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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PAR

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Autobiography, 35:me then that the images of the Buddha were on a par with the statues and images of the Christ inBethlehem, 128:the devil was to Christ's ambition. Ambition is, par excellence, the problem of the developedDiscipleship1, 269:the Monad. Thus service is the scientific mode, par excellence, to evoke spiritual integration andDiscipleship1, 301:so express it - to bring the whole group up to par, and enable me more rapidly to integrate it, andDiscipleship1, 765:to be interested in the permanent atoms is on a par with being interested in the nature of theDiscipleship2, 298:the expression of loving application. The mode par excellence by which the will can be developed isDiscipleship2, 381:each of the kingdoms in nature; initiation is, par excellence, a series of graded steps orDiscipleship2, 536:them and write them down, and this is the way, par excellence, for you to learn, to absorb and toDiscipleship2, 735:higher and in between stands the ray which is, par excellence, that which provides the battlegroundGlamour, 44:easier the path of his fellow disciples. This is par excellence, the Great Service, and it is toGlamour, 60:over-estimation of one's mental powers. The sin, par excellence, of the mental type is pride, andHealing, 40:all of you, for it is the scientific method, par excellence and esoterically speaking, of cleaningHealing, 178:of work of the former is the sacral center, par excellence; that of the solar Angel is the throatHealing, 204:admits the fact of the centers, the glands are, par excellence, the major determining factor inHealing, 263:history as narrated in the Old Testament is on a par with present-day German accomplishment; yetHealing, 474:in the entire physical body. They are the agents par excellence of the directing impulses of theHealing, 637:of the earth [637] suffers; it is the mode par excellence whereby this elemental life retainsMagic, 227:subjective and spiritual worlds. Yet the battle, par excellence, is fought out in the astral body,Magic, 298:in the warp and woof of matter itself, and is par excellence, a formulation or effect of the mindMagic, 460:four kingdoms in nature. The human kingdom is, par excellence, the medium of expression for theProblems, 109:an intuitive perception which will put them on a par and perhaps ahead of the many who todayPsychology1, 46:transmuting desire into love. Hence this ray is, par excellence, the dual ray of the solar LogosPsychology1, 320:or the power to know. The fourth ray is the ray par excellence which governs humanity. There is aPsychology1, 327:free scope and duly followed, it is the mode par excellence whereby the matter aspect, or the wholePsychology2, 130:of any nation and national group. Service is, par excellence, the technique of correct groupPsychology2, 158:we are not interested. Yet service is the mode, par excellence, for awakening the heart center, andRays, 415:love of God to humanity. He is the expression, par excellence, of a Sirian initiation, and it is toRays, 571:its radiation upon humanity. The seventh ray is, par excellence, the medium of relationship. ItRays, 757:the greatest of the world's prayers and is on a par with the other voiced expressions of spiritualTelepathy, 18:plexus center. The throat center is the center, par excellence, or the medium, of all creative
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