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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OUTWARDS

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Atom, 20:"evolution" suggests an unfolding from within outwards, and the unrolling from an inner center, butDiscipleship1, 386:rhythm by which they hold you. Turn, instead, outwards in the effort to aid your fellowmen. AidDiscipleship1, 754:center of the group life and working from thence outwards in service. He is ever careful to protectDiscipleship2, 146:and practically, thus precipitating it outwards into the world of thought. Then (using the creativeDiscipleship2, 248:concerns united group sensitivity or response, outwards to the world of men, inwards to theDiscipleship2, 297:downwards into kingdoms which we call subhuman, outwards into the human environment and into theExternalisation, 145:idea) by the dynamic will aspect, and carried outwards as an integrated thought-form upon a streamExternalisation, 533:in motion, it is three abiding chords, carrying outwards into all the worlds the Purpose of the ONEExternalisation, 568:The Masters, however, Who will make the move outwards into contact with the world are not the OnesFire, 188:those producing action. They are the avenues outwards. - Study in Consciousness, pp. 166-167.Fire, 195:Attraction works, the consciousness moves slowly outwards towards that which is heard; and whenFire, 435:to discover whether they are counted from within outwards, or vice versa, conceals that which mustFire, 448:human units, [448] and of all forms from within outwards, and produce the self-identifiedFire, 791:the time elapsing between the first vibration outwards on the mental plane, and the coordination ofFire, 1097:the downward vision, and sees all from within outwards, the spheres again will be seen." 15 Maya orGlamour, 217:light but not yet radiating out or projecting outwards. When this act of visualization is deemed toHealing, 43:[43] It is oriented, if I may so express it, outwards or towards the plane of physical experience.Healing, 649:body controlling the distressed area, and thence outwards through that area towards himself. HeIntellect, 213:consciousness of the real man no longer surges outwards along its five avenues of contact. The fiveMagic, 425:outer activities are handled from within outwards. Avoid a purely mystical introspection or itsMagic, 538:reaches both inwards to the source of light and outwards into the "fields of darkness". When he hasPatanjali, 230:consciousness of the real man no longer surges outwards along its five avenues of contact. The fivePsychology2, 319:the part of the center of energy. This tendency outwards is expressed in many differing words orPsychology2, 321:form or vehicle is sentient in two directions: outwards towards the environment, which leads (asRays, 84:become focused downwards into matter and not outwards and upwards into light. The Energy ofRays, 494:advanced, there is no form attracting the Monad outwards into manifestation. There is no way in
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