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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PARTS

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Fire, 79:the preservation of the health of its component parts. Other rays of the sun act differently, uponFire, 81:mechanism, with an exquisite adjustment of its parts in all major details, is only the physicalFire, 81:planets, worlds, human beings, etc., are only parts of the body, each functioning in subordinationFire, 90:air above us, and are specially active in such parts of the world as California, in those tropicalFire, 98:of fine channels, which are the component parts of one interlacing fine cord, - one portion of thisFire, 99:the triangle before being transmitted to all parts of the etheric vehicle and from thence to theFire, 101:body being to convey it and distribute it to all parts of its system. We have dwelt on facts whichFire, 101:via three centers, and redistributes it to all parts of its extended influence, or to the bounds ofFire, 101:it via the three receiving centers to all parts of its sphere of influence. This solar pranaFire, 102:Thus, the great interaction goes on, and all parts blend, merge and are interdependent; and allFire, 102:blend, merge and are interdependent; and all parts receive, color, qualify and transmit. An endlessFire, 245:and all are interrelated, and all are interested parts and members one of the other. 99Fire, 256:Men, who ray forth Their influence to all parts of the logoic sphere, and who embody withinFire, 273:of many groups, corresponding to the different parts) of the seven Heavenly Men. A Heavenly Man,Fire, 288:at some later period. 1. The Interrelated Parts Primarily I would suggest that we consider thisFire, 309:the center on which the spiritual and material parts of man are made to turn." "Lower manas is onlyFire, 331:Logos, and with the Heavenly Men as incorporate parts of His body of manifestation. In theFire, 333:Yet, as both planetary Logos and man are but parts of their greater whole, the electric fire ofFire, 379:on the planet at this time are component parts of the two groups: one group, which received theFire, 383:A root-race, simply is analogous to the "seven parts" (as Shakespeare phrases it) as played by theFire, 411:and the need of each part for all other parts will be brought out. As regards cosmic position,Fire, 440:one hundred years of Brahma into its component parts. In this knowledge lies hid the mystery ofFire, 449:name and form the three worlds, and in the three parts of the veda-verse that invokes the sun. EachFire, 456:of every cycle of one hundred years. Certain parts (two fifths) of that formula have worked outFire, 456:subject of radium and radioactivity. Three more parts of the same formula have still to come, andFire, 511:etheric spheres within the ring-pass-not, are parts of that heart center, and are 'petals in theFire, 517:matter per se goes to the formation of other parts of His great body of light. A permanent atom isFire, 558:His body of manifestation in its component parts. What is here predicated anent the logoic thoughtFire, 600:stated as regards the system, and its component parts which will be found illuminating if weFire, 603:we are participants in His life, and integral parts of His manifestation. It is only as we begin toFire, 635:This plane is, as we know, divided into two parts: The four ethers, four subplanes. TheFire, 707:of the body of the Ego enumerating its component parts and bearing in mind that the form is everFire, 783:of man, - those which have been the integral parts of the higher evolutionary forms. Fire, 807:enter now upon one of the most vitally practical parts of our Treatise on Fire, that which dealsFire, 864:centers into the higher may be divided into two parts: first, that in which the centers in theFire, 874:system, the other the divine Assemblers of its parts and the Ones Who, through the magneticFire, 920:stage in earlier kalpas. They are also corporate parts of the seven primary head centers in theFire, 922:dualities, and are dealing with one of the dual parts. It will be apparent that in the VishnuFire, 928:Ego, A weakness of coordination between the two parts of the physical vehicle. 85 Mantric Sounds. AFire, 968:this building process is divided into three parts, which overlap, and assume an appearance ofFire, 1000:to build; he pictures it with all its component parts, and sees "before his mind's eye" theFire, 1057:"seeing eye," for it causes a turning of varying parts of the sphere to the differing zodiacalFire, 1088:Logoi become gradually revealed. They are parts of His body of manifestation, cells within thatFire, 1094:wheels in activity, if he can visualize all parts of the wheel as composed of lesser living wheels,Fire, 1094:the wheel so that they come in contact with all parts of the wheel, and are impressed by all theFire, 1110:therefore, if we considered the component parts of this "Temple of the Soul," if we studied theFire, 1117:is carried forward through the energy in all its parts, so is each infinitesimal part speeded on toFire, 1128:We have studied from many angles the component parts of man, the microcosm, and the mode whereby heFire, 1136:soul, as it is called, is divided into seven parts which appear in each of the seven races of aFire, 1136:portions of the group soul in one of its seven parts are out of incarnation they are to be found onFire, 1175:on the three higher etheric planes in all parts of the system. They have - for certain occult andFire, 1179:our castes and this not only in India but in all parts of the world. Its teachers are spoken of asFire, 1182:solar sphere, and is thence distributed to all parts of the entire system, emanates from threeFire, 1186:in some way or another, in its various parts, force or energy originating in the three forces ofFire, 1214:and space or "divine opportunity" play their parts in microcosmic group work as they do in theFire, 1265:of the eye acts as a protecting shell; both parts are required, and neither can exist without theGlamour, xi:of this sort have already appeared in various parts of the world and may well contribute to theGlamour, xi:like to divide what I have to say into three parts, and I plead for a close study of my words: IGlamour, 7:at the significance of various sections or parts of the symbol under consideration. When, however,Glamour, 42:and inner activities become practical parts of the disciple's life and their consequences becomeGlamour, 54:(in its various aspects) into its component parts in time and space, and this I attempted partiallyGlamour, 95:and pursuits. This stage divides itself into two parts: That wherein satisfaction is sought in theGlamour, 128:We will divide what we have to say into four parts, dealing briefly, but I trust helpfully, withGlamour, 199:can be carried forward by disciples in all parts of the planet, aided by the world aspirants; itGlamour, 227:formula will, therefore, be divided into three parts: The Preparatory Stages. The Use of theGlamour, 243:feels and from the Actor and Player of the many parts which the Soul undertakes to play. TheGlamour, 260:thought and of the correct relation between all parts of the chorus. Think out this theme as aHealing, 7:That which I have to say will fall into two parts: First, we will deal with the general work ofHealing, 10:God (as St. Paul expresses it) we, as integral parts of the fourth kingdom in nature, share in thisHealing, 15:of the causes of disease into three parts, eliminating from our quest for truth the quiteHealing, 72:all types of force pass through it to different parts of the physical form, producing good and badHealing, 98:I am dividing the first one into its component parts for the sake of clarity. 1a. The healer mustHealing, 111:resolution of the form nature into its component parts and basic essence. Disease is essentially anHealing, 120:to say anent the diseases of disciples into two parts: the specific problems of all disciples, andHealing, 128:- free circulation of all that is needed to all parts of the great framework of humanity. The bloodHealing, 128:Instead of free circulation between all parts of the life aspect, there has been separation,Healing, 129:nervous system, due to the flow of energy to all parts of the body, directed by either theHealing, 140:relating system in the body; they bring all parts of the physical vehicle into relation with eachHealing, 141:stream, the carrier of the life principle to all parts of the body. There are consequently fourHealing, 146:They serve to relate the initiate to all parts of the planetary life, to the Great Council atHealing, 155:the shoulders and include the two lungs or parts of them. During the life cycle of the soul, itHealing, 163:a unity. This sumtotal is subdivided into many parts and organisms. Yet these many subdivisionsHealing, 163:and the body is a correlated whole. Each of its parts differs in form and in function, but all areHealing, 163:sumtotal called man is roughly divided into five parts, some of greater importance than others, butHealing, 164:without his arms and legs. Each of these three parts is also triple from the physical side, makingHealing, 164:physical side, making the analogy of the three parts of man's nature and the nine of perfectedHealing, 164:significance of greater value than the other parts. Within the head are: The five ventricles of theHealing, 165:of these triplicities corresponds to the three parts of man's nature: Physical nature: The skin andHealing, 165:that all pervading soul which penetrates to all parts of the solar system, as the blood goes to allHealing, 165:of the solar system, as the blood goes to all parts of the body. Spirit nature: The nervous system,Healing, 177:life-giving principle, the will-to-live, to all parts of the human frame. These create a greatHealing, 246:leaving the dense form and its component parts to the benign processes of planetary control. ThisHealing, 273:of surgical attention, must work its way to all parts of the body, via the "nadis"; these, as youHealing, 274:the nervous system, which feeds and actuates all parts of the physical organism. The relationshipHealing, 299:"The Great One poured His life throughout all parts and every aspect of manifestation. From theHealing, 300:over-large organs and super-numerary bodily parts. Healing, 314:in the early stages falls therefore into two parts: [315] The stimulating of the healthy tissue.Healing, 337:in brain symptoms before reflexing to other parts of the body? A sentence in The Light of the SoulHealing, 416:network of fine channels which are the component parts of one interlacing fine cord - one portionHealing, 433:and cyclic life processes and relates its varied parts to each other. It is the major coordinating
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