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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OWING

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Discipleship2, 246:the immensity of the work to be done by them and owing also to the fact that they are preparing toDiscipleship2, 252:is becoming increasingly difficult. This is owing to the increased sensitivity to the esotericDiscipleship2, 272:of phrases or symbols are endowed with power, owing to the potency of the minds which haveDiscipleship2, 287:sacrifice was imperative in the fullest sense, owing to the ability of the planetary Logos toDiscipleship2, 343:obvious and clearly stated by the Master. Today, owing to man's greater intellectual perception,Discipleship2, 350:this being their major form of service. Today, owing to the pronounced development of mankind, theDiscipleship2, 350:has not yet made the necessary headway, largely owing to the planetary Karma and the appallingDiscipleship2, 351:It will be obvious to you therefore that, owing to the changed polarization of the disciples of theDiscipleship2, 386:a form of individual and racial possessiveness, owing to the profound materialistic [387]Discipleship2, 411:and to find the significance of its indications. Owing to the point attained in the evolution [412]Discipleship2, 464:that you had no inner confidence in yourself, owing to the pressures of the time which appeared toDiscipleship2, 465:Way of a World Savior are left peculiarly free (owing to certain difficulties in time and spaceDiscipleship2, 488:safety you could break the connecting link, but owing to your age it is not, at this time, right soDiscipleship2, 494:in this group and this [494] is to be expected owing to the fact that the Masters M. and K.H. areDiscipleship2, 513:the word, the characteristics of the sixth ray - owing to your having a sixth ray astral body - areDiscipleship2, 516:activity of your astral body, and because - owing, to your own definite soul choice - you areDiscipleship2, 516:there. Closer participation was not possible, owing to your sixth ray soul, whose natural andDiscipleship2, 516:have a profound task of balancing to carry out, owing to the ray [517] energies which at this timeDiscipleship2, 522:when a disciple is moving on to the second ray, owing, to its close relationship with theDiscipleship2, 523:for you - physically, emotionally and mentally. Owing to the dominance of the first ray in yourDiscipleship2, 527:the love of God flows forth. This you rejected, owing to the emotional turmoil in which you foundDiscipleship2, 574:of your soul is the line of least resistance, owing to the fact that your personality ray is theDiscipleship2, 576:development of the race of men and because - owing to your training and the field of your dailyDiscipleship2, 576:Deepen your understanding and remember that owing to the fact that you have two rays upon the firstDiscipleship2, 596:K.H.; this is the presiding Ashram in this work owing to the fact that it is a second ray AshramDiscipleship2, 602:which is the most potent personality vehicle, owing to the focus of the thought and life beingDiscipleship2, 603:of disciples in these days is particularly hard owing to the fact that sensitivity and a consciousDiscipleship2, 611:gave you and I recall them to your attention, owing to their major significances in providingDiscipleship2, 625:line of demarcation to be drawn. But this is owing simply to the point of evolution of the race.Discipleship2, 741:is no rhythm or organization in your service, owing to the constant mental conflict. From the veryEducation, 9:curriculum - is well-nigh impossible to answer, owing to the wide differences in human beings andEducation, 23:part of the evolutionary unfoldment of the race. Owing, however, to our faulty application of anyExternalisation, 47:the teaching on education will evoke will be owing to the fact that education is today widelyExternalisation, 50:they do, their work perforce proves destructive, owing to the unevolved condition of the masses ofExternalisation, 59:be the training objective of the group members. Owing to the difficulty of this task, the membersExternalisation, 66:I hesitate to enlarge upon this theme, owing to the probable personality reactions which those whoExternalisation, 112:registered in some aspect of the national life. Owing to the factual interrelation between nationsExternalisation, 124:and the required attitudes adequately clear. Owing to the relatively low stage of the [125]Externalisation, 151:demonstrate almost unavoidably a divided focus, owing to the activity of the mind and their failureExternalisation, 158:though it is thousands of years older than that. Owing, however, to the unreadiness of humanity toExternalisation, 159:been made available for planetary distribution, owing to the lack of established relation betweenExternalisation, 172:despair; these workers are likewise sensitive (owing to their point of integrated development) toExternalisation, 223:apparent. It is already potent spiritually, owing to the scientific work of the occult HierarchyExternalisation, 227:the purpose of God (still unidentified by man, owing to his relatively low stage of evolution whichExternalisation, 227:focused in consciousness through the Buddha. Owing to the stress of humanity today and the urgencyExternalisation, 270:only once before in the history of the race. Owing to the fact that mankind is so weakened by pain,Externalisation, 274:the secret place. He aids and makes possible, owing to His control, the precipitating upon theExternalisation, 364:the future. More at that time was not possible, owing to the disunity existing among those nationsExternalisation, 365:as yet the factor of uncertainty, and this is owing to the enormous prepared strength of theExternalisation, 376:that true democracy does not as yet exist, owing to widespread political corruption, and to theExternalisation, 409:[409] Countless ages passed between them. Today, owing to the greatly increased power of the humanExternalisation, 429:Freedom is misinterpreted and misused by many, owing to the point in evolution of the mass ofExternalisation, 431:and can be answered partially, though not fully, owing to three reasons: 1. The outcome of theExternalisation, 436:the war, the enlargement of Their ashrams, owing to the almost unforeseen development of theExternalisation, 437:and sensitivity are at their lowest point, owing to the numbness which comes through intenseExternalisation, 494:of God on earth; the obstacles to this fusion, owing to the active tension of the dark forces,Externalisation, 494:we believed that man would go down to defeat, owing to his selfishness and his misuse of theExternalisation, 494:unexpected steps. This They were led to do owing to the invocative powers of humanity, usedExternalisation, 494:and unconsciously by all men of goodwill. Owing to these steps, the efforts of those fighting inExternalisation, 500:no moment whatsoever; money has proved itself (owing to man's limitations) a producer of evil andExternalisation, 542:with the Hierarchy at this time, if He so chose, owing to the direct contact now establishedExternalisation, 559:endless Way of Bliss is entirely forgotten. But, owing to the impulsion of life itself, progressExternalisation, 562:several centuries later than this but which - owing to the unexpected preparedness of humanity -Externalisation, 564:Hierarchy is closer than at any previous time, owing to the following factors: The one-pointed workExternalisation, 574:Masonry. The analogy is not entirely accurate, owing to the unavoidable degeneracy of Masonry, butExternalisation, 580:(to the benefit of all concerned) will control. Owing to the development of atomic energy on behalfExternalisation, 581:material relationships - a most difficult task, owing to the evil "pull" of the substantial assetsExternalisation, 588:been present but has remained unrecognized, owing to the relatively few people who express, as yet,Externalisation, 596:planetary situation which has (unfortunately owing to man's selfishness) proved to be soExternalisation, 634:lasting effects upon human living and design. Owing to planetary frustration and the enhancedExternalisation, 643:which is the presiding Ashram in this work, owing to the fact that it is a second ray Ashram, andExternalisation, 645:of Will or Power. The outpouring of this energy, owing to the "little wills" of the majority of menExternalisation, 651:good is still quite ineffective, largely owing to the failure of the religions of the world to giveExternalisation, 689:on material levels" than for the Black Lodge. Owing, however, to the spiritual growth of mankindExternalisation, 699:wait and to which they will be able to respond, owing to the needed and new stimulation. Many whoFire, 92:a specially close connection with human beings owing to the fact of the essential resemblance ofFire, 103:and the effects therefore will be less severe owing to the rarity of this ether and theFire, 106:greater freedom, and with less restriction. Now, owing to centuries of wrong living, and to basicFire, 106:is in the best receptive condition, though owing to the poor condition of the spinal column (whichFire, 106:First. Inability to tap pranic currents, owing to the unhealthy lives passed by so many. ThisFire, 134:D - KUNDALINI 60,61 AND THE SPINE Very briefly, owing to the impossibility of revealing much onFire, 163:not only vast but abstruse. This is principally owing to the fact that until the race is normallyFire, 172:the whole." A brief sentence has its place here owing to its relation to this subject. AnotherFire, 191:and reaction. This would necessarily be so, owing to the fluidic nature of the astral body. Man onFire, 201:is contacted. Hence, its rarity these days owing to the intense individualization of the Ego, andFire, 239:but a partial presentation of the real Idea, but owing to the limitations of man at this stage ofFire, 285:the attainment of consciousness on all planes; owing to the small evolutionary attainment of theFire, 303:of a branch-race is to a Heavenly Man. As yet, owing to the small point of development of theFire, 312:conductor, whose potential is ever changing owing to its rotation and its annual orbital motion,Fire, 315:or the final disintegration of matter owing to intense heat. This can be seen in connection withFire, 322:quality at the end of evolution will cease owing to the fact that naught remains to be attracted.Fire, 328:unity - but into group unity. This is owing to the fact that the buddhic plane is pre-eminently theFire, 333:not the medium whereby he is a coherent whole. Owing to his more advanced stage of development,Fire, 347:of an intimate nature to our solar system, owing to its tremendous distance away. The sun "Sirius"Fire, 347:till the consciousness suddenly blazed forth owing to the interposition of force, apparently fromFire, 368:in mind. The statement [368] has been made that (owing to the Venusian scheme being in its fifthFire, 377:indeed so, but the question arises in our minds, owing to lack of information, and consequentFire, 379:race, and considered as the notables among men. Owing to the difference between the two groups mayFire, 386:Venus chain of His own scheme, the Earth scheme. Owing to systemic [387] alignment logoic kundaliniFire, 392:races who are necessarily in place and position owing to their egoic polarization) and many
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