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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PARADOX

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Astrology, 555:This is the Cross whereon, under the occult paradox and in time and space, the Spirit is crucified.Discipleship1, 149:as time proceeds, negates all pain." Note the paradox here involved and learn its meaning which, myDiscipleship1, 539:you can think with love. Do you understand the paradox of that? As with the others, I will tell youDiscipleship1, 760:This correct orientation involves a paradox with which all disciples must wrestle, i.e., to beDiscipleship2, 21:I would remark that - under the Law of Occult Paradox - the seven Lords of Being (the seven Rays)Discipleship2, 475:personal touch, devoid of personality. This paradox is clear. [476] Discipleship2, 492:attitude of detached contact - an occult paradox! - and at the same time to carry forward the lifeDiscipleship2, 743:which is in the nature of a group occult paradox - his outer effectiveness produces an innerExternalisation, 382:any cost, even that of life itself. A spiritual paradox becomes apparent. The individual is ofHealing, 245:is responsive. I would have you note the occult paradox that death is the result of livingHealing, 323:lesser importance, than men think. Such is the paradox which I present to you. Wrong food of everyHercules, 174:can know the meaning of impersonality. That is a paradox, but there is no achievement in beingMagic, 370:Future It is a platitude as well as an occult paradox to say that in the midst of profoundPsychology2, 250:one particular personality ray. Hence the occult paradox stated above, which warrants the attentionPsychology2, 255:The reason why it is so hard to understand the paradox of soul unity through duality is that in
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