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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PARAPHRASE

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Autobiography, 238:years before Christ. The Tibetan gave me the paraphrase of the ancient Sanskrit phrases because IAutobiography, 247:Light of the Soul, in it I give the English paraphrase of the Sanskrit Sutras of Patanjali and sheBethlehem, 70:the Word spoken at the birth of Christ. Let us paraphrase the message of the angels. It came from aDiscipleship1, 674:blending of the Lights, but there is no adequate paraphrase of the terms used to cover the name.Discipleship1, 713:of the Lights, but. there is no adequate paraphrase of the terms used to convey this name. I wouldDiscipleship1, 758:is technically and esoterically correct. I will paraphrase its significance for you in an endeavorDiscipleship2, 285:formula, but have not given a translation or a paraphrase. Bear this in mind and as you ponderDiscipleship2, 425:are implicit in this point may be clearer if I paraphrase the statement and thus give you a senseExternalisation, 90:same ancient writing, and here I will roughly paraphrase or freely translate it for you. "The sevenExternalisation, 249:is not easy to give an adequate translation or paraphrase of this power-mantram, nor is it easy toExternalisation, 481:connotation and emphasis; only an inadequate paraphrase of certain sentences found in thatExternalisation, 481:pronouncement can be given to humanity, and this paraphrase can be used only when the war is overFire, 401:in the Three Groups Literally, should we paraphrase this sentence, we might express it in the formGlamour, 141:from that higher center. I might here paraphrase an ancient instruction for disciples, which can beGlamour, 141:I am giving you a brief and somewhat inadequate paraphrase of this ancient symbolic wording: [142]Glamour, 191:In that Light shall we see LIGHT. A simple paraphrase of these apparently abstract and symbolicIntellect, 76:Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, of which an English paraphrase and commentary is furnished in my book TheMagic, 174:blending of the Lights, but there is no adequate paraphrase of the terms used to cover the name.Magic, 320:into adequate terms, but the above rough paraphrase will convey the idea to the illumined; theseMagic, 512:This entire rule might be given in the following paraphrase which will merit careful thought andPatanjali, 18:of being. This sutra is somewhat difficult to paraphrase. Its significance consists in this:Patanjali, 58:the Way is found. This is a very general paraphrase but conveys nevertheless the correctPatanjali, 201:for form, both one's own and all forms. This paraphrase of Sutra 40 does not adhere to thePatanjali, 269:the thinking principle. This is a very general paraphrase of the idea involved and is in the naturePatanjali, 302:It might suffice here to give a simple English paraphrase which will give the essence of thePatanjali, 313:developed in one-pointed meditation. This is a paraphrase of a very general nature, but gives thePatanjali, 320:spiritual nature. Again we have quite a loose paraphrase of the original text, but one whichPatanjali, 348:chosen terms (of which the English is but a paraphrase, lacking the expression fully to convey thePatanjali, 364:of this sutra will be obviated if a free paraphrase is here given. "Through the development of thePatanjali, 394:when separated by species, time and place. A paraphrase of the sutra might serve to elucidate, andPatanjali, 404:to this second line of thought than does the paraphrase of the Tibetan, and it is of profit toPsychology1, 301:and positive activity. If the above practical paraphrase of the words of Christ were universallyPsychology2, 391:of the appropriate phrase for his ray. Let me paraphrase or elucidate each of them, inadequatelyRays, 107:and can be used or not at will. We could paraphrase the last two sentences of this fourth rule asRays, 163:Let us now briefly interpret or rather paraphrase the [164] four sentences by means of which I haveRays, 166:in a point which ignores the Three. Let me paraphrase this, for detailed comment is not possible orRays, 266:and yet is Life Itself." In this attempt to paraphrase an ancient definition of the Law of
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