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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PARALLELED

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Astrology, 228:and inspiration. These five stages are paralleled in the five strictly human signs of the zodiac:Astrology, 436:(related primarily to the mineral kingdom) paralleled by a crisis of mental [437] perception,Atom, 63:as the life within grows and expands, it is paralleled by the crystallization of the form, which noAutobiography, 250:of humanity. The meditation work is balanced and paralleled by study and by the effort to teach theBethlehem, 13:The story of Christ's birth at Bethlehem can be paralleled in practically every detail in the livesBethlehem, 70:of such importance that nowhere else can it be paralleled? Can anything really happen on this "ballBethlehem, 177:the Gospel story is not unique, but has been paralleled in the lives of other Sons of God;Discipleship1, 58:process of right external adjustments must be paralleled in the New Age by right inner relations,Discipleship1, 261:become arid and full of personality unless it is paralleled by a growing sensitivity to theDiscipleship1, 782:of humanity. The meditation work is balanced and paralleled by study and by the effort to teach theDiscipleship2, 748:my last communication to you) and you have also paralleled that by a very definite shifting of yourExternalisation, 18:effort. When this is done with detachment and is paralleled by a life of loving service, theExternalisation, 240:degree, even when unaccompanied by militancy or paralleled by a true idealism. It is self-interest,Fire, 136:of the centers throughout the body is paralleled or duplicated by the concurrent vivification ofFire, 203:until the Probationary Path is reached. This is paralleled by the increasing use of the senses, andFire, 203:until the first Initiation is reached. This is paralleled by the tremendously keen use of theFire, 204:Physical and Astral Planes This development is paralleled on the two higher planes simultaneouslyFire, 251:in the aggregate of men in the three worlds, is paralleled by an analogous activity on the threeFire, 262:seven sacred planets. But the exoteric form is paralleled by a psychic development which we callFire, 287:subplanes during the next two races. This is paralleled in the animal kingdom by the gradualFire, 407:by purely concrete mind. Unless this is paralleled by a steady influx of egos on to the buddhicFire, 424:work of synthesizing and its influence will be paralleled in the sixth round by the graduallyFire, 455:intellectual apprehension, and unless this is paralleled by the growth of spiritual realization,Fire, 537:of manifestation; they occultly 'die.' This is paralleled in the logoic centers, the planetaryFire, 644:plane find their counterparts and their work paralleled on higher levels. The point to beFire, 795:correspondingly lessened, and this stage will be paralleled by a consequent greater freedom fromFire, 927:that which is as yet subjective. This is paralleled by man on the physical plane in the appliedFire, 1119:into the Monad or the One. This process is paralleled at the final consummation of solar evolutionFire, 1160:center and throat, as they unify in the head) is paralleled by another triplicity, the solarGlamour, 195:are illustrative; these, in their turn, must be paralleled by a following of the Five Rules and theHealing, 209:after birth, this type of force is aided and paralleled by the inflow of planetary prana or vitalHealing, 395:men will undergo beneficent change. This will be paralleled, as time elapses, by a rapport betweenHealing, 667:and the planned effort of evil have been paralleled by the appearance of the New Group of WorldIntellect, 164:Intuition, page 165. This position is closely paralleled with that of the Oriental teaching, whichMagic, 159:of a preceding period of rhythmic breathing, paralleled by concentrated meditation work, then aMagic, 395:be noted that this sequential development is paralleled by an inner growth of soul awareness,Meditation, 299:confront the Great Ones. Mental development when paralleled by emotional stability and a strongMeditation, 299:aim for all. But now you have mental development paralleled by an unstable astral and a weak,Meditation, 304:of inner unfoldment and development should be paralleled by a life of exoteric service. By thePatanjali, 305:the body. Its activity and development has been paralleled by the spleen, which is the organ ofProblems, 49:and love which will not be easy, for it will be paralleled by a profound sense of the difficultiesProblems, 75:superior status in the faces of the very poor, paralleled with a patronizing paternalism. TheProblems, 75:and the airplane. The age of communications paralleled this also, giving us the telegraph, theProblems, 102:the Jews is a grievous and ghastly story, only paralleled by the Jewish treatment of their enemies,Problems, 109:planning for the future? Will this be paralleled by an ability on the part of the Negro races toProblems, 141:nature of God has been a slow unfolding process, paralleled by the evolutionary growth of the humanPsychology1, 76:sacrifice and effort thus involved are paralleled only by the life of the Buddha, and this is onePsychology2, 249:for him the best medium for his endeavor. It is paralleled by the effort, constantly made upon thePsychology2, 336:step, the unfoldment of the nervous system has paralleled that of the inner psychical apparatus,Psychology2, 461:first case, you have genius; in the other (if paralleled by a rich emotional nature) you will havePsychology2, 523:carried on within the personality, is paralleled by the transference of spiritual energy from thatRays, 562:his careful preparation, which must be paralleled by a demonstration of his understanding of theRays, 651:and as his spiritual ambition grows and is paralleled by an equally steady growth in mentalRays, 670:the sex life should play in the daily life is paralleled by the concentration of thought anent theReappearance, 9:To sum up, therefore: the doctrine of Avatars is paralleled by the doctrine of the continuity ofTelepathy, 131:upon the cosmic mental plane; this energy was paralleled by a secondary energy from the sun Sirius,
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