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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PAID

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Autobiography, 91:we have deceived and been disloyal. But we paid the price, for the great law which St. Paul statesAutobiography, 92:things, because we did not like the price we paid - and pay we did. I think it is about time thatAutobiography, 97:nearly up and he was booked to leave India. She paid all his expenses to go to the United StatesAutobiography, 104:the money which I had supported both of us and paid all expenses. I found when it came down to theAutobiography, 118:that he was not worrying as he knew it would be paid even if it took five years. Then he added, "IfAutobiography, 118:me over two years to pay off his bill but it was paid, and each time I sent him five dollars onAutobiography, 122:no money and part of the grocer's bill was paid with the eggs, which the grocer always took becauseAutobiography, 130:the factory were brought to watch me and then I paid the price of my good work and had to listen toAutobiography, 155:I made a basic mistake for which I have since paid the price. Believing that they would be pleasedAutobiography, 178:the grocer's bill for the past month was not paid, nor was the rent or the gas, light or milk bill.Autobiography, 204:the problem before a rich friend of mine and she paid for their tuition in the Low Hayward School.Autobiography, 206:8 [206] public lectures a year and as long as no paid admissions were asked I could easily get outAutobiography, 207:She put the girls through school and always paid our passages to Europe and Great Britain and back.Bethlehem, 203:certain rules; probably because we have often paid the price, and certainly because we care tooBethlehem, 266:obedience by the things which He suffered." He paid the price, and revealed to us what God in manDestiny, 66:is new exoterically; attention will have to be paid to the information - either as it comes from meDiscipleship1, 112:The solar plexus center is awakened but you have paid little attention to it as a means of contactDiscipleship1, 595:cultivated with care, and no attention should be paid to the factor of time. I have three things toDiscipleship1, 608:is the result of the attention which you have paid to my instructions and to the response which youDiscipleship2, 12:during the coming year. Small notice need be paid to less important faults and errors; so oftDiscipleship2, 565:You have profited much from the attention you paid to the last instruction I gave you; you haveEducation, 133:increase the birth rate. Attention is now being paid to birth rate, its rise and fall, to correctExternalisation, 233:reap the benefits of a peace for which they have paid no price? It is the people who value peaceExternalisation, 555:I would point out, however, that the attention paid is not exclusive, but that [556] wherever twoFire, 463:in the next round. More attention should be paid by occult students to the effect of theFire, 539:the ensuing suffering the price of ignorance is paid and knowledge is achieved. This unfoldment isFire, 606:and beautified through a scientific attention paid to the development of the psyche, to theFire, 701:at their face value, but little attention is paid to the real meaning. Much profit would come ifFire, 897:attention which should, and eventually will be paid to this subject of the deva lives of wateryFire, 1191:later date. More attention will eventually be paid to the planetary influences, and not so much toHealing, 31:outer world of forces. Little attention has been paid by occult teachers to these forces which comeHealing, 89:which the female passes, and little attention is paid to these. The male, however, is not governedHealing, 221:any of the diseases touched upon, nor have I paid attention to the physiology of the patient. ThatHercules, 170:must cross. An obolus or penny had to be paid to Charon, the ferryman, that he might take them toInitiation, 196:be stopped, and the strictest attention must be paid to diet. A disciple must confine himself toMagic, 351:nature, you will realize the need for the price paid. The spiritual unfoldment of the disciple'sMagic, 379:kingdom of God within, and little attention was paid (in Their training of Their disciples) to theMagic, 542:astral phenomena, and how little attention is paid to the more obvious and more easily discernedMeditation, 160:used in these three cases attention will be paid to the cause of the trouble, to the plane on whichMeditation, 311:of endeavor and experiment, and the price paid will be high, but only that which is thus wroughtPatanjali, 48:of the law he has adjusted all his karma, paid all his debts, cancelled all his obligations,Problems, 18:must be overcome and attention must be paid to the careful training of the individual to think andProblems, 33:has thus slowed up the process and humanity has paid the price. The day has now come when theProblems, 38:tragedy is that the children of the world have paid and are paying the price of our wrongdoing. WarPsychology1, 301:our neighbor as ourselves." To this we have paid, as yet, but little attention. We have lovedPsychology1, 371:nervous systems; not enough attention has been paid for instance to the fact that the brain of thePsychology2, 14:use of the mind so that focused attention can be paid to all that concerns the personal self andPsychology2, 597:price of this distortion of the truth has been paid again and again by a devitalized body and byPsychology2, 619:is directed towards them. That is why Christ paid the penalty of death. He was killed, not only byPsychology2, 721:In the future, equal emphasis will have to be paid to the planet Venus, which in the Aquarian ageRays, 252:of meditation which has eliminated the attention paid hitherto to personal problems and the intenseRays, 438:disciple and to which little attention has been paid. Existence, Being, Essential Life, DynamicRays, 755:of responsibility. Little attention has been paid to the factor of invocation as expressed by theReappearance, 26:play in the working out of that destiny. We have paid little attention down the centuries of humanReappearance, 26:own destiny, as it affected the human. We have paid small attention to the aspect of His reactionSoul, 42:Until a few decades ago scant attention was paid to the pineal gland. Then came the case, noted bySoul, 83:is the objectless knowing subject." - Deussen, Paid, M.D., The Religion and Philosophy of India,Telepathy, 29:set up the rapport, and then attention must be paid to the clarity of the symbol. Thirdly, let theTelepathy, 132:arc; to this, little attention has hitherto been paid. It coincided with the advent or the arrivalTelepathy, 173:one to be aided. It is high time that students paid attention to the service angle of the centers,Telepathy, 173:and so forth. No attention has hitherto been paid to this important point, but it embodies the
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