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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OUTSTANDING

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Discipleship2, 757:quality which you should radiate? What is your outstanding need? I will tell you the truth as I seeEducation, 42:and the undue sensitivity of modern man is our outstanding heritage from the civilizations whichEducation, 44:existence. Education is the task of the [44] outstanding thinkers of the race and theEducation, 54:this sentence. Group love is, and must be, the outstanding characteristic of the Illuminati of theEducation, 79:masses. Asia and Asia alone has produced those outstanding figures who are, even today, the objectEducation, 85:racial conditions is of profound interest. The outstanding figures of history, literature and artEducation, 108:world whole. We will try to recognize certain outstanding facts, though these facts may be moreEducation, 119:finally certain physical characteristics. The outstanding type of awareness of the coming new raceEducation, 138:of the general promiscuity, which is perhaps the outstanding factor, esoterically speaking and fromExternalisation, 20:all to practice that harmlessness which is the outstanding quality of every son of God. AExternalisation, 28:Plato, Aristotle, Socrates and many others are outstanding examples. Another method was theExternalisation, 54:gains immediate momentum from the fact that the outstanding [55] characteristic of the humanExternalisation, 105:in relation to its background. There are two outstanding and important points which are present inExternalisation, 125:and the discriminating use of the mind are the outstanding qualities. There was no free will inExternalisation, 127:has been to stimulate a certain group of outstanding personalities in many lands so that they haveExternalisation, Esoter:force through the medium of certain great and outstanding personalities who were peculiarlyExternalisation, 134:world dictators, the world statesmen, and the outstanding human beings in all lands as well as byExternalisation, 138:not excluding Germany; this has been the outstanding significant characteristic of the presentExternalisation, 166:and of loving persistent Devotion - the two outstanding qualities of the Shamballa Lives,Externalisation, 183:and the march of national conquerors were outstanding characteristics. A relatively small number ofExternalisation, 255:and the one driving purpose and the one outstanding determination must be the release of humanityExternalisation, 260:the inspired artist, and to other great and outstanding figures who have determined the basicExternalisation, 275:the energy of the divine Will, which will be its outstanding characteristic. One hint here I willExternalisation, 299:Of these Avatars the Buddha and the Christ are outstanding examples. They were not onlyExternalisation, 328:rehabilitation of humanity will be the major outstanding need, paralleling that of economic [329]Externalisation, 334:of the dominant love note which should be the outstanding characteristic of all workers with theExternalisation, 363:today and because its clarification will be the outstanding theme of all progress - educational,Externalisation, 369:danger of a return to so-called normality. The outstanding disaster which faces humanity at thisExternalisation, 379:the German people under the Nazi rulers is the outstanding example. But this negative receptivityExternalisation, 384:period of rehabilitation cooperation will be the outstanding need. Keep a record of all suchExternalisation, 393:must govern the new world religion, with its outstanding points of focus. I do not intend to pleadExternalisation, 397:used. It was fairly easily understood and its outstanding note was peace. It was used as a prayerExternalisation, 440:to think correctly and creatively will become an outstanding characteristic of the masses.Externalisation, 542:which is (this year) the season of prime and outstanding importance; it is in many ways easier forExternalisation, 546:and disastrously. You will note that my outstanding theme is that of world planning; this is theExternalisation, 599:and of the night? I mention this as one of the outstanding prophecies and one of the most familiar;Externalisation, 661:units so that their "magnetic appeal will be the outstanding quality of their divine approach." TheExternalisation, 664:the Middle Ages. You have, in this activity, an outstanding instance of how the Masters work, forFire, 141:Intelligence. To express it otherwise: it is the outstanding faculty of the third Logos, of BrahmaFire, 357:the Logos of a scheme will embody some outstanding characteristic. The ten schemes are the seven,Fire, 394:life and conceals and veils those Entities Whose outstanding quality and characteristic it is. ToFire, 408:the result of the shortness of our vision. Broad outstanding generalizations are all that we canFire, 410:Systemic and Human Factor Relation. Another outstanding feature that is the result of our studiesFire, 456:and will be more prominent than now, but the outstanding characteristic will be the ability of theFire, 1164:and has, therefore, four petals. There are four outstanding petals of a peculiar hue, but there areFire, 1236:at the present moment (1925), and gives only the outstanding Figures, in connection with humanGlamour, 19:secondary issue for you at this time. One of the outstanding characteristics of the work done atGlamour, 170:today and because its clarification will be the outstanding theme [171] of all progress -Glamour, 179:spiritual reflection. This will be the outstanding characteristic of the Western disciple inHealing, 34:determining factor to be considered. It is an outstanding cause of ill health. The reason for thisHealing, 156:process whereby the emotional nature (with its outstanding quality of desire) is brought under soulHealing, 228:control of the body, and hatha-yoga was then the outstanding spiritual practice. This, in time, wasHealing, 263:us pray and hope) produce a better harvest. The outstanding evidence of the Law of Cause and EffectHealing, 302:disorders and mental trouble. Cleavage is the outstanding characteristic - cleavage within theHealing, 346:of these self-pity and self-dramatization are outstanding examples; for the initiate it means aHealing, 397:used by the initiate when speaking of death. The outstanding attitude associated with death is oneHealing, 450:of divine life and in every kingdom has been the outstanding note of this upheaval. Our modernHealing, 530:perception of developing humanity. One of the outstanding results of the recent world war will beHealing, 587:in nature. This is evidence of divinity, and outstanding testimony of man's divine origin, and theHealing, 631:in the healer, he can assuredly be healed. The outstanding thing usually to note is the ignoranceHercules, 5:forth: Man, know thyself. This knowledge is the outstanding attainment upon the Path ofHercules, 23:and no difficulty turned him back. Perhaps his outstanding achievement was what he accomplished inHercules, 32:The Three Initial Impulses in Aries Three outstanding urges characterize this sign. There is, as weHercules, 35:plane, takes his stand as the warrior. His outstanding characteristic in this sign is theHercules, 43:of the forehead. They were ruled over by three outstanding figures, whose names were Brontes,Hercules, 50:that Moses, David the Psalmist, and many of the outstanding figures in the world of mysticism inHercules, 50:island of Crete with its maze and its bull is an outstanding symbol of the great illusion. It wasHercules, 66:it". In this labor, Hercules receives an outstanding revelation and in the five stages of hisHercules, 84:considered thoughtfully, is one of profound and outstanding interest and the lesson it holds is ofHercules, 122:other signs, as has been noted, making it the outstanding sign of synthesis. Including VirgoHercules, 184:tested to see how much persistence he had. The outstanding characteristic of the aspirant isHercules, 185:do three things, which can be summed up as the outstanding characteristics of all true initiates.Hercules, 198:that of the lower desires, desire being ever an outstanding characteristic of humanity. They areHercules, 209:forth: "Know thyself". This knowledge is the outstanding attainment upon the Path of Discipleship,Initiation, 33:long ages of its work, beyond mentioning certain outstanding events of the past, and pointing outInitiation, 38:Paul of Tarsus, Luther, and certain of the outstanding lights in European history. Always haveInitiation, 125:of a glory past all description, with a few outstanding points indicative of the major stepsIntellect, 4:lies the glory and hope of the race and the outstanding triumph of science. We are now one people.Intellect, 44:illiterate masses of the people in Asia is the outstanding need. The culturing of the individual inIntellect, 150:with the average mystic, though not with the outstanding figures to whom Dr. Overstreet refers,Magic, 16:have been few and far between. They [16] are the outstanding minds of the ages. But now they areMagic, 58:for a readjustment to take place wherein the outstanding fact will be the spiritual man, the solarMagic, 78:and the rapid changes which have been the outstanding feature of European and AmericanMagic, 82:as spread over a long period of years. By the outstanding features of a cycle of ten years, forMagic, 226:soul. It is useful to have in mind the outstanding characteristics of the three planes and theMagic, 227:In it the right use of the intellect is the outstanding achievement. This is also characterized byMagic, 243:the apparent ebb and flow of its unfoldment. The outstanding cycle for every soul is that of itsMagic, 285:move freely in a three dimensional world is the outstanding achievement of that aspect. TheMagic, 329:founded by a great soul, by an Avatar, by an outstanding spiritual personality, and the stamp ofMagic, 336:- Rule Ten - The Present Age and the Future The outstanding characteristic, however, of the comingMagic, 357:has had a most definite effect and has produced outstanding results. The use of two factorsMagic, 396:overpowers and uses the personality. The outstanding characteristics of those personalities who areMagic, 406:and separativeness. Now there are no outstanding figures as in the past, but groups who representMagic, 411:interesting sensitivity of man, with its three outstanding characteristics of instinct, intellectMagic, 426:or doctrines and have no shibboleths. Their outstanding characteristic will be an individual andMagic, 560:and, consequently, separativeness) is the outstanding characteristic of mental types and also ofMagic, 601:the textbook as a whole, in order to grasp its outstanding points, its main lines of teaching, andMagic, 603:with all that breathes and feels which is the outstanding characteristic of all truly functioningMagic, 620:- [620] you have summed up for you the outstanding phenomena which are appearing among us at thisMagic, 624:fall back on innate self-assertion (which is the outstanding fault of the mental types) and build
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