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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PARALLEL

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Astrology, 56:The two scales of the Balance in Libra. The two Parallel Lines of force in Aquarius. The two FishesAstrology, 670:II, 640) "The seven rays of the sun are made parallel to the seven worlds of every planetary chain,Atom, 131:of atomic energy. That discovery will probably parallel the development of group consciousness.Bethlehem, 13:event in Christ's life, the Crucifixion, finds a parallel in the fourth initiation of the OrientalBethlehem, 204:transference and there is the closest possible parallel between this and the Christian way ofBethlehem, 254:of this process of reorientation, and has its parallel in the process of Christian "conversion" andDiscipleship1, 534:Vertical growth and horizontal growth must parallel each other. Two things I seek to say to you.Discipleship1, 699:lead to the satisfaction of desire. This is a parallel process to the work of prana, impelling theDiscipleship1, 699:nature into activity. These necessarily parallel and produce conflict - the first clash (within theDiscipleship1, 765:advanced stages) with awareness which have no parallel or correspondence in the experience of evenDiscipleship2, 252:in a developed awareness. It is the spiritual parallel of the development during material evolutionDiscipleship2, 530:understanding and a search for meaning begins to parallel your reaction to love and fearlessness.Education, 55:certain definite qualities, and they will parallel the opening of the petals in the human lotus.Education, 148:of the path of return to the Center, which must parallel the path of outgoing. I have now completedExternalisation, 106:upon the outer plane of existence and thus parallel objectively the developing inner, spiritualExternalisation, 111:This precipitates a crisis which has had no parallel in human history but which finds a faintExternalisation, 141:interests lie - the side of the Forces of Light. Parallel this with an understanding appreciationExternalisation, 220:of right and clear thinking, which must run parallel to the demanded outer activity and which willExternalisation, 258:an initiatory seven - the base and dark parallel of the initiating Seven who lead human beings intoExternalisation, 260:the second aspect of divinity. Their activities parallel those of the workers who are, or haveExternalisation, 279:for instance, those who can use this Invocation parallel its voiced expression with some form ofExternalisation, 676:for the Black Lodge ever endeavors to parallel, offset and undo the work of the White Lodge, andFire, 76:other planetary Logoi. We get an illustrative parallel in the effect which one individual will haveFire, 108:reached. The even distribution of prana will parallel this balancing in the man, in the race, inFire, 162:and functioning of the centers has pursued a parallel course, and that (apart from his activeFire, 261:the three Persons of logoic manifestation. The parallel is exact. The Monad. The threefold Triad,Fire, 314:electrical phenomena in etheric matter, will parallel all the processes on the major planes. ThisFire, 329:planetary scheme, pursue their work, and thus parallel the work done in the three worlds by theFire, 439:and always will energy and quality progress in parallel lines. As the ray influence passes awayFire, 473:the etheric levels of the physical plane) will parallel a correspondingly easier transmission ofFire, 546:open, but the second petal of love will almost parallel its development, being for that particularFire, 589:Monad, and the evolving deva Monad. The two parallel evolutions touch in that kingdom, and thenFire, 663:when the deva evolution is spoken of as being a "parallel evolution " to that of man. In the threeFire, 663:In the three worlds the two lines of evolution parallel each other, and must not be consciouslyFire, 666:higher four. In the three worlds, we have the parallel evolutions - deva and human in their manyFire, 700:which to enter, and so continue their work. A parallel case can be seen at the entry - in AtlanteanFire, 700:days - of Egos from the moon-chain. The parallel is not exact, as a peculiar condition prevailed onFire, 956:Architect or Builder of the universe. He has to parallel His work as: The one who conceives theFire, 996:the inner transmutation, then he can proceed to parallel this life with magical studies and work.Fire, 1013:little realized by the average thinker, but the parallel with his own life experience is exact, asHealing, 222:not of mental efficiency, which may or may not parallel the former. [223] The animal instincts areHealing, 325:of the centers or chakras in the body, and parallel their development. This development isHealing, 503:has a somewhat similar effect and has a close parallel in the phenomena brought about by theHealing, 683:forward within the consciousness of the man and parallel the recognition and ordinary aspects ofInitiation, 19:situation on the higher levels, though the parallel cannot be pushed to detail. The intuitionInitiation, 36:and work now in the ranks of the great evolution parallel to the human, and which is called theInitiation, 84:people do not develop exactly along the same or parallel lines, and therefore no hard or fast rulesInitiation, 157:plane. The three activities of the aspirant must parallel each other, and it will be noted that theInitiation, 203:not safe for the uninitiated to tamper with the parallel evolution of the devas, yet it isIntellect, 147:aspirant to knowledge. But at this point the parallel breaks down. Education in the Occident failsIntellect, 257:for this reason that wise teachers of meditation parallel the meditation work with some course ofMagic, 192:- in the individual sense, which is a finite parallel of an infinite Reality - is "carried up intoMagic, 193:and ability to reason logically and sanely may parallel the growth of the intuition and ofMagic, 214:the world of astral phenomena, and the physical parallel exists for the etheric body. It is thisMagic, 526:emanates from the central spiritual sun. The parallel to these two types of force in a human beingMeditation, 182:slowed down, for the original purpose had been a parallel development. The secret of this apparentPatanjali, 150:These equally cause pain and distress and parallel the awakening of the real man to a realizationPsychology1, xxi:The last book, A Treatise on White Magic, is a parallel volume to A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. JustPsychology1, 234:textbooks of our colleges. It is not my work to parallel the information found in the exotericPsychology2, 75:Remember that understanding must always parallel the intellectual grasp of a subject, and it isPsychology2, 716:expediency and undertaking which must parallel the present endeavor. Work in relation to otherRays, 129:and of humanity to the kingdom of God, is the parallel (on a higher turn of the spiral) of theRays, 205:one coherent, energized and functioning whole. A parallel to this, though on a much smaller scale,Rays, 206:stage of initiate consciousness. This is only a parallel and an analogy, and must not be undulyRays, 206:of human endeavor. This is again a dangerous parallel to propose for - as a symbol - it lacks anyRays, 242:awareness of fixed design - is the microcosmic parallel of His cosmic intention. Which thatRays, 354:the Hierarchy, and this "pictorial event" is a parallel to the one already considered - theRays, 471:This process constitutes the individual parallel to the present inflow of force from Shamballa,Rays, 697:the two stories of these two great Disciples are parallel - One so obediently serving the Greater,Reappearance, 68:or stress attached to His point of tension; the parallel is, however, good enough to conveySoul, 34:incoming and outgoing nervous energy there are parallel activities in the system of ductless glandsTelepathy, 19:modes of communication. There is an interesting parallel between the three modes of telepathic work
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