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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PARTIES

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Autobiography, 33:participating in the usual round of garden parties, teas and dinners and being definitely in theAutobiography, 41:I spent much time visiting at large house parties where I was welcome because I was Alice LaAutobiography, 107:white men and congressmen in both Houses and parties left off yelling for democracy and freeAutobiography, 292:are working with us; members of all political parties and ideologies are also represented. We workEducation, 84:and right relations between individuals, groups, parties, nations and throughout the entireEducation, 122:of organized brotherhoods and fraternities, of parties and of groups, dedicated to some cause orExternalisation, 56:Approaches, we shall see that they involve two parties or two groups - those found on the objectiveExternalisation, 83:ideologies) upon the mass of the people. Parties, organizations, groups, societies, sExternalisation, 177:disaster. Today, there are no more than two parties in the world - those who are on the side ofExternalisation, 219:more rapidly reached when there are only two parties and not three. The recognition of thisExternalisation, 449:through Leagues of Nations, [449] organized parties and legislation. All of this will be the resultExternalisation, 452:is it absent in the United States, where parties and publishers dictate newspaper policies. TheExternalisation, 455:itself through international relations, national parties and general human affairs. It is not forExternalisation, 455:and women in all the churches, all the political parties, all the organizations - social, economic,Externalisation, 650:split into political, religious and social parties, listening to the teaching, the dreams and theGlamour, 30:religion, sociology, etc., etc.), into many parties and groups, all of them colored by an analogousHealing, 124:in group service. This is a point which both parties - the disciple and the person reacting to hisHealing, 386:basically a reference to the relation of both parties to their associates. An effort on the part ofHealing, 657:a question of the soul energy of both parties meeting on all three levels of human awareness. TheHealing, 699:the soul rays and the personality rays of both parties concerned. You may have, therefore,Healing, 700:are presented when both the rays of the two parties concerned are brought into relationship. InMagic, 68:to a consideration of the highest good for all parties concerned. But having through this tripleMagic, 394:He becomes the head of organizations and of parties, of religious and political bodies and ofMagic, 409:in France. Revolt, the formation of political parties, the class warfare which is so rampant today,Problems, 7:groups in any nation, by political and religious parties in any nation and among the nations of theProblems, 28:groups - idealists and realists, political parties and farsighted statesmanship, religious groups,Problems, 57:and right relations between individuals, groups, parties, nations and throughout the entireProblems, 76:"lower classes" informed of what was going on; parties were formed to end certain glaring abuses;Problems, 94:abused; cleavages are everywhere to be found; parties are clamoring for attention and adherents;Problems, 103:and these are factors which must condition all parties. The Jew needs to recognize his share inProblems, 119:and solve to the satisfaction of the various parties involved. It is the production of thisProblems, 119:where there is fundamental disagreement between parties. But this is seldom the case today. ThereProblems, 180:is largely [180] used at this time by all parties and groups, national and international. ToProblems, 180:the world; of those organizations, groups and parties who are also working along similar lines ofPsychology1, 127:the meeting ground, to the mutual benefit of the parties concerned. Of the colors, red, blue andPsychology1, 173:and strain and the wrecking of old political parties and trade relations had to play their part. ItPsychology1, 286:three parts of the personality concerned in both parties to the union. When this is indeed found,Psychology1, 296:give place to a mutual decision by both of the parties concerned. The decision will meet a naturalPsychology1, 296:marriage will be regarded as undesirable and the parties ill-mated where one is living the life ofPsychology2, 130:the relation between the religious and political parties, or between nation and nation. All of thisPsychology2, 636:in the partisan sense. They recognize all parties, all creeds, and all social and economicPsychology2, 637:means hitherto employed on all sides and by all parties and groups (fighting, violent partisanshipPsychology2, 639:we mention no specific groups, nations or parties, nor do we refer to any particular personalities.Psychology2, 642:and to [642] attack organizations, groups, parties, religions and national experiments. This hasPsychology2, 643:to no party or religion and yet belong to all parties and religions; they assume no attitude orPsychology2, 681:world, and of those organizations and groups and parties who are working along the lines ofRays, 613:line of demarcation between the two basic world parties is not yet possible, nor are the spiritualRays, 622:religious organizations, or by any dictating parties or dictators. The sin of the Roman CatholicRays, 626:intense national friction in all groups and parties. One group is fighting to preserve the oldReappearance, 109:hate, competition, maladjustment, strife between parties, the vilest kind of muck raking andTelepathy, 10:From this will result only confusion. The two parties concerned are using different centers and are
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