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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PARALLELING

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Psychology2, 23:stages, whereas in reality there is often a paralleling activity going on, and much overlapping,Psychology2, 90:the human power to be conscious. A growing and paralleling refinement of the forms of life in thePsychology2, 179:down the ages, served to raise the race, so a paralleling achievement in group formation will tendPsychology2, 323:Whilst this soul activity is proceeding, a paralleling activity in the material substance is goingPsychology2, 338:those who are awake within the kingdom of God. Paralleling this development of the consciousness inPsychology2, 373:fifth, sixth and seventh rays have no such paralleling relations. 1 added to 1 equals 2, 2 added toPsychology2, 576:and must disappear. I might here touch upon the paralleling activity of the forces which arePsychology2, 621:and group breathing - is evoking its own paralleling solution in the emphasis that is being laid inPsychology2, 728:all of us will, therefore, be a duplicating or a paralleling expression of an inner subjectivePsychology2, 728:at least temporarily be swung into an allied and paralleling activity. The leaders of the peaceRays, 13:reaction and the response by mankind to great paralleling and originating happenings which involveRays, 15:To this fact of hierarchical upheaval - paralleling and intensifying the upheaval upon the physicalRays, 88:the education of the masses. This means the paralleling development of an enlightened publicRays, 135:of nature have at last worked their way out into paralleling physical conditions. This is good andRays, 145:of which is still raging (written October 1943). Paralleling this was an uprising of good, again inRays, 188:- Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation Paralleling this activity and implemented, fed andRays, 189:in Germany, and this has been done without the paralleling activity of the love energy of theRays, 236:- passed into the higher center, Shamballa. Paralleling this line of unfoldment of the individual,Rays, 272:and - at the same time - assumes some of its paralleling higher qualities. The lower concrete mindRays, 276:will hold sway," as our injunction expresses it. Paralleling all this will be the work of the menRays, 279:and effective interplay; they also constitute a paralleling activity to the task of building theRays, 290:through many parts of the Gospel story are two paralleling histories; the lesser world ofRays, 312:in this connection) is slowly developing and paralleling the two other activities - Destroy andRays, 315:in his life of service, then within himself and paralleling this activity to which he is dedicatedRays, 333:its own line of spiritual unfoldment as a paralleling activity to its services on Earth inRays, 334:Hierarchy waits to make a united move forward, paralleling - on its own level - the move forwardRays, 413:as a consequence; this will lead also to future paralleling decisions on the physical plane inRays, 498:forward on to the Path of Discipleship, with a paralleling moving forward of accepted disciples.Rays, 502:theoretically but also factually, so that three paralleling lines of thought, or three streams ofRays, 542:to the Master is the next and some times paralleling stage and involves the bringing [543] togetherRays, 554:of men so inclined, leading to an analogous or paralleling unity, unanimity and creative activityRays, 666:will emerge out of the modern masses of men; paralleling this, the occult way is attracting moreReappearance, 36:awakening consciousness of humanity, the great paralleling truth of God Immanent - divinelyReappearance, 106:Paul who was responsible for this emphasis. A paralleling instance of a similar distortion was alsoSoul, 16:A spirit of uncertainty and expectancy is paralleling the certainties and cold facts of modernSoul, 85:development of the world plan there has been a paralleling progressive development of the God ideaTelepathy, 79:of the animal consciousness proceeds along lines paralleling, yet dissimilar to that of the humanTelepathy, 95:impression is a normal and natural unfoldment, paralleling spiritual development. I gave you a clueTelepathy, 162:and the personality fights the soul. But paralleling this well known conflict, another battle goes
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