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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OWING

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Astrology, 42:They are then completed or perfected, and it is owing to this occult fact that the fourth HierarchyAstrology, 43:system, but were not able to proceed beyond that owing to the coming in of pralaya, which projectedAstrology, 162:them of terrific importance and potency today, owing to the stage of development and theAstrology, 197:Pole Star will take the place of Polaris, owing to the interplay of forces in the universe and theAstrology, 198:not be because of my inaccuracies but will be owing to the lack of sensitivity in the mechanism ofAstrology, 209:Mercury control and Mars is particularly active, owing to the fact that Mars is both the orthodoxAstrology, 267:little to do with evolution up to the present, owing to the unresponsiveness of the forms ofAstrology, 267:ineffective and consequently undiscovered owing to the non-existence of the needed instruments ofAstrology, 283:circle of the zodiac. Humanity - as a whole and owing to the large proportion of aspirants andAstrology, 308:though speculation is rife about it, owing to certain unexplained movements of the planet Neptune.Astrology, 351:thing that has never yet been accurately done, owing to the lack of data available to the exotericAstrology, 352:power of Gemini. This is now greatly lessened, owing to the removal of the responsive life from theAstrology, 358:This effect is most powerful in Gemini owing to the fact that the two arms of the Mutable Cross areAstrology, 367:is inactive at present in the adult person, owing to the fact that the heart center is unawakenedAstrology, 376:purpose and planning is hidden in this sign, owing fundamentally to the relation of the Pleiades toAstrology, 376:which light reveals. There is at this time, owing to the influx of the Shamballa force, theAstrology, 377:Thus are the purposes of Deity materialized. Owing to the world glamor, the true purpose and idealAstrology, 410:that in the great evolutionary process and owing to certain shifts and astronomical-astrologicalAstrology, 418:with a definite reference to our planetary life. Owing to the constant movement everywhere,Astrology, 437:potent at present in the life of Humanity owing to its being the sign which is now passing out ofAstrology, 463:the same time, students must bear in mind that - owing to the Great Illusion - it may appear toAstrology, 512:Only these generalizations are possible, owing to the vastness of the subject and the immensity ofAstrology, 539:as never before. The greater effect is produced owing to the greatly increased sensitivity ofAstrology, 553:Fixed and Cardinal Crosses - in any detail, owing to the fact that they are concerned with theAstrology, 679:of an intimate nature to our solar system, owing to its tremendous distance away. The sun "Sirius"Astrology, 679:till the consciousness suddenly blazed forth owing to the interposition of force, apparently fromAstrology, 681:Venus chain of His own scheme, the Earth scheme. Owing to systemic alignment logoic kundalini couldAstrology, 686:indeed so, but the question arises in our minds, owing to lack of information, and consequentAutobiography, 96:one week in Edinburgh before leaving for London, owing to the fact that my return passage to BombayAutobiography, 117:largely exhausted, and my very small income, owing to the world war, was now but a trickle ofAutobiography, 125:taxed and the bank draft sometimes never arrived owing to the sinking of the ship on which theAutobiography, 168:the fact that He is quite unable to be clearer, owing to the limitations of his readers, and theAutobiography, 171:and uselessness of this kind of literature. Owing to all these various causes many people wereAutobiography, 194:are scattered all over the world and it is owing to their disinterested and voluntary help givenAutobiography, 223:had been largely deserted by their inhabitants owing to economic conditions and had been purchasedAutobiography, 254:with great care and under real difficulty, owing to the fact that hundreds of people in nearlyAutobiography, 254:my anonymity would be preserved. Years later, owing to this mistake of [255] A.A.B., I amAutobiography, 255:that was intended. She has shrunk from the task, owing to the disrepute into which the wholeAutobiography, 271:is simply anxious to meet the surrounding need. Owing to the fact that he is in touch with his soulAutobiography, 296:no sane opposition or as facts which he accepts owing to his point in evolution. The secondBethlehem, 9:and help rendered. It is possible that today - owing to our more advanced evolution and the abilityBethlehem, 154:by Thee, ...I perceive not its firm foundation, owing to the wavering of the mind; for the mindBethlehem, 196:that the Devil was lawful lord of [196] mankind owing to Adam's fall, and that God, being unableDestiny, 36:as the Ancient Wisdom puts it. Now, however, owing to the widespread education of the masses andDestiny, 42:always much, but never more so than at this time owing to the coming into manifestation of this rayDestiny, 45:antagonistic to each other. The problem is that, owing to the developed sensitivity of the race,Destiny, 48:the above seven stages and sequence. This is owing to the stimulation and consequent sensitizing ofDestiny, 64:most carefully between countries and nations, owing to the fact that today and increasingly in theDestiny, 68:they are an important factor in present events, owing to the major and powerful nature of the partDestiny, 86:the sign of the one-pointed disciple, and it is owing to this that we have the undeviating aim ofDestiny, 90:conditioning this country are consequently many, owing to the mixture of races found there. OfDestiny, 113:of the potency of the sixth ray activity, owing to the long period wherein it has been expressingDestiny, 117:ray is now making its appearance is that, owing to the rapid perfecting and integration of theDestiny, 119:and delays; of these latter there have been many owing to the refusal (curious and difficult toDestiny, 119:family. This has never been possible hitherto, owing to the unpreparedness of man for the taskDiscipleship1, 19:Age. This crisis is upon us almost prematurely, owing to the exceedingly rapid advance made byDiscipleship1, 30:selflessly and with no personal expectancy. Owing to the pressure of time and of urgency inDiscipleship1, 35:experiment, much difficulty is encountered, owing to the material with which the initiating agentsDiscipleship1, 42:all the results of energies that are so potent - owing to their immense momentum - that they canDiscipleship1, 98:is not warranted in this time of crisis, and owing to the evolutionary development of disciplesDiscipleship1, 149:the path of the World Saviors is a hard one, owing primarily to the power to suffer which theDiscipleship1, 150:you possess can house a fire of such intensity (owing to its refinement and its purity) that manyDiscipleship1, 167:who, at this time, sidetrack their cooperation, owing to fear or to the over-emphasis ofDiscipleship1, 221:This is, for you, offset by your soul ray. Owing to the fact that first ray energy in your case isDiscipleship1, 221:in two of its mediums of expression, you wield-owing to the unbalance and undue power or effectDiscipleship1, 221:and seek to help. Fortunately for you, and also owing to the quality of your soul ray and to anDiscipleship1, 225:first, and your personality ray is the third. Owing to the pressure of the times and of the workDiscipleship1, 233:been [233] peculiarly difficult in your case, owing to the two major rays which control you - theDiscipleship1, 234:forgotten. It is one of an unrecognized glamor, owing to the fact that the achievement ofDiscipleship1, 236:in the head. This has been intensified also, owing to our western civilization being immersed inDiscipleship1, 238:you realize. You need rest and care. This is owing to excessive emotional stimulation which hasDiscipleship1, 279:through form. From this concretizing faculty, owing to your sense of beauty and your sense of theDiscipleship1, 319:very similar to that of R. S. U., but owing to your sixth ray astral body, the personalityDiscipleship1, 372:dominate. The difficulty is enhanced for you owing to the fact that the ray which governs your raceDiscipleship1, 373:of your co-disciples. It is much more difficult, owing to the unusual fact that your astral body isDiscipleship1, 409:I hope sometime to give to you. This is not owing to anything that you might consider a fault, butDiscipleship1, 409:Perhaps I can help you most by saying that, owing to your ray combinations and your background inDiscipleship1, 437:the following contacts are easy for you to make, owing to this combination. A contact with yourDiscipleship1, 450:in the world today are in great confusion, owing to the appalling disturbance and condition of theDiscipleship1, 471:is that you have built a shell around yourself owing to a natural sensitivity which - as a childDiscipleship1, 573:attention upon the physical body and produce - owing to your mental polarization - an increasedDiscipleship1, 590:in my group are facing great difficulties owing to the world condition and are rendering faithfulDiscipleship1, 642:that you focus on the Full Moon Approach (owing to the tension and strain which my suggestion mayDiscipleship1, 695:initiation and were initiate formed the Ashram. Owing, however, to the growing sensitivity ofDiscipleship1, 786:with great care and under real difficulty, owing to the fact that hundreds of people in nearlyDiscipleship1, 787:my anonymity would be preserved. Years later, owing to this mistake, I am apparently in theDiscipleship1, 787:that was intended. She has shrunk from the task, owing to the disrepute into which the wholeDiscipleship2, 12:deal with directness when teaching this group, owing to the urgency of the time and the need forDiscipleship2, 27:and knowledge is often a slow process, owing to the inadequate alignment of the bodies. The MayDiscipleship2, 28:service to me at this time of world need, one owing to her understanding heart and utterDiscipleship2, 64:Ashrams, as I began to do in the year 1925. Owing to the war and the intensive efforts of the worldDiscipleship2, 64:Evolution, which is now more easily to be found, owing to the rapid construction of the antahkaranaDiscipleship2, 76:student. When the work is not done, I - owing to the free will of the disciple - am helpless.Discipleship2, 93:though the outer form does not hold together, owing to the weaknesses of its members and theDiscipleship2, 102:It has not worked out as I had hoped, but owing to the fact that all of you are - from our point ofDiscipleship2, 122:is omitted from the enumeration given above owing to the fact that it is of a sevenfold nature andDiscipleship2, 156:Earth, but which is only now available for use, owing to the point in evolution reached by mankind.Discipleship2, 162:forces can now be utilized on Earth, owing to the forward progress of our planet and its relationDiscipleship2, 235:and group understanding was lost. Maybe - owing to the work of the Brothers of Darkness - there wasDiscipleship2, 246:group of either the Master M. or the Master K.H. Owing to the fact of world urgency and the
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