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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OUTSIDE

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Rays, 55:that which is neither Time nor Space; it lies outside the manifested All, the Source of all that isRays, 94:Love, and focuses His Will in His Own high Place outside the Council Chamber of Shamballa." ThatRays, 153:which exoterically enables him to contact the outside world, and esoterically enables him toRays, 167:must no longer limit the life. This point lies outside manifestation altogether. Abstraction isRays, 179:attainment of our planetary Logos as He exists outside the seven planes of our sphere of existence,Rays, 180:from levels of [180] divine awareness outside the range of the human consciousness, no matter howRays, 182:world. The aspirant must ever work from the outside to the within and must endeavor to direct hisRays, 196:could do because He acted as the World Savior, outside and independent of humanity; He was freeRays, 215:levels of contact, speech is free and unimpeded; outside those levels, no indication is given thatRays, 220:diversified, is enriched and then precipitated outside the ring-pass-not of the group life; thisRays, 293:injunction to be creative. The initiate creates outside himself that which is his individualRays, 303:enfolding all and being all and leaving naught outside. To whom must come this revelation, O ServerRays, 306:else has been destroyed on a higher level and outside the three worlds. This, in due time, mayRays, 310:for you to comprehend; it emanates from a point outside the five worlds of human and superhumanRays, 310:three worlds emanates from the soul functioning outside the three worlds of the lower, concreteRays, 326:identification and levels of awareness which lie outside our planetary sphere altogether. TheRays, 355:episode wherein He appeared to Mary, weeping outside the door of the sepulchre. The other episodesRays, 389:experiences and spiritual undertakings which lie outside my own personal realization. But in spiteRays, 529:remain impossible to any human comprehension outside that of Those Who can function in the CourtsRays, 661:the life of the Macrocosm, but if you ventured outside that limited and manifested Life (if thatRays, 732:which makes him a part of That which lies outside of our planetary Life; he may now share in thatReappearance, 42:(within or without the world faiths, and largely outside of them) is general and complete and aReappearance, 144:Western faiths have presented God Transcendent, outside His universe, an Onlooker. GodReappearance, 150:and creatively active, but at the same time outside His Creation - an inscrutable onlooker. ThisReappearance, 151:midst of disaster; it is addressed to that power outside themselves which they feel can and shouldSoul, 13:have seen, two ways of studying man. One begins outside with the environment, and [14] considersSoul, 14:and an internal, a psychology viewed from the outside and one viewed from the inside. This seems atSoul, 56:than matter. If we could conceive of an agent outside of universal substance - an hypothesisSoul, 73:ideas as events in the head, and things existing outside, there was no sure bridge upon which toSoul, 104:energy till it leaves the muscles and acts on outside objects. This nervous energy is called Prana.Telepathy, 75:are regarded by the recipient as coming from an outside source. Introspective people frequentlyTelepathy, 134:- the planetary head center - invokes energies outside the planetary life and the inflow of cosmicTelepathy, 145:area which the etheric body covers beyond the outside of the physical body. It may extend for a fewTelepathy, 146:matter and in the etheric so-called aura, outside the physical body. They are closely related toTelepathy, 151:and can be seen extending for a certain distance outside of the recognizable form. This etheric
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