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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OUTSTANDING

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Meditation, 41:entering comes a swinging into prominence of the outstanding features and faculties of theMeditation, 110:race has for its predominant feature some one outstanding quality of the emotional body. This isMeditation, 303:fundamental school may be recognized by certain outstanding characteristics: By the basic characterMeditation, 304:his "Father Which is in Heaven". These are the outstanding features that are descriptive of the onePatanjali, 250:he "enters into" that condition which has four outstanding characteristics: Absorption in the soulPatanjali, 282:life Force soul light Matter form substance The outstanding characteristic of spirit (or energy) isPatanjali, 282:causes all things to be and to persist. The outstanding characteristic of the soul (or of force) isPatanjali, 282:It brings into visibility that which exists. The outstanding characteristic of living matter isPatanjali, 320:His will and purpose. Of this the Christ was the outstanding example to the Occident, as KrishnaPatanjali, 342:man are found. These five planes have each an outstanding quality, of which the five physicalPatanjali, 408:In this scale of development [408] three outstanding types of forms are found, as the result ofProblems, 9:of character and of living conditions is the outstanding eternal characteristic of mankind. In theProblems, 50:masses. Asia and Asia alone has produced those outstanding figures who are, even today, the objectProblems, 58:racial conditions is of profound interest. The outstanding figures of history, literature and artProblems, 74:the very poor and the very rich became the outstanding characteristic of the Victorian era. FromProblems, 87:we are considering can be traced back to the outstanding human weakness, the great sin or heresy ofProblems, 109:to exploit them) and demonstrate also such an outstanding capacity to handle their own affairs andProblems, 111:implicates the white man and provides an outstanding disgrace. Brought to the United States and toProblems, 117:The wonder of the present situation and its outstanding opportunity is that for the first time, andProblems, 118:possibility and the organizing of goodwill an outstanding necessity. There is today much talk aboutProblems, 126:and Christianity - has produced a flock of outstanding minds who have sought (usually quiteProblems, 133:in the Kingdom of God of which Christ is the outstanding Executive but have no confidence in theProblems, 153:the unreal to the Real". This may well be the outstanding effect of the coming fifth Approach. GodProblems, 174:contend; of these Franklin D. Roosevelt was an outstanding modern example, for he gave of his bestPsychology1, 27:Logos. Intelligent activity and love are the outstanding characteristics of a developed son of God,Psychology1, 52:or Magic embodies a curious quality which is the outstanding characteristic of the particular LifePsychology1, 74:is the solar Deity Himself. Love will be Their outstanding characteristic, and through thatPsychology1, 109:Question 5. What is the significance of the outstanding soul qualities such as sentiency,Psychology1, 130:[130] of language, - the significance of the outstanding soul qualities: Sentiency, or sensitivePsychology1, 197:in nature has developed, or is developing, one outstanding quality, with the other divinePsychology1, 217:symbolism of color. The vegetable kingdom is the outstanding contribution of our Earth to thePsychology1, 228:of the life of God in substance, and its outstanding, though oft unrealized, characteristic isPsychology1, 297:coming in of that era when good will will be the outstanding characteristic, and wherein selfishPsychology1, 334:must be remembered that the dominating ray, the outstanding influence in our solar system, is thePsychology1, 338:Logos is conditioned and modified [338] by His outstanding ray influence, in this case, HisPsychology1, 353:electrical forces of the physical plane is an outstanding instance. These three importantPsychology1, 356:of consciousness; kama-manas is no longer the outstanding characteristic of the disciples of thePsychology1, 361:and of this teaching the crucifixion was the outstanding emblem, to the initiates. Philanthropy wasPsychology1, 384:that the governing faculty is strongly the outstanding characteristic of Great Britain. England isPsychology1, 392:pattern has been given to the world much of the outstanding music and philosophies. When this isPsychology1, 399:their racial and national integrity, are their outstanding characteristics. They cannot bePsychology2, 7:to harmony" which is the effect of love and the outstanding quality of divinity. Man, the livingPsychology2, 13:the knowledge, and we have consequently those outstanding failures and those difficult situationsPsychology2, 15:an extreme versatility and an ability to do many outstanding things noticeably well. The physicalPsychology2, 15:- The Growth of Soul Influence A study of the outstanding individuals in all fields of worldPsychology2, 125:and peculiar to soul unfoldment. It is the outstanding characteristic of the soul, just as desirePsychology2, 125:of the soul, just as desire is the outstanding characteristic of the lower nature. It is groupPsychology2, 226:Psyche, manifesting eventually those three outstanding psychological characteristics of divinity:Psychology2, 231:is life itself. The motivating urge of God, His outstanding desire, is towards union andPsychology2, 236:spiritual synthesis must be developed. These two outstanding instances of this divine trend, asPsychology2, 261:bad results. The era of culture which was the outstanding characteristic of the Victorian age, thePsychology2, 321:or of the vehicle which dominates and is the outstanding characteristic. The nature of quality, ofPsychology2, 387:which the use of the creative imagination is the outstanding characteristic. The third ray disciplePsychology2, 403:the exclusion of others equally important. The outstanding weakness or weaknesses in anPsychology2, 448:the results of stimulation. This theme is of outstanding interest at this time because of thePsychology2, 537:used in creative art, music or writing in any outstanding manner, and hence the prevalence ofPsychology2, 556:of Inclusiveness. This inclusiveness is the outstanding characteristic of the soul, or self,Psychology2, 710:their profession, whatever it may be; they have outstanding creative ability in some department ofRays, 59:is the driving urge to betterment which is the outstanding characteristic of the human animal. FromRays, 86:the widespread fires which have been such an outstanding characteristic of this war (1914-1945) areRays, 120:is an attribute of the divine will and the outstanding quality of Deity. It was inevitable thatRays, 134:of divine life and in every kingdom has been the outstanding note of this upheaval. Our modernRays, 210:and a goal seen and held in unison. The outstanding characteristic of such a group is spiritualRays, 219:indifference. This divine indifference was the outstanding quality of the Master upon the Cross atRays, 220:of transference. I would remind you that the outstanding characteristic of Jesus of Nazareth,Rays, 243:suffer, which is distinctive of humanity, is the outstanding conscious reaction to environment ofRays, 463:is the perceptive consciousness which is the outstanding characteristic of the Hierarchy. The lifeRays, 470:and personality and soul and monad. It is the outstanding objective of humanity's appeal to God, toRays, 478:thousand years that it has gradually become the outstanding quality of mankind. In the other twoRays, 478:sensitivity to creative impression was the outstanding quality of the later Atlantean consciousnessRays, 561:demonstration of love in service; these are the outstanding characteristics of the Hierarchy andRays, 596:prior to taking the fourth initiation. The outstanding expression of this fifth ray energy can beRays, 605:nature of the Principle of Conflict which is the outstanding characteristic of this fourth Ray ofRays, 632:pot" of the U.S.A. will provide eventually the outstanding experiment in right relations because ofRays, 635:is a strictly material one, and we have here an outstanding instance of the prophetic knowledge ofRays, 736:His chosen Path." Again, we come up against the outstanding planetary characteristic which has beenReappearance, 45:and of the night? I mention this as one of the outstanding prophecies and one of the most familiar;Reappearance, 92:of which the Buddha and the Christ are the two outstanding divine expressions. It is mainly throughReappearance, 97:intelligent principle or knowledge, which is the outstanding characteristic of humanity, will haveReappearance, 117:the perfecting process of which He was the outstanding example. That is the meaning and teaching ofReappearance, 130:The Dispelling of Glamor The word "glamor," the outstanding characteristic of the astral plane, hasReappearance, 182:founded by a great soul, by an Avatar, and by an outstanding spiritual personality. The stamp ofSoul, 72:intellectual interest of the ages, and the outstanding theme of all religions and philosophies.Soul, 134:these centers are awakened we have the great outstanding spiritual personalities who work withTelepathy, 104:susceptible to such impression, and one of the outstanding needs of the disciple is to developTelepathy, 111:not the inevitable continuity which is the outstanding characteristic of the evolutionary process.Telepathy, 128:done much to correct this false impression. The outstanding characteristic of humanity is
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