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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PARAGRAPH

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Astrology, 188:who are ourselves. A consideration of the above paragraph will indicate to you the importance ofAstrology, 441:of the Great Bear - Sirius - the Pleiades. This paragraph simply summarizes the preceding pages andAutobiography, 98:tome. Opening it he pointed to a certain paragraph and said, "Young lady, read those four or fiveAutobiography, 254:of very heavy work A.A.B. omitted to delete one paragraph in which I speak as a Master. ThisAutobiography, 254:one paragraph in which I speak as a Master. This paragraph appeared in the July 1943 Beacon, muchDiscipleship1, 309:own personal work I would ask you to write one paragraph which will embody your highest thoughtDiscipleship1, 482:a face or look which brought good remembrance; a paragraph in a book which illumined your mind.Discipleship1, 482:your fellow disciples. Write, for instance, the paragraph which attracted your attention or theDiscipleship1, 589:1 and 2. The two previous questions in the first paragraph of this communication. 3. If you feelDiscipleship1, 609:is the result to which I referred in my opening paragraph and not the specific type. Ponder onDiscipleship1, 648:I have here, in the above carefully phrased paragraph, given you enough to engage your attentionDiscipleship1, 787:very heavy work, A. A. B. omitted to delete one paragraph in which I do speak as a Master. ThisDiscipleship1, 787:paragraph in which I do speak as a Master. This paragraph, much to her distress, appeared in theDiscipleship2, 196:and expound to you - from the group angle - a paragraph there given; I will here rephrase it. It isDiscipleship2, 196:three worlds as the serving disciple. In this paragraph you have indicated the spiritual,Discipleship2, 319:next sequence of teaching is contained in this paragraph and the one above; you can discover it ifDiscipleship2, 329:as a soul. What I have stated in the above paragraph in no way contradicts this fact. It must,Discipleship2, 577:been made available to the public. In this paragraph I have given you much food for thought. TheDiscipleship2, 678:a drastic elimination of any word or phrase or paragraph which could be considered to have anEducation, 32:I - Coordination and Integration In the above paragraph and its implications you have a brief andExternalisation, 38:anent the first Ray found in this short paragraph? I oft give you so much real information of whichExternalisation, 88:whether you can grasp the implications of this paragraph. When the mind aspect (the third aspect ofExternalisation, 228:I would ask you to ponder with care upon this paragraph, stating the possibilities of your task. IExternalisation, 494:of a stupendous world event, and in this brief paragraph I have summed up the working out of aFire, 728:Sacrifice for humanity. 42 As noted in the above paragraph, there are secondly three Entities WhoFire, 837:the physical body of the solar Logos. The above paragraph is specifically worded thus because theGlamour, 256:invited. If all the implications in the above paragraph are considered, it will be apparent thatHealing, 608:them because the breaking down of a [608] paragraph into its clear and simple statements is a soundHealing, 648:the surface. The first sentence in each [648] paragraph of this Rule starts with an importantHealing, 682:probability is that they would not. The first paragraph of this Law X deals with the passing outHealing, 684:and abstruse meaning for esotericists. The last paragraph in this Law X cannot be interpreted inInitiation, 197:energies on the diet mentioned in the preceding paragraph, but there the ideal is embodied, and, asIntellect, 57:not be enlarged upon here, beyond quoting one paragraph. "Behind the objective body lies aIntellect, 142:the instrument of the soul, and will repeat one paragraph here: "It should be made clear, however,Intellect, 231:and turning that Key. I realize that this paragraph touching the 'I am God' meditation contains aMagic, 266:be laid upon the word realized in the above paragraph. According to the clarity of vision and theMagic, 433:Thus the way out can be seen. In the above paragraph, the dominant planetary urges present inMeditation, 196:of people into the Lesser Mysteries. In this paragraph, as you rightly think, lies material thatPsychology2, 63:and good character. The thought underlying this paragraph links the conclusions of thePsychology2, 296:situation, touched upon in the previous paragraph. In the case cited (which is one of quite usualPsychology2, 544:the structure of words I have used in this last paragraph for it will serve to elucidate my theme.Psychology2, 585:is the lowest expression. In the above paragraph and differentiations I have given you much foodPsychology2, 620:would ask you to ponder carefully upon this last paragraph for it holds the clue to the successfulRays, 178:initiates above the third degree. In the above paragraph I have presented you with a new concept reRays, 196:I will leave you to make due application of this paragraph [197] of stated truth and of condensedRays, 199:hiding a still more supernal glory. The above paragraph is far beyond the comprehension of theRays, 450:psychic unfoldment must be based. In the above paragraph and its implications you have a brief andRays, 614:implements the Return of the Christ In the first paragraph of this instruction, I ascribed theSoul, 59:medium of ether without question. In the last paragraph of his Principia, he says: "And now weSoul, 123:He quotes Mrs. Besant also in the following paragraph: "The 'navel' represents the solar plexus,Telepathy, 23:who have the true esoteric sense, the above paragraph will convey a good deal of information,
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