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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PAGES

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Intellect, 190:S. J., Studies in the Psychology of the Mystics, pages 312-313. Patanjali, the greatest teacher ofIntellect, 192:- Nicholson, Reynold A., The Kashf Al-Mahjub, pages 281-282. Again we find these words: "One of theIntellect, 192:- Nicholson, Raynold A., The Kashf Al-Mahjub, pages 302-303. Thus again we have the same truth.Intellect, 194:pure unity." - Pfeiffer, Franz, Meister Eckhart, pages 338, 144, 66, 101. Thus, the great schoolsIntellect, 214:gland. - Bailey, Alice, The Light of the Soul, pages 229-230. Five: When this has been done, andMagic, 7:be admitted by the student of the succeeding pages as providing an hypothesis worthy of hisMagic, 102:I would like to urge each one who reads these pages to make a fresh beginning in spiritual living.Magic, 507:unconscious magicians will be much facilitated." Pages 1021-1022. It is apparent therefore that thePatanjali, 233:of an exact science and within its few short pages are gathered all the rules, necessary in thePatanjali, 323:the student is referred to that Treatise pages 186-202. Microcosmic Sensory Evolution Plane SensePsychology1, 389:consult an earlier tabulation which I gave (see Pages 382-383), and consider the higher and lowerPsychology2, 33:runs through what would constitute many pages of writing, shewing that the Blessed Ones are naughtPsychology2, 49:touched upon in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire (Pages 787-790), and the following statements, gatheredPsychology2, 49:the following statements, gathered from those pages, will be elucidated in the succeeding pages. AsPsychology2, 49:pages, will be elucidated in the succeeding pages. As the ego or soul appropriates to itself aPsychology2, 84:technique. They are as follows, and are found on pages 288 and 289. Ray One - "Let the Forces comePsychology2, 93:up into Heaven. It is this theme which fills the pages of The Secret Doctrine, and which isPsychology2, 253:The analysis, therefore, referred to in these pages relates to a distinction in consciousness andPsychology2, 283:average interested aspirant who studies these pages. Three types of energy, as has been said, meetPsychology2, 356:Old Commentary, which is so oft quoted in these pages. It is not possible to do more than put thesePsychology2, 560:Extracts from A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, pages 188-196: Physical plane 1. Hearing 2. Touch, feelingPsychology2, 664:belief in immortality among those who read these pages - a belief in the perpetuation of thePsychology2, 718:It is this urgency that is discussed in these pages, and it is this immediate need, and thisRays, 251:to my dictation an average of seven to twelve pages of typing (single-spaced) each time she writesRays, 255:detailed analysis of Rule XIII. In the foregoing pages I gave you certain broad principles andRays, 329:disciple, and I want in these concluding pages to fire his zeal, deepen his understanding,Rays, 366:kingdom of God." We have dealt in the foregoing pages with deep matters and have touched uponRays, 374:and its work, to which I referred a few pages back. It involves the inability of the averageRays, 378:of definitions of an Ashram in the previous pages [379] and in my other books, and I would have youRays, 420:on the Seven Rays, Vol. III. Esoteric Astrology, Pages 599-601.) which form the elementary basis ofRays, 425:go. An Extract from A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Pages 1243-1266 The seven Paths, at a certain stageRays, 452:relationship. (See Education in the New Age, Pages 26-27, 32-33, 92.) Rays, 514:the four stages of the technique of projection (pages 489-493, 509). When he has faithfullyRays, 519:4. Invocation and Evocation (continued from Pages 493-495): These two words are descriptive of thatRays, 520:Elsewhere (The Reappearance of the Christ, Pages 157-158) I said that "The definition of religion,Rays, 611:spiritual events (the full discussion appears on pages 741-760): The crisis of the ideologies. TheRays, 656:instructions earlier given upon the seven Paths (pages 395 - 427) you may glean some ideas aboutRays, 715:fullness, the will of God. Earlier in these pages (Page 410) we are told that the problem whichRays, 741:just given anent the Great Renunciation (see pages 602-614) and its consequent revelation or (asReappearance, 120:is here written and which is conveyed in these pages is in reality concerned with the appearance ofReappearance, 161:me? What is written here and in the following pages is essentially for those who accept the fact ofTelepathy, 22:books, particularly A Treatise on White Magic. (Pages 176-180, 415, 427-428, 477-478.) This muchTelepathy, 86:My earlier statement on this subject a few pages back was intended to lead up to this teaching andTelepathy, 139:value however if students can receive in a few pages a general idea and the basic concepts which
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