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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PARTICIPATING

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Astrology, 542:of this age of major conflict. Humanity is today participating in the preparatory tests forAutobiography, 33:we had what is called three "London seasons," participating in the usual round of garden parties,Autobiography, 304:of things can only be understood in terms of our participating in this larger group life. (Talk toBethlehem, 157:the significance of the event in which they were participating, the three Apostles, speakingBethlehem, 272:conscious of the larger whole, or actively participating in its unified life. However, it isDiscipleship1, 405:Such is the sequence. Do this prior to participating in the group meditation. Let the personalityDiscipleship1, 649:in the midst of the strife and turmoil (I mean a participating suffering and not a struggle toDiscipleship1, 695:succeeds in functioning and if those participating in this new effort manage to work with unity,Discipleship2, 42:discard the alibis which have prevented you from participating to date in the all-out effort whichDiscipleship2, 70:Recognition of it comes when the candidate is participating in the "esoteric installation" of aDiscipleship2, 188:in its use and distribution, you have [188] been participating in a cosmic event of tremendousExternalisation, 82:we find around us and to discover ourselves participating in attack and the spirit of hate. GuardExternalisation, 116:the new thing and it is in this that we are all participating. It is the death of the personalityExternalisation, 235:I speak too strongly to those of you who are not participating in this planetary war? I speak withExternalisation, 248:or to groups upon the issues at stake, or participating in some form of national effort to bringExternalisation, 401:spiritual activity the recognition that you are participating [402] in the task of anchoring theExternalisation, 582:disciples and initiates for initiation and for participating consciously in hierarchical effort;Externalisation, 685:(again for the first time) is intelligently participating and cooperating. It is this cooperativeFire, 278:Entity, and is recognized only as time when the participating life has reached a considerable stageFire, 882:of the different groups of existences who are participating in planetary evolution and in solarGlamour, 211:will be apparent to you: First: that those participating in the eradication of glamor must be ableGlamour, 213:service such as is proposed, they are definitely participating in a hierarchical activity and are,Healing, 261:of Humanity by the United Nations. We are participating in a great spectacular and symbolicInitiation, 52:incarnation at this time with the sole intent of participating in the activities and occupationsInitiation, 204:attained their objective when duly and wisely participating in the marriage relation. An initiateMagic, 89:books call "samadhi", he has succeeded in participating, as a soul, in this group meditation, andPatanjali, 30:each individual is as varied as there are people participating in it. Non-attachment has to bePsychology1, 240:of Days, the embodiment of our planetary Logos, participating (either actively or behind [241] thePsychology1, 243:ahead of the others, for there are three rays participating in its perfecting. It might be statedPsychology1, 286:but with the emotional body attracted and participating. Sometimes the mental body is involved withPsychology1, 363:cooperating intelligently with the Plan, and participating in those basic rituals which arePsychology2, 145:Their picked and chosen servers, are actively participating in the work which is the initiatoryPsychology2, 501:from the body. In this case, the man is either participating in certain activities, or he is in thePsychology2, 501:to hurt those he hates; he will favor himself by participating in the fulfilment of what hePsychology2, 716:cognizant of the present endeavor and therefore participating in the plans of the Council, are notRays, 428:this time, for the struggle in which we are all participating. The country which is the most freeRays, 743:in which all are consciously or unconsciously participating? Let me list them: The crisis of theRays, 759:students, all men of goodwill and all who are participating in the work of the Triangles and
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