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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PARTICIPATION

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Astrology, 168:Capricorn admits the soul into conscious participation in the life of that world center which weAstrology, 323:the Cardinal Cross - begins its active conscious participation in the drama of life. Thus theAstrology, 437:Mercury. It is this mental perception plus world participation in the "crumbling of the mountainAutobiography, 39:and it was nearly two [39] decades after my participation that I discovered what it was all about.Autobiography, 278:ahead is also deeply considered and the active participation of the student invoked. Later, whenBethlehemthe recognition of Christ and His work and its participation, consciously, in the kingdom of God.Bethlehem, 48:IV, 14, 15.) Recognition and preparation for participation in the divine Plan was next followed byBethlehem, 264:is an expression of the divinity of man, of his participation in the kingdom which is in process ofDestiny, 65:will suffer deeply as a result of their non-participation in the fate of the whole. TheDestiny, 65:human development. Identification with all and participation in world conditions - voluntarily andDiscipleship1, 234:of human suffering, leading eventually to participation in it. It is this relation of the trainedDiscipleship1, 278:by you in service to the group. It is in this participation in a subjective group endeavor -Discipleship1, 376:the other newly chosen group members, for quick participation in the group work. [377] Discipleship1, 497:aspirant withdrew of his own free choice from participation in the Tibetan's work during this life.Discipleship1, 525:and right steps, holds you back from a full participation in the service of humanity and in myDiscipleship1, 684:exists, and an increasingly intelligent participation in the Master's creative activity. The groupDiscipleship1, 710:is very different to that of preparing them for participation in the work of the center which weDiscipleship1, 771:range picture. The dual life of active world participation in opposing that which is seeking toDiscipleship2, 4:- to prepare you all as a group for an active participation in this future work. As I enter uponDiscipleship2, 26:the disciple) of a dual life - a life of active participation in world affairs and a life ofDiscipleship2, 27:exercise in order to train you all in esoteric participation. Make a careful analysis each month ofDiscipleship2, 115:which each of you is called, and called prior to participation in the group meditation with whichDiscipleship2, 151:the Master M. are likewise deeply committed to participation in this work. I would ask you also toDiscipleship2, 351:the disciples being admitted into hierarchical participation necessarily condition the rhythm andDiscipleship2, 423:initiation. They infer - to sum it all up - participation, consciousness and cooperation in theDiscipleship2, 464:in the pressure and anxiety and in your psychic participation in the fate of your country and inDiscipleship2, 516:first ray Ashram, and has held you there. Closer participation was not possible, owing to yourDiscipleship2, 709:which has temporarily removed you from an active participation in the work you have done so wellEducation, 55:of correspondences. These will be known as: Participation - Purpose - Precipitation. Therefore, asEducation, 56:AND SOCIAL ORDER III. Will and Sacrifice Petals Participation (in the Plan) Purpose (Directed WillEducation, 130:the young people in school and college for participation in an active and consciously realizedExternalisation, 138:we might now briefly deal. As regards active participation in the work to be done in preparing theExternalisation, 169:is a relatively new one and is due to the participation of humanity in the process of invocation,Externalisation, 216:responsibility, but who refrain from any active participation in the processes of adjustment, fromExternalisation, 218:is an unwarranted alibi; the shirking of due participation in the struggle because every nation hasExternalisation, 220:banners, their immediate action is clear - participation in the national emergency. This is,Externalisation, 253:much evil karma. In some way they must learn participation, because the present situation has in itExternalisation, 253:to the divine goodwill, and his correct participation in its expression. Where these conditionsExternalisation, 262:least no harm in this attempt and this effort at participation in hierarchical endeavor. PlannedExternalisation, 296:and aspirants, plus their desire, their active participation in the task of clearing the way forExternalisation, 300:another and lower aspect of divine guidance and participation. [301] Such inspired leadership isExternalisation, 325:problems. These problems are simply your participation in world karma and constitute your neededExternalisation, 405:with them there is no new revelation but only participation and understanding. These are the factsExternalisation, 427:by isolationism and the desire to withdraw from participation in the misery of war; others hateExternalisation, 490:the Master M. are likewise deeply committed to participation in this work. [491] I would ask youExternalisation, 504:in America is laying His plans toward an active participation in the work. These consecratedExternalisation, 556:deed and in truth, the first step towards human participation is being made this year. TheExternalisation, 557:you that, if you do succeed in any measure of participation, it will be necessary to guardExternalisation, 557:are responsive to hierarchical interests. True participation may lead to the sudden conviction ofExternalisation, 685:and cooperating. It is this cooperative participation, even if unconsciously rendered, which hasExternalisation, 687:teaching anent "isolated unity" and divine participation, which the Masters in Their Ashrams areFire, 162:parallel course, and that (apart from his active participation) the work has proceeded along theFire, 365:equipped to cope with life conditions. This participation in the life and influence of theFire, 491:the devas work destructively, and without participation in the purpose of the plan, and theFire, 503:of the energy and force which is his by right of participation in the processes of manifestation,Fire, 543:are opened, during a period of time covering his participation intelligently in world affairs untilFire, 984:284. Magic is a divine science which leads to a participation in the attributes of divinity itself.Glamour, 4:a part of the great World Life, and of one's participation in the eternal persisting Existence.Glamour, 98:the Way in safety. I have, therefore, chosen for participation in this work several aspirants whoseGlamour, 125:individual himself, either in the past, through participation in world glamor, or started thisHealing, 130:denotes both an individual center of life and participation also in the general life of all. ToHealing, 448:the individual will-to-withdraw, but an enforced participation in a great group abstraction. FromHealing, 545:the sympathies. Sharing and a sense of general participation has usually to be learnt the hard wayHercules, 73:are equipped so to do. I refer to the ignorant participation in certain types of seance room work.Hercules, 90:Capricorn admits the soul into conscious participation in the life of that world center which weInitiation, 41:world as the recording angels. [41] The participation in solar councils. They alone have the rightInitiation, 97:unit of purpose and of will, and his intelligent participation therein through love and service.Intellect, 182:revealed to them. They can enter into active participation with it, and become conscious andMagic, 10:eventually to be merged, with full intelligent participation, in the greater consciousness of whichMagic, 368:and rest are doubly sweet; the joy of participation in the Masters [369] plan will be yours, andMagic, 457:and the mental plane. You see how this matter of participation in the divine creative process worksMagic, 516:and to manifest this cooperation by active participation in Their work on the physical plane has toPatanjalithe quality (or guna), through discriminative participation; the purpose, through inspiration (orPatanjali, 33:the quality (or guna), through discriminative participation; the purpose, through inspiration (orPatanjali, 34:second point. This is called "discriminative participation", and through it the student arrives atProblems, 8:mental conditions induced by the act of war and participation in it, the problem would be acuteProblems, 21:for world collaboration. She was forced into participation in the World War. Russia is the home ofPsychology1, 57:the whole subjects the individual to a uniform participation in the synthetic purpose, but thePsychology2, 19:aware of the essential nature of divinity. Participation in full consciousness with the group andPsychology2, 223:however, a basic, divine quality, producing wise participation in the Plan and skill in action. OnPsychology2, 484:telling him what to do and outlining to him his participation in various roles. Much of thePsychology2, 503:whether the related dream is an illusory participation, a perceived or registered activity, or aPsychology2, 601:with the Beloved, life in the Holy City, participation in some ecstatic vision of God, adoration ofPsychology2, 647:daily lives, the necessity of a great group participation in a Day of Forgiveness and ofPsychology2, 745:it you will be preparing yourself for right participation in the coming Wesak Festival. To bringRays, 76:time (written April, 1943) as it prepares for participation in the May and June Full Moons. Can theRays, 165:the individual will-to-withdraw, but an enforced participation in a great group abstraction. FromRays, 169:deeper, involving the idea of identification, of participation, and of synthetic realization -Rays, 172:sharing, plus process. It is a process of participation - consciously and constructively undertakenRays, 198:disciple. It is a curious phase of "identical participation," which evokes no reaction from theRays, 210:lies the first lesson of the aspirant to participation in group initiation. The second point whichRays, 299:own life and words, demonstrated his conscious participation in this basic unity, he passes on toRays, 364:infant are just as surely spiritual events as participation in an initiatory process; theRays, 371:family into the ranks of the initiates and his participation in the activity of some one or otherRays, 394:are enabled to move forward into full ashramic participation. All this should give you some idea ofRays, 469:understanding; this is, in reality, inclusive participation in the creative activity of divinity.Rays, 469:life thread, awakens to a fully aware process of participation in the divine creative Plan - a PlanRays, 608:of decision based upon perception of the Plan, participation in the Purpose, and the prevention ofRays, 608:precede that stage: Perception of the Plan. Participation in the Purpose. Prevention of evil. TheseRays, 609:in the Hierarchy Leading to right Perception and Participation 3. The Initiation of Refusal - 9th
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