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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OWING

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Fire, 453:even now. But comment concerning it is rare, owing to the fear of criticism. Secondly, theFire, 459:consciousness to be stimulated on astral lines. Owing to this repulsion, we have one reason (andFire, 463:certain effects might here be noticed. [463] Owing to the increased activity of the deva evolution,Fire, 463:it in both kingdoms will be materially lessened owing to the pranic response of the etheric bodies.Fire, 463:more fitted to express essential purpose. Owing to the recognition by man of the value of mantrams,Fire, 467:or the substantial body of the Deva Lords. Owing to the receptive condition of this body it followsFire, 472:much that might be imparted is perforce withheld owing to the danger arising from superficialFire, 473:for a certain period. Their physical bodies, owing to their being built for seventh Ray force willFire, 480:work concerning process may not be dealt with owing to the inability of the race as yet to actFire, 480:altruistically. Much misapprehension crept in, owing to this very thing, in the early days ofFire, 486:mentioned cases and grades of consciousness, but owing to the disastrous developments in AtlanteanFire, 487:subject of transmutation is a very real one, owing to the vastness of the subject and the fact thatFire, 497:in the vegetable kingdom than in any other owing to this very factor, and also to the incentiveFire, 575:learn the lesson of divine acquiescence. Yet, owing to the increase of friction through that veryFire, 652:taking over of much of an extra-planetary nature owing to the almost immediate availability ofFire, 661:than in the other two cases, and this is owing to His more advanced stage of development and alsoFire, 661:man is very specially connected at this time owing to his astral polarization, and to the placeFire, 662:the Logos escapes from His present limitation. Owing to this the devas of the astral plane assume aFire, 719:and complete that which has been left undone. Owing to the results of their experience on Vulcan,Fire, 723:only recognized on the highest two planes. Yet, owing to the material nature of our solar system,Fire, 741:to destruction, it becomes a tiny sevenfold sun owing to the radiation and activity of theFire, 755:groups will achieve results now impossible, owing to the retention of buddhic force, but later thisFire, 761:them in the consideration of our subject owing to the innate constitution of the egoic body itselfFire, 794:their "life" and substance from the sun, but owing to their relative insignificance, they have notFire, 816:vibration as is the physical body, only (owing to its rarity) physical plane man regards itFire, 825:the "knowledge" petal is the first opened, owing to the inherent nature of the ManasadevasFire, 840:the difference existing between the egoic bodies owing to their varying stages of development. ForFire, 841:The middle tier also shows no signs of vitality. Owing [842] to conditions in their emanatingFire, 860:has to deal are necessarily five at this stage owing to the following facts, which must be studiedFire, 870:within the physical brain consciousness owing to the relatively inchoate stage of the bodies, andFire, 871:change more frequently and pass on to other work owing to the fact that They each embody one typeFire, 894:physico-psychical occurrence is possible to man owing to certain events which happened to theFire, 908:with a certain fire in man's bodies. This fire owing to its present activity, and the direction ofFire, 908:the law, and consequent suffering can be seen. Owing, therefore, to the violent reaction at thisFire, 910:be a tendency towards the elimination of noise, owing to the increased sensitiveness of the race.Fire, 927:and hence come to be reckoned as failures, is owing to the fact of their inability to make aFire, 928:and there their energy becomes exhausted owing to three things: Lack of sustained will orFire, 928:rapid, and activity is considerably more violent owing to the greater density of the accruingFire, 930:cooperation with the greater builders. Owing to the purity and holiness of his life, and the heightFire, 932:expansion of the statement is not possible, owing to the danger of the knowledge to be reached.Fire, 933:purposely hurried in connection with our planet owing to karmic conditions, and under the law ofFire, 976:Another reason for creative ineffectiveness is owing to the currents which emanate from theFire, 977:This is necessary for three reasons: First, owing to his stage in evolution, he is able to enforceFire, 984:in magic. 93 In this connection, therefore, owing to the vital practical value of this section, andFire, 993:a much longer interval between incarnations, owing to the difficulty of assembling the neededFire, 995:This is all that can be said on this subject, owing to the danger involved, but it suffices for theFire, 1002:forms die a natural death on the mental plane owing to the inability of the man to exert the willFire, 1003:long as the thinker desires. Finally, they die owing to the incapacity of the man, which preventsFire, 1004:of Light, to initiates, and to pledged chelas, owing to the great danger involved. Occasionally,Fire, 1004:for the mental plane are necessarily brief, owing to the fact that the plane of mind is as yet anFire, 1016:sheath, yet separated from the physical body, owing to the occult "drowning" of the magician. ThereFire, 1020:confusion ensues in the mind of the student owing to the occult fact that the various formulas areFire, 1026:of a mantram. No clue can be given to this, owing to the powers it confers. RULE XV The firesFire, 1037:Logos. It is naturally of great importance owing to the fact that this ray-energy is that of one ofFire, 1040:in all forms as a tendency to repeat, owing to the backward pull of the rotating atoms, and yet isFire, 1075:is interesting to note that during this round, owing to planetary decision, the process ofFire, 1114:than its correspondence in the first tier, owing to the inherent nature of the astral body, and theFire, 1137:the third, and the animal on the fourth. It is owing to the fact that a center of force for theFire, 1146:not only by a more advanced development, owing to the longer period of their evolution, but also byFire, 1150:Himself, and cannot use a physical body Himself, owing to the rarity of its substance, He willFire, 1153:energy is able to circulate through the schemes owing to the bringing about of a cosmic alignment.Fire, 1155:a fuller comprehension of the truths involved. Owing to the rapid development of the race, and theFire, 1159:to deal) is one of a peculiar interest, owing to its being the originating center for three longFire, 1168:It is called this in the vegetable kingdom owing to the fact that it is in this kingdom thatFire, 1200:They are then completed or perfected, and it is owing to this occult fact that the fourth HierarchyFire, 1201:system, but were not able to proceed beyond that owing to the coming in of pralaya, which projectedFire, 1216:of relationship is somewhat established owing to there being self-consciousness. The work for theFire, 1243:which may not be defined become the four paths, owing to the fact that our solar system is one ofFire, 1250:constellation as far as our system is concerned owing to the fact that this system predominantlyGlamour, 20:in the nature of distortions of the real truth, owing to the limitations of the humanGlamour, 26:is far more potent at this time than illusion, owing to the enormous majority of people whoGlamour, 57:the thought-form. A shifting focus of attention, owing to the dimness of the seen ideal. TheGlamour, 58:or embodied ideas are of a destructive nature, owing to the type of matter of which they areGlamour, 73:a form of energy and an energy of great potency, owing to three factors: It is of such an ancientGlamour, 77:persons and is particularly potent at this time owing to the agelong activity of the sixth Ray ofGlamour, 78:attracted attention. With all true aspirants, owing to the increased potency of their vibrations,Glamour, 88:of a very large number of human beings, owing to the purging and purification to which they hadGlamour, 175:has precipitated upon the mental plane and - owing to failure rightly to apprehend and interpret itGlamour, 241:reaction; it is of unique and terrible potency, owing to the strength of human nature to identifyHealing, 20:you anything of the truth, as it really exists, owing to the preconceived ideas as to the ancientHealing, 24:they are in the last analysis the most numerous, owing to the fact that humanity cannot as yet dealHealing, 44:of that working through, as they take the form - owing to man's wrong use of them - of disease andHealing, 59:of one aspect of the mechanism of man. Today, owing to the vast reaches of time involved and to theHealing, 60:of the desire nature) remains the same. Women, owing to the risks they run in childbearing, throughHealing, 88:because they are the major sources of trouble, owing to the fact that the bulk of humanity isHealing, 88:levels of life. The higher animals, however, owing to the development brought about through theirHealing, 88:which are not purely instinctual. Today, owing to the development of the mind in the Aryan race,Healing, 92:that those plans are not materializing, owing often to the inadequacy of the physical equipment;Healing, 152:of energies, containing great potencies today, owing to the fact that the expression of the thirdHealing, 161:the next center up the spine, the heart center, owing to the slowly mounting energies from theHealing, 191:Chapter I - The Psychological Causes of Disease Owing to this, we come up against another greatHealing, 198:These, the subject is unable to resist, owing to the lack of development of his centers. To sum allHealing, 201:some knowledge can be found, nothing is done, owing to the apathy there present. Healing, 209:the head to the centers up the spine is uneven, owing to the fact that the inflow is uneven, andHealing, 218:blood stream what the physical vehicle needs. Owing to their inadequacy, the body is unable toHealing, 219:the occult law that "Energy follows thought." Owing to the fact that disciples have a greaterHealing, 222:problem of disease is today greatly enhanced, owing to the fact that in this race, the Aryan, whichHealing, 228:The Lemurian race practically destroyed itself, owing to its misuse of the sacral center, which wasHealing, 230:unit, on a worldwide scale, is being broken up, owing to the fortunes of war and - on a smallerHealing, 230:the fortunes of war and - on a smaller scale - owing to the more modern views concerning marriage
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