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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OVERCOME

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Healing, 459:simple rules whereby depression and doubt can be overcome. They may be briefly summarized asHealing, 672:the astral body, so that emotional upheavals are overcome, or at [673] least are greatly minimizedHercules, 3:Again and again we have been told that we must overcome the lure of the world, the flesh and theHercules, 23:in the sign Scorpio; for the great work was to overcome illusion. It was consummated and carried toHercules, 23:is always impossible until illusion has been overcome and the power of silence has been [24]Hercules, Known:wrestled with the serpent, he found he could not overcome it until he discovered that it wasHercules, 63:of the task he had undertaken. Hercules is so overcome by the stupendous enterprise of Atlas, andHercules, 76:as Nereus; at the close of this labor, having overcome much glamor, he achieves a greatly increasedHercules, 106:experience to drink, the serpent of illusion to overcome, and the bird of prey to eliminate Hydra,Hercules, 106:has identified itself for so long, is finally overcome. It y has in it sixty stars, and again weHercules, 108:alone and unaided, and so earn. the power to overcome the Hydra, in Scorpio. Hercules, 110:Christ is born in the cave; the personality is overcome in the cave; the voice of the Lord is heardHercules, 143:its place. Every time a low desire or thought is overcome, others take its place. Hercules doesHercules, 143:the mud, slime, and quicksand, he was unable to overcome the hydra. He had to raise the monsterHercules, 147:experience of Hercules suggests that they can be overcome by raising consciousness to a higherHercules, 150:forces that wallow in subliminal slime, and has overcome the enemies of his own household. AHercules, 151:not to the onlooker, but to himself, that he has overcome the great illusion; that matter, form,Hercules, 197:is yours. By these twelve labors have you overcome the human, and put on the divine. Home have youHercules, 211:Scorpio, water sign (conflict of duality; desire overcome; triumphant discipleship). Rulers:Hercules, 214:best types. Ambition. Crystallization. Struggle overcome. Transfiguration. Initiate consciousness.Hercules, 226:he has, secondly, to demonstrate that he has overcome illusion, that the magical glamor that matterHercules, 228:has controlled and demonstrated his capacity to overcome desire; he is poised and balanced in hisInitiation, 103:break down those barriers, outer and inner, and overcome those opposing forces and energies whichIntellect, 84:steadily practiced and when impurity has been overcome, enlightenment takes place, leading up toIntellect, 91:amid the illusions of time and sense. We have to overcome before we can enter into the eternalIntellect, 151:steadily practiced, and when impurity has been overcome, enlightenment takes place, leading up toIntellect, 172:line, and much reticence and prejudice has to be overcome. But many are beginning to record theirIntellect, 186:in a most remarkable way the use of the mind to overcome ignorance and its subsequent futility toIntellect, 233:it can be done, if the initial laziness can be overcome, and those who have achieved know of itsMagic, 85:the student may hope, by strenuous endeavor, to overcome the four hindrances which we have touchedMagic, 166:or (if it exists) will eventually have to be overcome. The true disciple has endeavored to centerMagic, 240:Astral Force The first ray aspirant who fails to overcome his Dweller may become a "destroyer ofMagic, 242:on that note - well equipped to deal. We can overcome mental inertia and begin to function as soulsMagic, 258:controlled, and (until the causal body has been overcome and liberation from its control achieved)Magic, 260:surveys the forces arrayed against him may be overcome by the apparent futility of his effort andMagic, 303:every man and cannot and will not be offset and overcome by any lesser factor than the soul itself.Magic, 308:simple rules whereby depression and doubt can be overcome. They may be briefly summarized asMagic, 310:of all these, but when fear and depression are overcome, the race will enter into its heritage ofMagic, 317:The practical question now arises: How is one to overcome the wrong vibration? First: - It isMagic, 344:to the intellect. They are therefore harder to overcome than the fears of a person polarized in theMagic, 364:and we are laboring in our small measure to overcome those planetary limitations which hold us backMagic, 491:but only until ancient habits have been overcome and the new rhythm established. Then the aspirantMagic, 615:astral that the heresy of separateness has to be overcome, and it is on the field of KurukshetraMagic, 618:Indicate the things which must be eliminated and overcome and the penalties which overtake theMagic, 625:With them I do not seek to deal. They are to be overcome by the life of the soul as it permeatesMeditation, 47:resistance and of demonstrating what must be overcome. (Some of you who meditate are apt to be soMeditation, 118:and mental balance. If he permits himself to be overcome by the group thought-forms and becomesMeditation, 338:to public opinion; then he must overcome that vibration, by imposing on it a new rhythm, definitelyPatanjaliobstacles in the lower psychic nature. 32. To overcome the obstacles and their accompaniments, thePatanjali, 71:lower nature. in the case of the man who has not overcome the obstacles. Patanjali, 71:of what might be, though the obstacles as yet overcome him; he is ceaselessly conscious of failure,Patanjali, 72:Patanjali - Book 1 - The Problem of Union 32. To overcome the obstacles and their accompaniments,Patanjali, 77:and act. All bodily disability is in this way overcome, and wholeness expresses the nature of thePatanjali, 84:passion." Heat, or desire for all objects, is overcome. He stands then free from his lower sensePatanjali, 85:is brought about as the fires of desire are overcome, and though the sacral center is depicted asPatanjali, 112:they be latent, in process of elimination, overcome, or in full operation. 5. Avidya is thePatanjali, 112:These five hindrances, when subtly known, can be overcome by an opposing mental attitude. 11. TheirPatanjali, 112:is ignorance or avidya. This has to be overcome. 25. When ignorance is brought to an end throughPatanjali, 112:great liberation. 26. The state of bondage is overcome through perfectly maintained discrimination.Patanjali, 112:steadily practised, and when impurity has been overcome, enlightenment takes place, leading up toPatanjali, 128:of mortal existence. It is these which must be overcome and eliminated before a man can "lift upPatanjali, 128:they be latent, in process of elimination, overcome, or in full operation. The comprehensiveness ofPatanjali, 137:human heart. Only, however, when it is entirely overcome by love or the sense of unity will death,Patanjali, 139:These five hindrances, when subtly known, can be overcome by an opposing mental attitude. The wordsPatanjali, 140:the nature of the obstacles and then set in to overcome them, doing the work from the mental plane.Patanjali, 143:and reactions. As the hindrances are overcome and ignorance, the field of them all, is supersededPatanjali, 169:is ignorance or avidya. This has to be overcome. Ignorance of the real nature of the soul and anPatanjali, 170:- The Steps to Union 26. The state of bondage is overcome through perfectly maintainedPatanjali, 172:towards the form existence. This too must be overcome before perfect liberation, emancipation orPatanjali, 175:the power to visualize. These are difficult to overcome and can only be dominated by the ego orPatanjali, 177:or pain. Thus equally the sixth modification is overcome and realization of the true nature ofPatanjali, 178:steadily practised and when impurity has been overcome, enlightenment takes place leading up toPatanjali, 208:of contact rush into activity. Obstacles are overcome, and barriers no longer hinder. The purifiedPatanjali, 269:the hindrances and difficulties that have to be overcome before true meditation becomes possible.Patanjali, 357:meshes are sundered, these obstacles completely overcome, then the spiritual man stands forth inPatanjali, 361:Such is not the case. Those disciples who have overcome all sense attractions and cannot be deludedPatanjali, 369:is reached then the hindrances and karma are overcome. 31. When, through the removal of thePatanjali, 422:whereby the hindrances and obstacles could be overcome and negated are most carefully given andPatanjali, 426:is reached then the hindrances and karma are overcome. The two verses we have just studied havePatanjali, 426:the full expression of the divine life has been overcome; all barriers are down, all obstaclesPatanjali, xii:no longer does his astral body subjugate him and overcome him. Through dispassion and the balancingPatanjali, xii:and the distorted perceptions of the mind, are overcome and he stands liberated [xiii] from theProblems, 15:thinking and of mass reaction are difficult to overcome. It is here that the main battleground ofProblems, 18:are easily regimented. This negativity must be overcome and attention must be paid to the carefulProblems, 31:the strength, the persistence and the courage to overcome defeatism, to break the chain ofProblems, 31:and work for the good of all peoples? Will they overcome the forces arrayed against them throughProblems, 49:by a profound sense of the difficulties to be overcome and the problems to be faced. Men and womenPsychology1, 79:do, what he has to express, and what he has to overcome. These qualities should be studied from twoPsychology2, 107:the points of disagreement will automatically be overcome. There are three rules which arePsychology2, 179:form of spiritual selfishness most difficult to overcome, and calling for the expression of thePsychology2, 341:and thus duality is finally and definitely overcome and "only the One Who Is remains." We can nowPsychology2, 419:material nature, and the trouble is frequently overcome by increasing the vitality of the body,Psychology2, 423:When this part of the conflict [423] has been overcome, then potentiality can emerge in recognitionPsychology2, 428:sense of gain and of freedom, when surmounted, overcome and solved. That the power to produce thePsychology2, 601:which embodies the highest he knows; he is overcome by the glamor of the spiritual life; he failsPsychology2, 619:In this reverse situation, the leader is overcome and (if I might use such a phrase) is "smothered"Psychology2, 663:behind all movements, which are struggling to overcome differences and which express similar aims.Psychology2, 713:of accepted discipleship until he has at least overcome the worst aspects of personal ambition.Rays, 29:relations are adjusted and inertia is overcome. Then and only then can "the group stand." Rays, 171:out all form." When the lure of substance is overcome and desire dies, then the attractive power of
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