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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OVERLOOK

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Autobiography, 172:There is absolutely no reason why we should overlook the stupendous, magnificent work she did forDiscipleship1, 232:to you one thing that all aspirants are apt to overlook, and that is that the successfulDiscipleship1, 448:is a point which disciples are apt to forget and overlook; they then find themselves discouragedDiscipleship2, 343:training given is something which you should not overlook. The unit, the individual and the partDiscipleship2, 663:my friend and co-worker? This, it is easy to overlook, because from the angle of personalityExternalisation, 20:the steps of humanity; it will force [20] him to overlook the intolerance and the fanaticism andExternalisation, 117:to make clear the picture, I shall have to overlook many essential details; I shall also be forcedExternalisation, 253:if uncomfortably) looked on. In so doing they overlook the third aspect of this same law, to whichExternalisation, 477:but ignorant Christian thinkers often overlook. Externalisation, 559:are senior to them in an Ashram; they frequently overlook the fact that They too - from the ChristFire, 1039:his followers are not right, in so far as they overlook and negate the six other types of impulses,Healing, 192:all forms; they ignore the time factor, and overlook the evolutionary process and also the point ofIntellect, 31:are the masters of nature. We can simultaneously overlook the inner and the outer world. Since weMagic, 140:have their eyes only on outward conditions and overlook the underlying causes. Leadership does notMagic, 261:conduct and administration. [261] A capacity to overlook the non-essentials and to emphasize theMagic, 560:to forget their likes and their dislikes and to overlook the personality [561] hindrances whichMeditation, 47:after intuitional consciousness that you overlook the very necessary physical vehicles.) TheMeditation, 151:objective, and in his earlier years may at times overlook the value of the subjective. He arrivesRays, 95:forth correctly and with safety. The tendency to overlook the distinction between groups andReappearance, 79:of the Aquarian Age People are very apt to overlook the fact that though Christ recognized His
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