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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OVERCOME

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Astrology, 21:triumph over death because he has surmounted and overcome desire. This reversal of the way a manAstrology, 52:Libra. Under that influence the man learns to overcome desire through experiment with andAstrology, 89:karmic influences which the advanced man has overcome, or is overcoming. The horoscope will be castAstrology, 152:and Fixed Crosses. Taurus - The desire to overcome desire. The longing for liberation.Astrology, 206:of power. When these faults are realized and are overcome, the result is twofold: the establishingAstrology, 207:and unsubdued and which must be finally overcome before initiation can be taken. Each life seesAstrology, 234:and as something to be lived down and overcome, and kept secretly in the background of theAstrology, 241:three, therefore, stand for duality - sensed, overcome and resolved into the synthesis of the greatAstrology, 385:Form had no further hold upon him for He had overcome it in the depths. Into the cave ofAstrology, 402:progress around the zodiac, the struggle is to overcome and destroy all that has been soAstrology, 533:[533] pit of hell. There is need however to overcome the inertia of the material nature in responseAstrology, 586:responsiveness to the Shamballa force, can be overcome and that is by the opposition of an equallyAutobiography, 13:in the heights of happiness and exhilaration or overcome with despair and in the depths ofAutobiography, 140:rapid progress if Theosophists had not been so overcome and glamored by the Sanskrit terms. If theyAutobiography, 146:be restored for the good of Europe, has to be overcome. Every nation has its outstanding faults andAutobiography, 150:rule the world and it is easy for people to be overcome with fear. War breeds fear and Germany,Bethlehem, 81:in the outlined way to the center. Much is to be overcome and faced. The lower nature (the MaryBethlehem, 109:which He had. He used no divine powers to overcome the Evil One. He simply used those which we allBethlehem, 109:He conquered because He had taught Himself to overcome. He was the master of conditions at thatBethlehem, 115:and how the powers of the lower nature can be overcome by the powers of the soul. These temptationsBethlehem, 164:and understanding, "Let not fear nor confusion overcome thee, beholding My form so terrible! BeholdBethlehem, 207:"great heresy of separateness" was completely overcome by His all-inclusive spirit. Thus HeBethlehem, 233:They know now, past all controversy, that He has overcome death, and that in the years that lieBethlehem, 276:a Deathless Race, and the final enemy which they overcome is death; they function consciously in orDestiny, 83:control. This is, as you know, a thing to be overcome in all nations and individuals. GoverningDestiny, 106:darkest pit of hell. There is need, however, to overcome the inertia of the material nature inDiscipleship1, XII:limitations which they are endeavoring to overcome; they are true instances of any man or woman whoDiscipleship1, 134:but voluntary obedience? Let not world glamor overcome you and see to it that you are not drawnDiscipleship1, 183:spiritual reality (which is your true self) may overcome all the inertia which holds you down - asDiscipleship1, 236:greater liberty these must be, in some measure, overcome. The one that looms the larger in yourDiscipleship1, 257:of the vital and the astral bodies may be overcome. It is helpful to know this, is it not? ThereDiscipleship1, 271:of the facts is warranted. This fear is being overcome; for this I have much commendation for youDiscipleship1, 438:it, a tendency to be yourself glimmered and overcome by illusion. Your physical body is on theDiscipleship1, 496:small and unimportant. They could be easily overcome, if you so choose. When he heard my briefDiscipleship1, 504:look on in silence to see eventual achievement. Overcome fear, my brother; kill out suspicion andDiscipleship1, 590:should be done? 5. Can you train yourself to overcome a critical spirit? I would remind you thatDiscipleship1, 608:after a certain measure of glamor has been overcome (as is the case with you) , that illusion canDiscipleship1, 616:linked with me. You have struggled for years to overcome the glamors and illusions which overwhelmDiscipleship1, 704:it fosters also a recognition of the need to overcome limitation (frequently not the limitationsDiscipleship1, 719:do, but such is not the case. For them (having overcome glamor and illusion) the astral plane isDiscipleship1, 769:in a larger way than hitherto? That can be overcome if you care enough. Is your awareness aDiscipleship2, 8:relations are adjusted and inertia is overcome. Then, and only then, can the "group stand." IDiscipleship2, 46:or illusion and as a limitation which must be overcome. You must begin to act as if it were not. IfDiscipleship2, 47:I may not and therefore cannot help you) is to overcome and destroy the hold which the Dweller onDiscipleship2, 47:a question now arises in your minds: "How can I overcome this Dweller and yet at the same timeDiscipleship2, 77:will step into a closer relation and will have overcome the personality to such an extent thatDiscipleship2, 150:and minds of human beings. These they must overcome and eliminate for themselves. But the reductionDiscipleship2, 164:inertia so prevalent among spiritual people is overcome. There is divine indication of comingDiscipleship2, 225:the new civilization. Billions are required to overcome the materialism which has dominated [226]Discipleship2, 251:what of the eye of vision when duality is being overcome, and what of the "purpose for which theDiscipleship2, 278:of the masses and their determination to overcome handicaps and all hindrances to a better worldDiscipleship2, 399:correspondence of that which he has individually overcome." These words should be carefully studiedDiscipleship2, 460:nevertheless of a personality nature) must be overcome by a paralleling extreme spiritualDiscipleship2, 482:would reply: Seek consciously and strenuously to overcome negativity. For you, a cultivated andDiscipleship2, 510:only a part of the great illusion and has to be overcome and dissipated. When this victory has beenDiscipleship2, 528:The only point to be determined is: Can you overcome in this life and free yourself from astralDiscipleship2, 588:pressure of work at this time and world strain overcome you in any way. The task of worldDiscipleship2, 594:should know it. You have certain difficulties to overcome in the use of first ray energy, and anyDiscipleship2, 674:It may be a long time since I, personally, was overcome by glamor, and it may be a short time sinceDiscipleship2, 728:yet even comprehend what it is; it can only be overcome by the illumined mind, and there isDiscipleship2, 757:pronounced personality inhibition which you can overcome, if you so wish. Words are the expressionEducation, vi:handicapped and obstructed our modern efforts to overcome the divisions of humanity, lies in aExternalisation, 7:of the body is not the worst disaster that can overcome a man. Externalisation, 64:serious detriment to group work, for they can be overcome or rendered entirely superficial with aExternalisation, 77:the understanding cooperation of the Jew) and overcome ancient antipathies and hatreds, it will doExternalisation, 301:have done their utmost, alone and unaided, to overcome evil. They never descend lower than theExternalisation, 305:- from the viewpoint of the Hierarchy - to be overcome by inertia, to be engrossed by theirExternalisation, 346:is responsive to the Shamballa force can be overcome, and that is by the opposition of an equallyExternalisation, 357:conditions in which the Forces of Light can overcome the Forces of Evil. This they do by the weightExternalisation, 440:everywhere so that hatred will gradually be overcome and men will seek to live togetherExternalisation, 489:and minds of human beings. These they must overcome and eliminate for themselves. But the reductionExternalisation, 493:have triumphed, because naught can finally overcome the universal trend to good. You are prone toExternalisation, 495:the mental potency of the forces of evil was overcome and the "energy of the future" was directedExternalisation, 619:business acumen that these hindrances will be overcome; they must walk clear-eyed through worldExternalisation, 648:the Forces of Evil is still active and must be overcome; this may necessitate drastic measures, butFire, 154:called) will ensue, and the Law of Repulsion be overcome by the Law of Attraction. It is aFire, 903:them on the sixth subplane will eventually be overcome, and through occult "distillation andGlamour, 22:brain and recognized as that which must be overcome. It is the bewildering thought-form with whichGlamour, 23:yourselves for this training. If you can overcome glamor in your own lives and if you can,Glamour, 27:those conditions of clarity and truth which will overcome the ancient rhythms and deep seatedGlamour, 37:swept I.B.S. into its vortex of force. It was overcome, fortunately, leaving you all the richer andGlamour, 44:dissipated and every illusion recognized and overcome "clears the way" for those who follow after,Glamour, 53:of maya. Illusion is not met squarely, faced and overcome until a man has: Shifted the focus of hisGlamour, 66:When illusion and glamor have both been overcome, the astral body fades out in the humanGlamour, 68:levels of the astral plane. Your task is to overcome glamor, each in your individual lives, and, asGlamour, 81:the means of the intuition nor is illusion overcome by the use of the illumined mind. The intuitionGlamour, 129:you preserve your soul's integrity and are not overcome by the battle and the fever of yourGlamour, 155:fluid changefulness of the Dweller is gradually overcome; its orientation towards reality and awayGlamour, 163:conditions in which the Forces of Light can overcome the Forces of Evil. This they do by the weightGlamour, 222:forward successfully. First ray people can overcome glamor with relative ease once they becomeGlamour, 241:the name Maya, and to the technique which can overcome it. We will deal next with the Technique ofGlamour, 265:with the form side of life is not easily overcome and the task ahead of the disciple is a long andHealing, 132:rightly utilize their latent powers, they can overcome by the right use of the OM, and finally ofHealing, 192:undesirable effects. These effects will be overcome but - in the interim of adjustment - whilstHealing, 220:a future technique whereby disease will be overcome. The various mental schools of thought, UnityHealing, 269:customs are well established and hard to overcome. But the needed changes can be made if goodwillHealing, 290:Later still, karma in the three worlds is met, overcome and negated; at the same time karmaHealing, 339:pain of the world. Disciples can be temporarily overcome by this. This condition is very seldomHealing, 370:The radiation of the healer has to permeate and overcome the resistance of the patient's disease -Healing, 382:free from disease because they have entirely overcome the karma of the three worlds and are
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