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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PAIR

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Astrology, 247:Aquarius and it is through Uranus that the great pair of opposites, Aries-Libra, are brought intoAstrology, 339:Sagittarius-Gemini The result of this related pair of opposites is that there is one-pointed soulAstrology, 362:relationship, existing between this particular pair of opposites. In the Earth a great balancingAstrology, 625:through its means something passes between the pair of opposites (spirit-matter) which draws themAstrology, 627:of the second stage of the relation between the pair of opposites. Here we have, as you know, theAstrology, 627:In Gemini, therefore, you have the two, the pair of opposites and the will-to-relate; in Virgo, youAutobiography, 28:her in a Victoria (as it was [28] called) with a pair of horses and coachman and footman in liveryDiscipleship1, 699:- the first clash (within the man) of the pair of opposites. Gradually, the pranic energy becomesDiscipleship2, 256:close. They constitute essentially a pair of opposites which will eventually fuse; then the astralExternalisation, 277:human relations. Peace and war are not a true pair of opposites. Peace and change, peace andFire, 225:the (Triangle), Bythus and the first emanated pair or Duad, Nous (Mind) and its syzygy AletheiaFire, 329:planetary or solar, who manifests in Himself the pair of opposites. Glamour, 85:as yet little realized) you have the battle of a pair of [86] opposites. These are of a differentGlamour, 87:point of view) with the problem of this lower pair of opposites. Their battle is fought out throughGlamour, 91:meeting and a battle between another and higher pair of opposites. The aspirant has, therefore,Glamour, 96:and ignorantly men have to cope with this first pair of opposites. It is this that we see happeningGlamour, 97:the result of the battle going on between this pair of opposites in the field of human affairs andGlamour, 99:masses in all lands are wrestling with the first pair of opposites, that upon the physical plane.Glamour, 267:disciple when he attempts to resolve the final pair of opposites, prior to certain majorHealing, 186:disks or webs are to be found between each pair of the centers up the spine and also in the head.Hercules, 211:Duality. Love-Wisdom. Fluidity. Control of every pair of opposites. The underlying love of DeityPsychology2, 309:dense physical body, and the battle of the lower pair of opposites takes place. It is interestingPsychology2, 312:face each other. This constitutes the final pair of opposites. The Dweller on the Threshold is oftPsychology2, 312:meeting and battle between another and a higher pair of opposites. The aspirant, therefore, hasRays, 471:initiation is taken, the power of the lower pair of opposites is no longer felt and exists no more.Rays, 606:and for the initial conflict between the major pair of opposites to which we give the name ofRays, 761:light is trodden through the blending of the pair of opposites - that pin point cold and flickeringSoul, 89:Soul, Vol. I, p. 186. The corpora striata are a pair of large ganglia of the brain immediately
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