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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OVERCOMING

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Astrology, 89:which the advanced man has overcome, or is overcoming. The horoscope will be cast eventually on theAstrology, 212:heaven. This takes place as a consequence of overcoming the "serpent of evil" (the form nature withAstrology, 490:Capricornian energy produces initiation and the overcoming of materialism. 3. It will be noted inAstrology, 616:soul purpose. This results [616] in the complete overcoming of death. I am bringing this wholeAstrology, 619:the use of the will, conditioning, fulfiling and overcoming. To return to our theme of the greaterAutobiography, 150:a state of fear which I have never succeeded in overcoming. I have had two other very bad frightsBethlehem, 81:means initiative, the expenditure of energy, the overcoming of inertia, and the will to exertBethlehem, 233:- The Resurrection and Ascension The key to the overcoming of death and to the processes ofBethlehem, 243:which will mark the time of the end and the overcoming of the last enemy, whose name is Death. ThisBethlehem, 251:life which flowered forth to perfection in Him, overcoming the tendency to death inherent in theDiscipleship1, 330:U. You have, however, made so much progress in overcoming hindrances that my help is warranted.Discipleship1, 341:of glamor. You are making real progress in overcoming the glamor of the social world, of place andDiscipleship1, 427:of the spiritual pride which you were so fast overcoming? Certain knowledges that have come to youDiscipleship1, 504:to increase this tendency in you. Here, in the overcoming of pride, lies your major life task andDiscipleship1, 509:problem is rooted in your astral condition. By overcoming the glamor in which you walk, you wouldDiscipleship1, 719:of the probationer is occupied with the overcoming of glamor and the curing of the distorted,Discipleship2, 456:action and speech which the disciple is rapidly overcoming. We are only interested in the goodDiscipleship2, 599:and personal - still hold you, and it is the overcoming of these that constitutes your life problemDiscipleship2, 600:and emphasizing certain racial attitudes. The overcoming of inherited traits and attitudes is, inDiscipleship2, 672:as the reward of a life of patient endurance, of overcoming and of acceptance. It should alsoEducation, vi:the resynthesis of human personality and for the overcoming of the double consciousness that hasEducation, 2:of Building the Antahkarana. This leads to the overcoming of the limitations - physical andExternalisation, 44:death will, of course, still be prevalent. The overcoming of death is not contingent upon the [45]Externalisation, 303:intent) towards a recognized and desired end, overcoming all obstacles and destroying all thatExternalisation, 453:faces the supreme difficulty of superseding and overcoming that which is old and established.Externalisation, 509:In the human control of etheric levels lies the overcoming of fatigue and the power to transcendExternalisation, 611:these four ideas to the world at large, thus overcoming the intelligent criticism that all that isFire, 275:of matter, then the note of Spirit gradually overcoming the lower note and usurping attention [276]Fire, 1068:This is the strong fortitude of all fortitudes, overcoming every subtle and penetrating every solidGlamour, 264:of illusion. The dissipation of glamor. The overcoming of maya. It sounds fairly simple and easy ofHealing, 65:part of the patient, if there is to be a true overcoming of disease. Will you understand me if IHealing, 65:Will you understand me if I say that the true overcoming may mean an acceptance of the Way of DeathHealing, 434:which results in the act of disintegration, thus overcoming form - as far as the human being isHercules, 8:of his own essential divinity. Through the overcoming of form and the subjugation of matter, aHercules, 36:Crux of the Test The conquest of matter and the overcoming of illusion loomed large before HerculesHercules, 55:met him on that way and wrestled with him, overcoming him at every point. [56] "He guards theInitiation, 75:turn. Yet in the treading of the path, in the overcoming of the difficulties, and in aIntellect, 91:truth that lies beyond all seeming. In that overcoming we have to master the flesh and magnify theIntellect, 209:the problem then insuperable? Is there no way of overcoming the difficulty? Have we to renounce allMagic, 84: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Two - The Overcoming of the Hindrances The Overcoming of theMagic, 84:Rule Two - The Overcoming of the Hindrances The Overcoming of the Hindrances Certain paramountMagic, 86: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Two - The Overcoming of the Hindrances Thus, again, we have aMagic, 88: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Two - The Overcoming of the Hindrances As the man seeks to reachMagic, 259:of a defect is a preliminary step towards its overcoming. These groups are in training and thisMagic, 310:in the soul. We will next consider the overcoming of wrong vibration in the astral body and the useMagic, 311:Fear The Right Use of Energy In considering the overcoming of wrong vibration and the rightMagic, 318:as you well know, and necessitates the eventual overcoming of the habit of shell-building, and aMagic, 318:This latter can be more easily done than the overcoming of the habit. Automatically the buildingPatanjali, 50:working forward towards further realization, The overcoming of the difficulties incident to thePatanjali, 131:Sutras of Patanjali only deal, however, with the overcoming of the ignorance which holds a man uponPatanjali, 137:faculty, and it should be remembered that the overcoming of this tendency, even when carried to itsPatanjali, 137:highest stage by the adept, is but a relative overcoming. As long as the Logos of our solar system,Patanjali, 137:spiritual existence. All that is possible in overcoming attachment, or killing out desire, is toPatanjali, 259:the development of control. First there is the overcoming of the mind-impress of excitation. ThenPatanjali, 269:meditation becomes possible. The key to that overcoming and the difference between aspirants to thePatanjali, 316:It results from the treading of the path and the overcoming of the pairs of opposites, and is thePatanjali, 369:nature of hindrances, and the method of their overcoming is the same. 29. The man who developsPatanjali, 422:the nature of hindrances and the method of their overcoming is the same. The right tendencies andProblems, 24:an integration which will be based upon the overcoming of racial hatreds. They need to resolveProblems, 28:purpose. This means for each nation the overcoming of pride and the attainment of interior unity.Psychology1, 81:dove? Can you, the Fish, swim free? Quality - overcoming the waters of the emotional nature. ThisPsychology2, 476:For the man who is a mental type or who is overcoming gradually the psychic nature, these powersRays, 351:the true spiritual neophyte, the door connotes "overcoming." We shall not consider further theRays, 436:how ardently he may pursue the effort. The overcoming of time and the demonstration of spiritualRays, 465:Whole. Unfoldment of the inner spiritual will, overcoming all obstacles. Cooperation with theRays, 737:offset its results, but He knows that the final overcoming of cosmic physical evil must beReappearance, 59:four ideas to the world at large, and thus in overcoming the intelligent criticism that all that isReappearance, 94:intent) towards a recognized and desired end, overcoming all obstacles and destroying all that
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