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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PACE

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Astrology, 18:the present problem of the man; it sets the pace or the established tempo of his personality life;Astrology, 591:at any time upon the planet are setting the pace for the evolution of forms and which basicallyDiscipleship1, 9:will have to slow down theirs temporarily to the pace of the majority. This will happenDiscipleship1, 81:his spiritual ambition, and desires to the group pace and to the necessity of right timing whereDiscipleship1, 260:can help set the way, aid in determining the pace and so swell the numbers - small as yet - ofDiscipleship1, 301:not inevitably - in another life. Who can set a pace to a soul's destiny? NOTE: The above statementDiscipleship1, 401:personalities who surround you have slowed the pace. You might, perhaps, have traveled faster hadDiscipleship1, 584:he follows after. Some move behind; he sets the pace. He travels not alone. Three things theDiscipleship2, 277:of immediate human endeavor; they set the pace for human unfoldment; they are therefore closely enDiscipleship2, 358:new ideas upon receptive minds, and thus keep pace with the rapidly developing humanity with whichDiscipleship2, 450:or have you - for this life - set your pace and can proceed no faster? Disciples, such [451] asDiscipleship2, 471:rely. Your meditation work must keep pace with your vision. I suggest that you follow the simpleDiscipleship2, 704:to be limited by those who cannot go your pace. This again means loneliness. And finally, a needFire, 1260:of interlocked wheels revolving at a great pace in opposite directions, and producing a unifiedGlamour, 51:he follows after. Some move behind; he sets the pace. He travels not alone. Three things theHealing, 174:aspirants and the disciples, and these set the pace for the rest of humanity. This they achieveHealing, 281:or to ameliorate conditions. These have kept pace with man's growing capacity to discover and toIntellect, 255:which is given him, he endeavors to force the pace and do thirty minutes; instead of following hisMagic, 351:unfoldment of the disciple's character must keep pace with his inner knowledge. This knowledgeMagic, 435:or indicates his present problem, sets the pace or tempo of his life, and is related to the qualityMagic, 464:it is not a particular life that sets the pace but the group of lives, simultaneously interactingMagic, 605:fauna and flora of our planetary life have kept pace with the needs of the slowly emerging sons ofMeditation, 281:not that the life of objective service must keep pace with the subjective growth; only when the twoPatanjali, 46:efforts hitherto, and begin to "set an even pace." They frequently then enter the sign of AquariusPsychology1, 83:seven great sons of God moved with measured pace and took their seats. The work of building thusPsychology1, 339:[339] be noted if history is studied, and the pace at which man now lives, and the complexity andPsychology2, 253:on perfecting the human mechanism so as to keep pace with the growth of the divine consciousness inPsychology2, 262:in any historical period. It is they who set the pace and do the pioneering work. They focus inPsychology2, 363:war from the point at which you stand. Move on a pace. See truly with the opened eye of innerReappearance, 24:the capacity of a human being to keep pace with the mind of Christ and to know what He intends usReappearance, 139:and by the teachers in the East, has not kept pace with the unfolding intellect of the humanSoul, 11:main, on the study of the glands, that are the pace-makers, so to speak, of our personality,
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