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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PARABLE

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Astrology, 123:not time to enlarge upon it here, but it is a parable concerned with the Piscean stage ofBethlehem, 123:may enter into the house, according to Christ's parable. (St. Matt., XII, 45.) Unless God indwellsDiscipleship2, 60:man-made and are not true interpretations of the parable or word picture which Christ gave to hisExternalisation, 90:to grow too large for the confining bars." This parable will be apparent to esotericists. The clueExternalisation, 119:home. It is obvious, is it not, from this parable, where the approbation of the Father lay; aExternalisation, 443:in human history. I would here refer you to a parable, spoken in terms of farsighted vision andMagic, 550:or a figment of the human mind. I speak not in parable; I utter only facts in nature and one thatPatanjali, 331:referred to than by the Christ in His parable of the Sowers, where some of the seed fell amongPsychology1, 14:the self-conscious man - for we shall retain the parable within the confines of the fourth kingdomPsychology2it, it is not possible to do more than speak in parable and metaphor with symbolic intent - to bePsychology2, 57:and must be dealt with as it is. Such is the parable of the ages. The design, the material, and thePsychology2, 489:makes beautifully and abundantly clear in the parable. 4. The "guidance" registered can also be
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