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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PACIFIST

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Externalisation, 179:- Section II - The General World Picture The Pacifist Position The second point upon which I wouldExternalisation, 179:This is a fact which the academic idealist and pacifist often forgets. Such people tell us that twoExternalisation, 233:to issue forth from the safe security of your pacifist alibi and gratefully acknowledge what theyExternalisation, 234:same love of peace which inspires the ordinary pacifist inspires those who are today fighting [235]Externalisation, 235:is set to prevent. Yet many neutrally minded and pacifist people are unwilling to pay any price forExternalisation, 246:great error of the neutrally minded and of the pacifist is his refusal to identify himselfExternalisation, 368:cruelty and terrorism. The appeasement and the pacifist attitudes - idealistic and impractical andExternalisation, 430:mild, unthinking person, by the bewildered, the pacifist, the appeaser and the isolationist. TheExternalisation, 434:are outraged by physical conflict through your pacifist inclinations) that, in the West, it wasExternalisation, 476:and by the well-meaning, but oft unintelligent, pacifist. Both these groups would sacrifice theProblems, 87:between a militant [87] group and a negative, pacifist group. These can be found existing todayPsychology2, 675:and the exploiting, the warlike and the pacifist, the masses and the rulers, this group will stand,
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