gates, leaving the three outside. Many were raised unto the heights of joy.Psychology2, 30:other connotes identification with all that lies outside of form expression and is released fromPsychology2, 148:the Masonic procedure whereby the Tyler stands outside the door of the Lodge with a drawn sword toPsychology2, 168:to my desire.' Loud voices, and a movement from outside the darkened chamber where the Weaver sits;Psychology2, 169:mind and brain (embodied in a man) were working. Outside the pyramid, the world of God establishedPsychology2, 551:[551] from the higher centers and from sources outside the human frame altogether. 2. In all casesPsychology2, 597:regarding Him as somewhere in Heaven, but as outside himself, and whose aspiration makes Him thePsychology2, 597:mystic's thought. Christ, for him, is elsewhere. Outside himself lies his thought and the energyPsychology2, 597:mankind, having been constantly directed to some outside goal and not (as should have been thePsychology2, 608:These are: The sensing of a diffused light outside the head, either before the eyes or over theRays, 13:a line of descending energy which has its origin outside our planetary life altogether; the inflow
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