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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PAINFULLY

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Astrology, 81:and pain - forges the equipment and develops painfully the mechanism which will enable him toAstrology, 394:not a practical experience. He will be almost painfully conscious of duality but, instead of itsAutobiography, 7:I am a flippant and humorous person and almost painfully ready to see the funny side of things.Autobiography, 33:respect for myself as I look back for I was so painfully shy and reticent that I suffered untoldDiscipleship2, 35:being, bewildered oft by world agony, reacting painfully to the sorrows and distresses of hisDiscipleship2, 712:you do not like, particularly the three who so painfully disturb you, into your heart, thinking ofExternalisation, 49:urge, innate in matter itself. They [49] have painfully and with infinitely slow processes evolvedHercules, 210:leads to the mount of initiation. Slowly and painfully, he learns the lesson that competition andMagic, 304:solar plexus is identically the same. This is painfully the case now where there are so manyMeditation, 27:the work of transmutation; be laboriously, painfully and carefully, forces his consciousness higherProblems, 17:is little need to speak; they have been made painfully clear to the entire world. The Germany ofPsychology2, 421:then descends upon him and he becomes painfully aware of what he wants and of what he would be ifPsychology2, 531:into being and functioning activity. He becomes painfully conscious of duality, of the pull of the
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