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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OVERCOMES

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Astrology, 144:in the [144] legend of Hercules, the Sun-God who overcomes the nine-headed Hydra or serpent ofAstrology, 220:to such an extent that the urge to manifest overcomes all other urges, and the processes ofAstrology, 615:is created. Brings about eventual fulfilment. Overcomes death or differentiation. All initiatesAstrology, 615:the cause of achievement and that which finally overcomes death. Death is really deterioration inDiscipleship1, 77:oft seen reversed; hence the glamor which often overcomes a disciple. In this connection, myHealing, 370:helped when the positive radiation of the healer overcomes the negative condition of the patient.Hercules, 44:the serpent of force which, if directed upward, overcomes. Taurus, the bull, is always the symbolHercules, 47:with the problem of sex, and in the other, he overcomes the great illusion. Significance of theHercules, 82:the pairs of opposites in Libra, and the one who overcomes illusion, in Scorpio. These are the fourIntellect, 108:work of daily concentration gradually overcomes the difficulty of control and brings about resultsMagicthe chosen path and a steady perseverance that overcomes and remains unmoved by aught that mayMeditation, 10:up, to ascertain something and someone beyond, overcomes all obstacles. The man begins to turnMeditation, 116:great powers of intellect and in the building overcomes the snare of pride. He takes, then, thatPatanjali, 15:mystery but will reveal itself to the man who overcomes the five modifications of the lower mind,
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