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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OUTWARD

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Patanjali, 388:to aught in the three worlds, produces no outward-going vibration, relates to no form, affects noPatanjali, 394:this grouping, visible bodily conditions or outward circumstances are brought about, and by thesePatanjali, 396:or the will to live, and the support of the outward-going life or object, when these cease toPatanjali, 397:3. The will to live mental vitality. 4. The outward going life the object. When the cause, desire,Patanjali, 397:conveyed in the words "the support of the outward going life, or object" for it substantiates thePatanjali, 398:is the sole interest of the indweller, and the outward going life becomes the sole center ofPatanjali, 399:so that his attention is no longer attracted outward by the stream of mind-images but is withdrawn,Patanjali, 401:guna, and that which predominantly controls the outward-going activity and drives the man intoPatanjali, 420:the involving of the refusal of the self to seek outward-going sensuous [421] experience and itsPsychology1, 22:active life, qualified by love and limited by an outward phenomenal appearance, they swept into aPsychology1, 41:lies, for the soul, its own growth upward and outward after its self-conscious aspect is perfectedPsychology1, 78:touch. Bring forth the rod of power. Extend it outward toward the sons of men; touch them withPsychology1, 161:The manifestation of this coordination will be outward into the world of doing, and not inward intoPsychology1, 179:in two directions. It will be able to turn outward into the world of manifested forms, and inwardPsychology1, 285:a basic symbol. A symbol, as we well know, is an outward and visible sign of an inward andPsychology1, 290:the diaphragm, and their energies are turned outward into the material world and prostituted toPsychology2, 238:as a soul, and can turn the developed inner eye outward into the world of phenomena and inward intoPsychology2, 246:too great an upward straining or too intense an outward looking, to use terms which the usualPsychology2, 352:forth from soul to form; 'Stand up. Press [352] outward into life. Achieve a goal. For you, therePsychology2, 517:of human awareness. It is this dual movement - outward and inward - which is the source of much ofPsychology2, 517:individuals. They are pulled in two directions: outward by the pull of the mass consciousness, andPsychology2, 602:spiritual "wish-life" and an emotional surging outward towards divinity, described sometimes asRays, 20:the response are lost in one great Sound, move outward from the desert, leave the seas behind andRays, 39:considering group initiation - move forward and outward into the wider reaches of the divineRays, 41:into the heart of the initiate, then he moves outward through that heart into full lifeRays, 50:are formless and are in effect points of energy, outward moving in order eventually to express someRays, 68:the response are lost in one great Sound, move outward from the desert, leave the seas behind, andRays, 82:the response are lost in one great Sound, move outward from the desert, leave the seas behind andRays, 82:meaning must be broader and deeper. The words "outward from the desert" have application for theRays, 86:characteristic of this war (1914-1945) are the outward and visible sign. Much evil is being burntRays, 88:of the attentive. Then humanity will indeed move outward from the desert, leave the seas behind,Rays, 301:reverse movement is taking place. Men are moving outward on to the physical plane, and doing thisRays, 404:"the door once opening inward now opens outward and permits the exit of those who hold the keyRays, 690:through his personality, is consciously directed outward into the world - after the transformingRays, 690:of the initiate. Then this energy is directed outward into its destined field of service. ThisRays, 691:direction of the life energy of the initiate - outward into the world of men and upward towards theRays, 736:also as attraction, the sensitivity which moves outward until it attracts and draws to itself thoseSoul, 54:that all that is objectively seen is but the outward manifestation of inner subjective energies. HeSoul, 59:the solid firmaments of the nerves, from the outward organs of sense to the brain, and from theSoul, 68:the externality of energy, as our flesh is the outward sign of life and mind... In the heart ofTelepathy, 81:high spiritual and ultimate impression moves outward along the seven rays, viewing them as sevenTelepathy, 131:Statement Two. This energy expanded outward from its central focus (the center called Shamballa)Telepathy, 188:limited, though men are beginning to work outward in the direction of the subhuman kingdoms and to
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