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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OVERLOOKED

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Astrology, 317:of the incarnation process have been largely overlooked. In the debate as to the length of time aAstrology, 593:of the Masters of the Wisdom is naturally overlooked. It is in reality no concern of man.Atom, 133:differences of organization, and of explanation, overlooked. Again, we can look for a veryAutobiography, 146:boasting. The inherent justice of the British is overlooked when the Britisher is seen refusing toAutobiography, 158:as I could remember. Mrs. Besant had evidently overlooked me. I could not understand why theAutobiography, 268:disciple to his fellowmen. This is a point oft overlooked by teachers, who lay the emphasis uponBethlehem, 4:of its place in the scheme of things and have overlooked its position in the great continuity ofBethlehem, 41:called to certain factors which are frequently overlooked. It might be asked at this point, "Who isBethlehem, 56:the phenomenal appearing of Christ, and have overlooked the emphasis laid in three of theBethlehem, 135:which Christ passed would have been relatively overlooked in favor of the Crucifixion had the [136]Bethlehem, 168:forth for the world, what He refracted, is often overlooked in the struggle to prove such doctrinesDiscipleship1, 245:ordinary that their scientific value is easily overlooked. I say to you: Lose interest in yourDiscipleship2, 6:point of view of the group member. This is oft overlooked, but upon the capacity to do this dependsDiscipleship2, 43:is the well-recognized fact (and thus easily overlooked from very familiarity) that the assertionDiscipleship2, 68:set out to do on Earth. This point is often overlooked by well-intentioned disciples. It isDiscipleship2, 110:personality weaknesses, mistakes and faults are overlooked and forgotten in the urgency of humanDiscipleship2, 384:union. There is one point which is oft overlooked, but which I gave to you earlier, and that is theDiscipleship2, 389:is hard to take and to hold - a point oft overlooked. It is exhausting to the personality of theDiscipleship2, 698:first and second rays which is very apt to be overlooked. The second ray is outgoing, inclusive,Education, 17:the mind in its turn uses the physical brain, is overlooked. One of the things which we shall seekExternalisation, 32:There is another grouping which should not be overlooked. The spiritually minded people of theExternalisation, 198:also - the will-to-good - that again it may be overlooked, but without simplicity and goodwillExternalisation, 212:state to the divine. This is a point of view oft overlooked by many of you who - temporarily andExternalisation, 625:the true assistance of the One Humanity is overlooked. The fact remains that had the directingFire, 55:body, and the mental sheath. It is frequently overlooked by the casual student that both the astralFire, 76:a factor of real importance which should not be overlooked in connection with the evolution of aFire, 83:is in essence threefold, a fact which is oft overlooked, though logically obvious; each Ray is theFire, 206:the fact of the chain importance to be somewhat overlooked. Each of the seven chains might beFire, 501:this transmutation (which is a point at times overlooked) the Thinker in the causal vehicle has toFire, 639:is not a principle, and this point is frequently overlooked in connection with man and the Logos.Fire, 680:in the Secret Doctrine which are often overlooked by the casual reader but which, if [681] dulyFire, 787:from one sheath to a lower one. It is often overlooked that the path of incarnation is not a quickFire, 1036:the nature of cycles, and this is a point oft overlooked. Students discuss the periods of theFire, 1038:of the races and subraces. What is oft overlooked is that each of these rays of energy demonstratesHealing, 212:of the glands become over-active; others are overlooked, and the entire glandular system and theHealing, 240:into the physical organism have been largely overlooked. Two factors in connection with the centersHealing, 525:This is a most important point and one entirely overlooked by the so-called healers in suchHealing, 585:is proved by the fact of life. This is oft overlooked, and the emphasis is put upon the conceptHealing, 617:etheric centers. This is a factor naturally overlooked by the orthodox scientist in this field, andHercules, 7:has not yet been discovered. Too much is overlooked and too little known to make astrology theHercules, 117:but important points in the story not to be overlooked. What did Hippolyte contribute to the error?Hercules, 132:does not mean that human goodness is overlooked; without a sufficient measure of it, the worldIntellect, 42:of the individual and the race is neglected and overlooked. The masses are left to struggle in theMagic, 48:yet is an extended concept) Karma - a point oft overlooked. This Karma of His must be worked outMagic, 62:nature of the soul's meditation must not be overlooked in the life of the aspirant. There is an ebbMagic, 273:placement of the child within the womb is never overlooked by a good physician, and where there isMagic, 307:or primarily racial. These two factors are oft overlooked. The path of the sun in the heavens. TheMagic, 309:as an epidemic. Atmospheric. This is sometimes overlooked, but the condition of the atmosphere, theMagic, 434:astrology is not yet to be found. Too much is overlooked and too little known to make astrology theMagic, 467:noted, the familiar instructions are skipped and overlooked. We, who work with aspirants, smile oftMagic, 480:One hint here I will give, and one that is oft overlooked. On the mental plane, time is not;Magic, 542:to us and in our immediate foreground is often overlooked, and it has interested those of us whoMagic, 545:the term today - non-existent. It is oft overlooked and seldom grasped or told that they,Meditation, 47:play a large part in the process and must not be overlooked in the future as they are at present.Meditation, 115:no matter how revered. One thing that is oft overlooked by the pupil when he enters upon the pathMeditation, 120:of the student and his group affiliations are overlooked. Today the subject involves realMeditation, 191:d'Ítre, and the results achieved, are apt to be overlooked. Every religion - Christian, Buddhist,Meditation, 259:us the most familiar are oft the most frequently overlooked, and the most nebulous to our reasoningProblems, 148:divinity and that some are not; they have overlooked the fact that because of their point inProblems, 153:the recognition of certain factors which are oft overlooked. A profound and sound optimism isPsychology1, 56:attention, and the underlying synthesis has been overlooked or disregarded. Yet all forms arePsychology1, 87:The vast importance of this fact is often overlooked, even when theoretically acknowledged byPsychology1, 157:and if the serving of one's fellow man is overlooked, the vision profits not. I have sought toPsychology2, 228:with a soul, and the soul of all things is overlooked. Yet man is but the macrocosm of the otherPsychology2, 273:an aspect of Christ's work which is frequently overlooked. Today, as the seventh ray comes intoRays, 735:is one aspect of initiation which is apt to be overlooked. Every initiation is a process of energyReappearance, 173:the true assistance of the One Humanity is overlooked. The fact remains that had the directingTelepathy, 140:the factor of conditioning energies is ignored, overlooked, and - from the angle of consciousness -
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